Why Guys Love Lesbians

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25 comments to Why Guys Love Lesbians

  • jasonhorton  says:

    Why do guys love lesbians? Let’s find out!

  • Stevie  says:

    Pizza + Nachos = vom. 

  • Erica Gayle Tacras - SKIDDYTV  says:


  • halafradrimx  says:

    So, men are not only being presumptous about homosexual women, but they
    also fantasize about them without having a single clue about them. This is
    more disturbing than pathetic.

    Let me give you a quick warning : lesbians are, in fact, everything except
    attractive in any way.

    Most of the times, they’ll wish there were opportunities to cut off your
    balls and get away with it.

  • DenTube  says:

    The left girl is beautiful… Too bad she isn’t straight.

  • The Introverted Mastermind  says:

    Lesbians are hot.

  • Better & Better  says:

    I cant just watch ANY gming video, but i can watch someone else play a game
    that has a plot, because it’s then more movie-like. Other than that, if I
    watch one it might be to learn something specific, or to help me decide if
    I’ll like a game before I buy it.

    As for porn, I don’t imagine myself in the scene. I’m not even turned on by
    the thought of lesbian sex in person, but I do occasionally watch lesbian
    porn to switch things up. 

  • Rio Magat  says:

    Maybe the reason why guys love lesbian its because they are curious about
    us. Thats what i think. 

  • Alisha Brown  says:

    Actually in the Australian Pizza Hut, we have a pizza with nacho chips on
    the crust

  • Syabonga Mlondi  says:


  • Petter Enlund  says:

    Gaming vidios is like sport. U can play it but it’s funier to whatch beter
    peopel do it 

  • Patrick Bourne  says:

    Seeing lesbians make out is so exotic and alien to look at because they are
    kissing/having sex in a way that we just couldn’t.

  • Flogging MoIIy  says:

    I love lesbians, but not a big fan of lesbian porn. I’m actually attracted
    to gay/bi girls far more than straight girls, and not because I imagine a
    3-some or I think I can ‘change’ them. But only certain kinds. I’m not sure
    why. I think because they’re not girly, but they are attractive girls. Like
    a hardcore tomboy. Always had a thing for tomboys.
    In my mind the perfect woman is like Ellen Ripley from Aliens. Strong,
    confident, doesn’t NEED a man, but still would enjoy being with one. I
    think that’s the main attraction, at least for me. I want someone who
    doesn’t need me, and I don’t need them, but there can still be strong
    healthy romance.
    At least that’s my two cents.

    And Pizza Nachos would be way better than Nacho Pizza. Think about it,
    Nachos drizzled in pizza sauce and toppings. I know what I’m doing for new

  • ActionOverWordz  says:

    You like girls i like girls whats the problem? Oh yeah im not a girl :( 

  • C0d0ps  says:

    I prefer girl and guy compared to girl and girl if we are talking about the
    “porn” aspect.
    Because it feels like it would be more like reality and it’s easier to
    visualize that I am there.

    I don’t get why people like “Lesbian action” more.
    Can anyone explain?
    Edit: Is it something more than “I like this girl and that girl so the more
    the better”?

  • Anyway Shane  says:

    Liked this video! From your friendly lesbian!!

  • EndlessClaw  says:

    There was a time where I was really into lesbian porn. When I watch it I
    usually envision myself interacting with both women. But recently I find
    lesbian porn very boring. I usually end up skipping the scenes in both
    straight and lesbian porn. It’s probably because I myself don’t like to eat
    the cookie, these cookies always have a particular smell and taste bad. I
    can only see myself really doing it with whipped cream or jelly or
    something to actually make it taste better, then I wouldn’t have a problem
    with it. Some of you may say its the girl you know she just don’t take care
    of herself or something. That’s not the case I have yet to find a pussy
    that does not smell and taste like pussy. And I just find it awkward when a
    you strap ons, it just looks weird they don’t even do it right. They always
    end up looking like a fish out of water just flopping around. And as far as
    seeing a guys penis in straight porn is concern, he’s practically invisible
    because I envision myself as him I’m not looking at another man I’m looking
    at myself. I don’t even like watching a guy eat the cookie I don’t like
    eating the cookie and I don’t like watching people eat the cookie it
    doesn’t turn me on in any way or fashion. Although it would be nice to see
    a girl crawling the walls from it. That would be your turn on.

  • Marrissa Almanza  says:

    Sarah just looked at Stevie like the fuck…when Stevie said she could make
    out with a guy if she wanted to for fun…. Lmfao 

  • newabortion515  says:

    Stevie’s the prettiest lesbian I’ve seen in a long time…actually, one of
    the prettiest women in general. Sarah is very attractive herself.

  • onanidaily  says:

    Guys only like lipstick lesbians like the woman on the left. Not nasty
    dykes like the one on the right.

  • mquiroz90  says:

    I like lesbians but not lesbians that are sexist to male gender 

  • Terrell Scott  says:

    One thing that I never understood was why guys get called creepy for liking
    lesbians, the ones who say negative things about lesbians should be the
    ones getting ripped 

  • BurritoBandito  says:

    It’s not that I like to see more girl on girl than girl on guy because I
    don’t like boy/girl porn, it’s because I would prefer to not have to look
    at a dick and balls when I can watch two girls going at it. Two attractive
    people instead of one :D And because lesbians are awesome…lol

  • Id Anima  says:

    I was actually thinking about this recently, it’s pretty weird how lesbian
    pornstars make porn for a straight male demographic.

  • SportsFanatic  says:

    Girl n left is gorgeous af

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