You’re A Girl? (The Jerry Springer Show)

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 comments to You’re A Girl? (The Jerry Springer Show)

  • GoldenAfrican  says:

    . IM ACTUALLY CURIOUS…does her girlfriend mean she had sex with a
    modified….genital…and didnt find anything odd there? is she blind?

  • Saltefanden10  says:

    He does not look anything like a girl tbh

  • Amir Jeannot  says:

    she is hot

  • louiebooehTV  says:


  • Morgan Guerra  says:

    you know what all that shit about i was born a guy or i was born a girl is
    dumb af. honestly if you a girl who likes girls you are a LESBIAN. if you
    are a boy who likes boys you are GAY. if you are born with boobs and a
    penis then you are a transexual. all that shit about “i am a guy born in a
    girls body” is bullshit. no bitch you gay

  • Otakuul S.  says:

    She sounds just like i_foreign from vine.

  • OFFdaHeazy  says:


  • CheekyNi  says:

    One of the first time in Jerry Springer history, I could not tell the
    person was transgender. 

  • Gabriel Vidales  says:

    What can we do?

    “What we did before”

  • ViciousGubbins  says:

    your not real! XD

  • Teddy Shinozuka  says:

    You can tell that “he” is a girl. A very soft, feminine face.

  • Raymond Rainwater  says:

    wow…this is a really good example on how people are dicrimminating on
    transgenger people. I mean , come on if that women was born a man and her
    mind told her that she was supposed to be in a women body, she would

  • 5Mariner  says:

    I really don’t get transgender people

  • NEW CHANNEL!!!!!!!!  says:

    Why are the clapping the girl. This is exactly the same as same sex
    marriage discrimination. But its not ok to be a transgender? Because im
    pretty sure it ties in with all of it.

  • Kenneth Gomez  says:

    Sort-of reminds me of the “p.o.p , hold it down” Girl!

  • Chidi Badi  says:

    Pop hol it down.

  • Alexis Gutierrez  says:

    That red head is a fucking dumbass.

  • purefunguy  says:

    man, I really love the girl’s accent

  • batmankills100  says:


  • Josh Berman  says:

    Jerry Springer’s A Show?

  • iaagp  says:

    she’s right, she should have been told the truth. at least, before things
    got serious.

  • Leandro F  says:

    lol, they’re not even trying. Look at that acting for god sake

  • killmeasappls  says:

    Poor juju if he had been honest the right girl will come. The gf didn’t
    deserve that lie. 

  • ay ya  says:

    what the fuck happen with black people!!! to much gay!!! its fuck up!!

  • manal said  says:


  • Maddox Hinckley  says:

    THE BIEBER BUNCH?!?! WHERE ARE THE DYKES?!?! All you gots to do is wear a
    rubber HRC bracelet.

  • reach4rachel  says:

    Would be cool if we had a code. But I think the way a women walks is a good

  • Morphesque  says:

    Your dog has hilarious facial expressions, I love her!

  • Julia Pinzon  says:


  • treehuggeremt  says:

    Just kiss her and hopefully come back quickly with an intelligent way to
    say sorry. If you dont get slapped or thrown up on there is a good chance
    she at least likes you. What is the worst thing that could happen? If she
    chases you trying to hit you with her bag hopefully she’ll have heals on
    and you can out run her. : )

  • KiwiNapoleon  says:

    I wish there was some secret indicator because all the girls I’m interested
    in turn out to be gay…

  • onemoredaytowait  says:

    Ive hears that here in Russia a lot of lesbians wear rings on the big
    finger.If its on the right it means u are free, if its on the left it means
    u are taken,but seriously i think a lot of straight girls wear it without
    any knowledge what it means:)

  • Johana Marmolejo  says:

    Lmaoo is that a.blink or a seizure.lool .awww so cute

  • onemoredaytowait  says:

    @Pati1989 I’ve been in lesbian relationship like for two years and even I
    don’t wear a ring on a thumb and coz im kinda girly it’s very hard to
    identify me as gay;) So i have no idea..I feel out of place sometimes than
    many people are obvious gay and they cant relate to me coz they think im
    not.. i dont know if i’ve explained it right;) Maybe I really should wear a
    ring or rainbow bracelet haha

  • EverythingJunkie  says:

    Lori you are so great.

  • Karson McKeown  says:

    theres always the earings on the right side that i go by

  • urgurltoken517  says:

    just wear ur rainbows….. we will all know

  • kazexjiyuu  says:

    It would be great if they had some kinda expression or thing they did to
    indicate but thinking about it, that would also probably raise the amount
    of straight on gay violence because now they know what to look for and

  • TheMamadeira  says:

    @onemoredaytowait What’s it like being a lesbian in Russia? From what I see
    on the news it seems very difficult. :(

  • Christine S  says:

    does anyone read the effingdykes blog?? it’s hilariously uncensored and
    written by a fellow lezzie. a post from a while back about ‘the lesbian
    head nod’ reminds me of this topic! here’s the link if you wanna check it
    out: i think it might
    be a tie between 3:01 and the nod though…

  • Alica6  says:

    I mean .. i knew your hear was long .. but I never realized how long it is
    … omg what a stupid comment :D

  • bunnydust1  says:

    i had to rewatch the video again, cuz the first time around i just watched
    zara and didnt hear a thing you said. she is absolutely adorable. sorry
    lori! i’m sure you as a fellow dog lover, you’d understand :)

  • jharker37  says:

    Umm … Lori, I think Zara stole your whole vid, just by pretending to be
    bored! ♀❤♀ P.S.: Pʟᴜs I ᴛʜɪɴᴋ sʜᴇ ᴡᴀs ʟɪsᴛᴇɴɪɴɢ ɪɴ, ᴀɴᴅ ᴘɪᴄᴋɪɴɢ ᴛɪᴘs ᴏɴ ʜᴏᴡ
    ᴛᴏ ʀᴇᴄᴏɢɴɪsᴇ ᴏᴛʜᴇʀ LGBTQ ᴘᴜᴘᴘɪᴇs!

  • reach4rachel  says:

    And the shoes.

  • sprinktwink  says:

    cool dog

  • Pati1989  says:

    @onemoredaytowait In Poland lesbians wear thumb rings too. But I don’t
    think it matters if it’s left or right. And I agree that straight girls
    wear them too, so you can’t really rely on this sign.

  • PaintedRavensong  says:

    Your dog is just adorable!

  • BeccaJing  says:

    isn’t there something (for women) about the thumb ring on the left hand or

  • Momo  says:

    haha, Lori, you always make me laugh with your adorable dorkiness!

  • LambentShadow  says:

    If a girl came up to me and blinked like that I’m pretty sure I would be
    concerned for her health.

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