Why I am a “Single” Lesbian Feminist Part 2

Discussing “some” men and their modern day witch hunt and degradation of single moms. Why I call myself a lesbian. How men and women are both going back and forth placing blame and the …

black lesbians are more likely to become more prevalent in the black community by 2030 the black family will soon become null and void the black man is now on the decline and will soon be gone…

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  • Özer Tayiz  says:

    %50 of marriages end in divorce, %80+ of them are filed by women, and most
    of them are “no fault” divorces. Meaning, they were not abused, cheated on,
    or anything. And these no-fault divorces are the fault are men, how exactly?

    What do you think of increased risk of every kind of crime, raised by
    single moms, proven by many studies?


    Why did you choose a sexual partner, who cannot be a good father, and gave
    birth to kids (plural, so I assume the relationship went on for years) from
    his genes? When will you accept any responsibility of your own choices?
    Choices of your sexual partners? Choice in not using birth control? Choice
    in not getting an abortion or giving the baby to be adopted by two parent
    homes? You and your kids are suffering because of your own poor choices.

    Do you get any government support? Then also, the whole society is
    suffering the consequences of your own poor choices.

  • Women United  says:

    That is real talk. Thank you for telling it like it is and being brave
    enough to do so. <3 To you and your family. 

  • blackburn9  says:

    “The majority of men stand in judgement of women,” Wow, that is such
    complete nonsense. Most men have a lot more on our plate than running
    around condemning women for being single mothers. Your premise is obviously
    so out of context to the complexities involved in the discourse of single
    mothers its comical. And the idea of men’s rights attached to ruling over
    women, is ridiculous and grotesquely inaccurate. Your conclusions about
    what is involved in men’s rights is way, way too simplistic and ignores the
    entire panorama of issues that actually affect men in terms of laws and
    policies that persecute men for being male.

    It has nothing to do with your personal experiences, that you seem to
    export to all other experiences. You obviously have a significant problem
    with men to an extent that your perspective of men who regard ourselves as
    something more than the caricatures you’re perpetuating.



    Spoken like a true HATER of

  • Shaun MacMillan  says:

    Im sorry to tell you that your using the state to fund your baby making
    machine……..is unsustainable…….economic collapse is iminent…..men
    will do ok…….you are fucked…..

  • thedivinemommy.com  says:

    My relationship with God isn’t anyones business but my own.

  • angelight73  says:

    You are so right sis, thank you!!!!!!

  • thedivinemommy.com  says:

    Hun I’ve been a lesbian for years, I am actually coming out in this video
    and telling the reason why.

  • thedivinemommy.com  says:

    And you are entitled to your opinion but please google single fathers and
    then single mothers, the results are very different. It is what it is,
    society looks down on single moms and they praise single dads.

  • imani97  says:

    Yes there is a double standard regarding single mothers vs single fathers,
    but I’m not too concerned with “society” in my day to day life. Instead I
    care about the relationships with people I know in real life. I mean, there
    are Black men who don’t like Black women. I didn’t say f all Black men. I
    found the right one or me, who loves me or me. When there are folks who
    aren’t supportive and uplifting to me I move them to the side and focus on
    those who do.

  • ashliee001  says:

    you sought out a sperm donor and then had a baby, you are NOT an average
    single mom anymore. Men are not the cause of all problems. Its BOTH
    genders. Do you know how many dead beat moms I have heard of? Why arent
    single dads saying poor me?? Get over yourself. I am unsubscribing.

  • nottoolate monte'  says:

    I have seen go through getting pregnant to struggling with Wt. Loss to now
    rejecting men for possible relationships. You tube is not ready for U!!!!
    Do you I’m listening. I may not completely agree all that time but the
    being an individual. You have interest!!!!!!

  • nottoolate monte'  says:

    Girl you have creativity just like your parents knew you would be! Don’t
    stress your self !!!!!its your life!!!! Live it how you want your not
    hurting anyone.

  • mgji2009  says:

    I would agree wholeheartedly that there is sexism happening. That being
    said, though, I think that sexism is something entirely different than not
    supporting feminism.

  • thedivinemommy.com  says:

    I never said anything about my son. I am telling my story on why I had him
    by myself in the first place! Wtf is wrong with you???

  • BohistaNordica  says:

    I did the Internet search and did not get the results you described. Maybe
    it’s because I used Bing. LOL! I also made a quick mental inventory of
    everyone I know for signs of the attitude, abuses, and treatment of women
    you describe and I know a LOT of people. I could not think of any
    substantiating information. You’re hanging with the wrong crowd and
    cherry-picking examples from the news. I understand you’ve been hurt for
    real. If you decide to ever try again, upgrade the men.

  • thedivinemommy.com  says:

    I’m not even talking about any man I have dated. I haven’t been in a
    relationship in years, you are dumb and disturbed. Don’t come to my video
    and attack me, GTFO of my video!

  • BankinHillary  says:

    Why wouldn’t you consider yourself bisexual? I know you said you choose to
    no longer deal with men but you could still be sexually attracted to them
    without having a desire to be with them right now for your own reasons as
    you stated. Or is it more like you’re choosing to embrace only your
    attraction to women from now on? I hope my questions make sense lol.

  • gina d  says:

    Yes people do judge when u have kids and are not a wife they don’t care if
    u are taking care of the kids yes your right about that

  • imani97  says:

    I disagree that the majority of men condemn single mothers and/or women in
    general. It concerns me when people choose a SO in reaction to
    disappointments from a particular group. It is certainly you’re
    prerogative, but I did want to share my perspective. :)

  • thedivinemommy.com  says:

    Excuse me, I never said MEN were the cause to all of the problems. I never
    said there weren’t bad women in this world. Lady I don’t care if you unsub,
    I’ve never even heard of you until now. You just wanted to attack me about
    something. Did you even listen to the video? Clearly I am saying that there
    are some battles between the sexes that I choose to not fight anymore, I
    have the right to say I don’t want a part of it. Stupid b****

  • thedivinemommy.com  says:

    Send me an email.

  • Misty eyes  says:

    You are such an “attention seeker” someone give this lady a HUG!!!!

  • mgji2009  says:

    I replied to both of your questions separately, and the reply for this one
    isn’t showing up. If it doesn’t show up, let me know so I can reply again.

  • BlackAngel Playah  says:

    Why do people watch videos just to feel friggin holy. God wouldn’t like all
    this hatred and JUDGING others. If God doesn’t approve, let God handle it
    and sit y’all happy asses down somewhere! Anyway, still much love Sista. :)

  • MrSivram28  says:

    Hip Hop sex culture, the worship of women and feminism is the reason for
    the rise in lesbianism.

  • MrSivram28  says:

    Women are being turned out by their own image.

  • Ryan Brown  says:

    Fuck blk women

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