Why don’t GAY Relationships Last? [The BuzZ]

Newnue and Tatum discusses “Gay Relationships”.. Why Don’t GAY Relationships last long? Check out: 1ON1 with Tiffany Pollard aka “Mz New York” http://www.you…

25 comments to Why don’t GAY Relationships Last? [The BuzZ]

  • zooey smith  says:

    I like you guys, you’re speaking the truth. I’ve accepted it that I’m gay
    but this lifestyle depresses me because of how messed up it is- that’s why
    a lot of gay men grow old alone.

  • Nerissa Batungbakal  says:

    Hahahah i effin love this video!

  • Zanna08  says:

    sing tatum!!!

  • Reynold Angol  says:

    i disagree with u guys i think the can last 

  • Zanna08  says:

    lol aww love tatum

  • Tony Liveyana  says:

    I just separated from my boyfriend who I thought I was gonna get married
    next year. Everything you outlined in this video I totally agree.

  • Dee Heard  says:

    Well as far as the black gay community goes hell yea its hard to find a
    relationship. 50% of them are downlow. 20% are snow bunnies meaning they
    date anything but black. 20% like to play games instead of not realizing
    you have something good. 5% are just not dating material(ho*s, ratchet, no
    communication skills).

  • Ricky Cespedes  says:

    this relationship thing is complicated…lol..we must hope!

  • KydWyz  says:

    Relationships are established by how people “relate” to one another… Some
    work very hard at destroying the initial meeting by forcing it to fit into
    an illusion of desire based on commitment over logic.
    Friendship first and throughout.
    Love is acceptance and appreciation of something as is. #respect
    Only people can confuse the simplicity of a purpose filled life

  • andrew braxton  says:

    Gurl why do u keep talking bout men not being able to reproduce is a factor
    when its not…….matter of fact ir should have been edited out as a topic
    altogether men do not care about reproduction in the infancy of
    relationships the issue is gay men cannot even get past the infancy stage
    of relationship to discuss children so again reproduction has no relevance
    with this topic……….oooh hey new bitch I’m watching Ya video muah 

  • BRYAN BRIAN  says:

    people dating and kissing in the club shouldnt be ur biznez newnue!!!

  • Momma llama In a Can  says:

    How did this comment section get so shitted up?

  • pipeslinga21  says:

    Because people worry too much about what others think of them. Period. And
    this bitch below me is one of the black extremists that make it difficult
    for the black community and American society to accept gays. Don’t people
    realise that the percentage of black gays is higher than the percentage of
    white gays. Turn on Jerry Springer and compare the black gays to the white
    ratio of gays. Besides there have been relationships that work between two
    feminine women and two masculine men.

  • Michael Walker  says:

    I have heard from my older gay friends, this is something new with the
    kids.. It was not this way in the 70′s and 80′s. In the gay world I have
    watch the older queens degrade a porn star,who walks in the books store in
    nyc, for he was taking dick in a movie..I feel if you love the person you
    are with, you should have sex make love and have no rules for when you love
    another person, and extension of that love is sex.. Which can be
    touching,rubbing, not just anal sex…

  • deshawn18  says:

    I honestly think that Newnue and Tatum have excellent chemistry.

  • adagiomorengo  says:

    you guys are hilarious and i love the chemistry…..thanks for the advice i
    will take it into consideration in my next relationship

  • soymiguelalejandro23  says:

    Sing Tatum. Loved the video. All point were true and one both you guys
    forgot – you NEVER EVER TAKE your papi chulo around your gay friends and
    them to gay functions or limit them severely. Out side influences can be a
    mother if both guys aren’t mature enuff to deal with the bullshit that
    comes with it. True life!

  • Jss Pss  says:

    Tatum annoys me with them girl looks, attire but seems like a nice person

  • vaylen20  says:

    Great topic!!! But some very bleak and banal reasons..

  • QueenInCursive  says:

    It’s sooo much sexual tension in the room I can’t take it. Love/Hate
    relationships always make for great sex. Yall should just get it on after
    this video. <3

  • rahphunk  says:

    This question use to always run through my mind, but I have come to my
    revelations about it. I enjoyed this discussion!

  • King Hill Yackum  says:


  • 66frv  says:

    Tatum Bitch You Better Get Them Smooches In Yass! Givin Mee Life<3

  • Ronnie Miller  says:

    yall rule

  • LeSeigneuradonne  says:

    How long would you say a gay couple have to be together to qualify as a
    long term relationship?

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