Why Don’t Black Women Come Out In Hollywood? | HPL

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14 comments to Why Don’t Black Women Come Out In Hollywood? | HPL

  • Rocio Melehan  says:

    +Akon Fenty all religions are man made religions. It’s what they used to
    explain nature and the sky and the moon and pretty much every damn thing
    that they had no clue about.

    +alaba tilo Homosexuality is not an illness. Please, do you know how
    ignorant and stupid you sound when you type? If it was an illness, it
    wouldn’t be found in nature, in a huge variety of species.

    +KeetWeet H. The only reason that people feel the need to announce their
    natural since birth orientation is because people (ignorant, stupid people)
    have treated homosexuals as less than a human being for ages. This is like
    when people used to treat African Americans worse than dogs. Why would
    anyone with slavery and restricted rights in their heritage ever CHOOSE to
    treat another human being in the same degrading fashion? And yes, talking
    sht, is degrading.


    You ain’t see nothing yet. All these so called “black” entertainers etc.,
    are really white/albinos in Hollywood prosthetics and latex pulling of an
    even bigger scam. See: Beyond Reasonable Doubt part 1-2 by
    conflgration2100 on youtube to see who the albino is that is playing Obama
    and Wil Smith. Hold on tight!!

  • Aaron .aus Bielefeld  says:

    For god’s sakes, don’t they have anything better to do, anything better at
    all? One guy was speaking on the internet in that awkward show, and what
    were they talking about? Men should be quiet about lesbians that way
    because it’s non of their FQing business. It’s simply embarrassing seeing
    it, there should be no doubt, television makes stupid. Superficial,
    redundant and they talk about it as though it’s important and interesting.

  • Akon Fenty  says:

    Homosexuality is natural, and you’re right its not our business to know if
    one is attracted to the same gender or not…whats not natural is
    homophobia and ignorance, those should be kept inside cus ignorance isnt
    somethin to be proud of or justify just like homophobia cus God doesnt make
    ppl ignorant or homophobic its learned and therefore unnatural and its not
    naturally God given unlike homosexuality which is naturally given by God,
    cus sexual orientation is from birth.

  • Akon Fenty  says:

    Homosexuality is not a mental sickness its a sexual orientation, but
    homophobia and ignorance is a mental sickness cus God gives us a brain to
    THINK not abuse…the reason some are not comin out, its cus of homophobia
    in the black community which black ppl especially guys have the highest
    rate in ignorance, I dont understand why some black ppl are homophobic
    morons they have a mindset of a child and black homophobia is a big
    hypocrisy and ppl dont take those blacks seriously.

  • Ben A  says:

    Maybe Raven meant she has gay friends and didn’t want to get married until
    they could. Or maybe she means she has the option if she one day marries a
    woman. Why is everyone reading so deeply into something so insignificant?

  • Kelly Rocco  says:

    Because they have enough trouble getting serious roles.

  • Hasseem Abdul-Jalil  says:

    What the hell are you talking about? What is your faith? What is it that
    you believe? Are you Christian, Muslim, Jew, agnostic? what is it that you
    ascribe to and so then where is it that you get your authority about what
    is natural and right that you are so strongly promoting here? Do you
    believe that it is natural for a man to have more than one wife? or is it
    just natural for a man to marry a man or a woman to marry a woman as long
    as it is only one at a time?

  • Kelly Rocco  says:

    Because they have enough trouble getting serious roles.

  • Akon Fenty  says:

    Please learn to read, God doesnt make ppl homophobic, its somethin you
    learn…Im Spiritual I have my own relationship with God, Im a person of
    faith not follower of man made Religion…natural is what occurs in nature
    and attraction occurs in nature therefore homosexuality is natural, but
    learn behavior is nuture therefore homophobia is unnatural…idc about
    polygamy, as long as its consentin adults, but its still technically
    cheatin cus havin sex with more than one is cheatin, so do you.

  • Jim Farley  says:

    Gloria Bigelow looks an awful lot like Vanessa Blue! Nom nom nom.

  • KeetWeet H.  says:

    Anything “natural” should not have to be announced or made a big deal or
    secret…BUT…anything “not” natural…well…let’s just say I never had
    to tell people or hide the fact I am straight it’s naturally God given
    since “birth”…smh

  • KraziKristal  says:

    Because they don’t have to!

  • alaba tilo  says:

    Homosexuality, is a mental sickness, period. No way round it.

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