Season 6 Ep 11 | ADTV (revisits one of their oldest topics)
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25 comments to WHY DON’T GAY RELATIONSHIPS LAST? Season 6 Ep 11

  • scotty wicker  says:

    ok first off no matter if it is a gay or straight relationship both has to
    have work in them they want just work by there self and second most of the
    time a straight relationship will end before a gay relationship will just

  • RealEyes C  says:

    “Girl, Bobby Brown” Fucking Hilarious!!!

  • princell austin  says:

    Cause most gay men are hoes that’s itching for aids 

  • Jermaine Nelson-Carter  says:

    That was a cute read at the very end…. lol I believe they do last. It
    really depends on the people in the relationship. I know plenty of gays who
    are in 10+ year relationship. 

  • Lhin Doh  says:

    I always thought that a lot of gay guys never get out of sexual phases and
    experimentation. Once those stages are finished and all the financial work
    is done then relationships long term are more possible.

  • tasha mak  says:

    I think that part with a joke…

  • 2BK6  says:

    @2BK6 He got me right together talking bout them TRUST

  • Zhan Ande  says:

    Wow. Uncut folks are so sensitive!

  • Paul Simmons  says:

    i think this is funny

  • Ira Ellison  says:

    All that turtle neck and hood shit!….life is now mine!!!

  • gospofunkd  says:

    hilarious!!! and too true :/ lol

  • onebadgs400  says:

    A black man submitting to a white mans cock is inconceivable. MLK, X, Parks
    …etc should of stayed quiet if this is the outcome. Our black men are now
    reduced to WORSHIPING WHITE PENIS!! This level of slavery indoctrinating in
    our young black men is FAR more dangerous than any whip or lynching. The
    very fabric of the black family is being attacked. The blacks in this video
    should be ashamed as you are contributing to the destruction of the strong
    black man.

  • Jeremiah Duncan  says:

    that’s how you get punched in the NOSE roflmao LOVE IT but honestly don’t
    be in a relationship gay or straight and still be on the prowl looking for
    yo next one if thats the case then leave me the FU?? alone lmao

  • Kevin DeVries  says:

    The same reasons straight relationships don’t last…

  • Mike Flanagan  says:

    This is not funny. It’s sad. Everyone is perpetuating that stereotype.
    You’re doing it wrong. Lets want better for ourselves

  • MegaWisdom77  says:

    There is a few things why so listen with real ears to hear and understand
    this very well. Female with Female is still going strong because of what
    they let come and what they reject! The Male with Male has a loose canon
    system where anything goes! # 1 and you can further look these studies up
    more in sight; Stop taking Estrogen period!! # 2 Stop overdoing Femininity
    Period!! # 3 Start being a Brotherhood and Stop taking every male as a joke
    along with having a Predator and prey mentality!

  • ibizalover2000  says:

    are you seriously using an uncut penis as a reason why a relationship
    doesn’t last?? fuck me, you can’t be serious??! Just because you got
    mutilated when you were helpless and had to grow up with a piece of your
    dick missing doesn’t mean that you need to look for defects with a
    foreskin, like it looks like a turtleneck, FFS. Its that same foreskin that
    makes you cum harder, but hey, you wouldn’t know that.

  • eritreasunshine  says:

    i would never thought i would say this about a gay man, but ryan is

  • ibizalover2000  says:

    Try cock punching your own parents – they are the ones who asked for it.

  • devilboy013  says:

    what the fuck with these guys?

  • HearMeClear1  says:

    I hate when gay guys call each other girl

  • markus kimathi  says:

    i agree. Even if a relationship last 3 months, it at least lasted, right?
    Nothing last forever, is my point. Now, in a culture of deception, like
    american culture is historically, u must expect deception to play a part in
    any relatiinship, as you can’t live outside culture. We have to have some
    sense of awareness of where we live (america) and consciously strive to
    live radically different from the norm,which means making a conscious
    effort to self-correct when doin somebody we love wrong.

  • deshawn18  says:

    @d3fierce hunnneee u must not have gotten the latest memo. if u are larger
    than a 30 waist in the gay community u are inhuman and large. us gays have
    to do better!

  • Vivid Tv  says:

    WHY DON’T GAY RELATIONSHIPS LAST? Because he alwayz on jack’d

  • HeMeetsHim  says:

    Of course they last. Theysimply require a lot more communication,
    compromise and strength!

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