WWYD? – Racist Parents Of An Interracial Couple Refuses Their Marriage Engagement!!

WWYD? - Racist Parents Of An Interracial Couple Refuses Their Marriage Engagement!!

In this scenario despite the overacting of the father, we witness an interracial couple (black man/white girl) who announce to their parents that they are ge…
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me and Tara doing the girlfriend tag! enjoy!
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29 comments to WWYD? – Racist Parents Of An Interracial Couple Refuses Their Marriage Engagement!!

  • A Lock  says:

    The dad was pure comedy…

  • Caleb King  says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t think it is a good idea to support interracial
    marriage. You see, each race has different characteristics and personal
    traits. A black couple will face much less violence than a white and black
    couple. White women tend to be more reserved and more naïve compared to
    black women. A black women is much more likely to stand up for herself than
    most other women. Look at all the stories of interracial couples that face
    physical abuse from their boyfriends. I understand it happens regardless of
    race but it’s much more prevalent in interracial couples. If it wasn’t for
    the physical abuse that many white women go through from their aggressive
    boyfriends I would totally support interracial couples. I’m not being
    racist at all, I’m just expressing the truth. Are their many couples that
    aren’t abusive? Of course but a lot are and the ones that are, I don’t

  • Edwin Nimmons  says:

    UR own race bitch there nothing but two races black or white everything
    else is nationality 

  • Félix D  says:

    Fucking niggers are slaves – and that’s what they are

  • Batty Mooner  says:

    There’s three things that i simply CAN’T stand.
    1: Racists
    2: Homophobes
    3: Sexists

  • 305gurl4eva  says:

    Sad thing is I think that racist people will.never die out because I think
    some of the ones that are alive today and have that mindset will teach that
    to their children as they grow up and obviously we will keep having more
    racist people exist :’(

  • Bohne  says:

    I think EVERYBODY should marry “outside their race” so that in a couple of
    years the discussion will be obsolete.

  • alex08648  says:

    lol…”You know Brian, you’re a good guy, but you are still black”…
    fucking classic

  • Chantell Henry  says:

    They always do these experiments with black men and white women. I wonder
    why they never switch it up with black women and white men. I mean, it’s
    not as common but I’m kind of curious to see what the reactions would be

  • HomestarRunner20X6  says:

    I can’t wait until the old racist dinosaurs die out

  • Rebecca Birch  says:

    If you love your children, all you should want someone who treats you right
    and makes you happy. Race should have NOTHING to do with it. So long as
    your children are happy, that’s what should matter.

  • Matthew Johnson  says:

    Fuck all racists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Fuck them

  • RawrrIma Leprechaun  says:

    Why the fuck does racism still exist?

  • Pediatra15  says:

    Jesus the second woman with the recently married daughter said that she’s
    not racist but said that it was difficult for her at first. That’s mean
    that she is racist too.

  • Paulo Alves  says:

    And why not the opposite? A white guy witha black girl?
    How would it be?

  • BadLactose  says:

    In all of these WWYD scenarios, I bet you the first thought going through
    people’s minds about the actors is ‘Why the hell are they talking so loud?’

  • v stella  says:

    (Slow Clap for the old man at the end) I couldn’t agree with him more!!

  • Carly Lahana  says:

    Anyone else think the dad yelling ‘no no no’ sounded like Tom Hanks? That’s
    my takeaway from this clip. 

  • 王力  says:

    My dog doesn’t care to fuck another race of dog. But I think this is still
    hard for all human, well, to fuck another race of human.

  • Anish Lakhani  says:


  • Jane Geary  says:

    Their grand-kids would look and be nothing like them, 18+ years of love and
    effort they put into their daughter going down the drain, those parents
    were basically watching the equivalent of their only child dying. In fact
    if she’s an only child then it’s a centuries old family dying out. The
    black guy could be a stellar person but his recessive genes would still
    kill the family, so even an absolute druggie loser white guy would be more
    acceptable because at least his bad genes can be reversed in the next

    Actually I’m surprised the father didn’t shank the black guy right away.
    If I was watching my family and my daughter dying right in front of me and
    my only chance to perhaps prevent it were to shank the black guy, I would
    have done it… no matter how good a person he is, he’s not my #1 priority
    in life.

    Americans have no concept of familial fidelity so I don’t expect anyone
    from that country to understand any of this. Please don’t respond if you’re
    from USA.

  • Diane Kavira  says:

    People are one, stop your fuckin rasism.

  • Lucile  says:

    WTF, some of those people are like in their 40s and they “understand” the
    reaction of the parents ?

  • luis hinojosa  says:

    LOL your a good guy BUT YOUR STILL BLACK.

  • uncleanunicorn  says:

    Guess who’s coming to dinner…

  • ButterflyAgape  says:

    spending hours eating your “who ha” lol cracked up at that part..haha. I
    love Jack Daniels as well…but Tequila is my liquor of choice!

  • callmesbo  says:

    lovely couple

  • Jessica G  says:

    best wishes and stay strong!! Defedently make a great couple!! make more

  • Noke Odine  says:

    wow beautiful couple

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