When You Meet A Lesbian: Tips For Straight Women

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Things Lesbians Should Stop Doing - Pillow Talk

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50 comments to When You Meet A Lesbian: Tips For Straight Women

  • UnsolicitedProject  says:

    Here’s the ORIGINAL HANDOUT: http://on.fb.me/1iyC0PO

  • Tyler Abernathy  says:

    “Do not immediately talk about your boyfriend or husband to prove you are
    straight” *lesbian looks at how straight girl is dressed* “she probably
    already knows”
    NO, lesbians can dress in skirts and dresses and straight girls can have
    short hair cuts. I thought we were done with these stupid stereotypes, you
    don’t have to ‘look gay’ to be gay or ‘look straight’ to be straight.

  • Caitlin Kimball  says:

    I am straight and got a pixie cut and don’t act like a girly-girl (have
    always been “one of the guys”), and some girls assume I am a lesbian. I can
    usually tell because they will act all weird around me and I’m thinking
    “Bitch pleeaseee, you’re not even on my radar”

    And sometimes I feel like saying “I’m NOT A LESBIAN, but even if I was, WHO
    CARES! How vain of you to even think you’d be my type”


  • Jamie Lynn Lano  says:

    Why was an androgynous woman chosen to play the lesbian role? I wish that
    there was more visibility for us feminine lesbians. If both women had
    looked the same, it would have been more interesting.

  • RadioactiveSand  says:

    What kind of lesbian would refuse to go to an event because there will be
    men in it?

  • Princess Jesus  says:

    “do not ask her how she got this way” more like how did she get so hot

  • AcidMuffin MSP  says:

    Lesbians are human.. Straight people are human… Why not just talk to them
    like they are human?

  • Elizabeth Wiles  says:

    I love the outfit that the homosexual was wearing! It almost looks exactly
    alike to what I normally wear! The heterosexual was not wearing anything
    interesting though…..

  • OminousBlackNeko13  says:

    I really want the outfit that the representative for a lesbian is wearing,
    I wish it was normal to wear dress pants with suspenders in high school. 

  • Maddie M.K  says:

    the lesbian is SO HOT!

  • MsJGingerbread  says:

    Why do the lesbians in this video look like boys? Not cool, I thought we
    were over those stereotypes by now…

  • stiras1  says:

    Oh yikes. If someone gave me a bible…
    Actually that has happened. Someone who knew I wasn’t religious bought me a
    bible… I was not happy with that gift. :( 

  • Nicole A  says:

    Please make a help video for straight girls who don’t know what to do if a
    woman likes them

  • Ashley Harbison  says:

    listen though it’s totally okay to assume that a lesbian is attracted you
    because she’s attracted to women so you’re like, “hey she probs thinks i’m
    cute”. it’s totally okay.

  • skilledfor  says:

    Do not assume she can’t be religious.

  • GMCiaramella  says:

    I like the last part of this, Do respect her individuality… she is a
    lesbian, but she is so much more. I wish for a moment that we would stop
    putting labels on each other. There is only one label that really counts in
    the end… human. We are all human beings and we all deserve love and
    respect for being unique and individual. I hate that we divide ourselves up
    because of who we love. I was a stupid kid once and used to let who a
    person decided to love effect how I felt about them. So stupid and probably
    lost me several friendships with people who would have made a real good
    mark on my life. Meh… anyhow, I do not know where I am going with this…
    it has just become a directionless rant, so I am going to go for the night.
    Take care, YouTube.

  • Naomi Oosterhuis  says:

    Just don’t be mad because “she is a stereotypical lesbian”, nobody said
    that all lesbians look like that and usually you see far more femme
    lesbians, and besides that she is totally rocking that outfit, so whatever,
    no point at being mad, doesn’t make anyone happier

  • BaronessMinoVonDyson  says:

    My gaydar is s bad I haven’t had sex in 18 years.
    I’m 18 :/

  • XGeohound  says:

    “Do not assume you and she can’t be friends”.
    Most cases not true. If u can fall in love with that person u r facing. You
    will, over time.. Deal with it.

  • Jamie Technirama  says:

    Who played the lesbian in this because…..damn. :) 

  • Coco21212  says:

    I wish I could send this video to all my female contacts without being
    rude. It would save me a lot of time and energy! 

  • a nun  says:

    i had to rewatch the video because the first time i watched i was looking
    at the location with the biggest deja vu
    and then i realized it was my university

  • ThatCreepyGirlWithGlassesAlexandra  says:

    I thought the lesbian looked like John Egbert from homestuck.

  • Miriamgat G.  says:

    2:30 — NUN? Did you really wrote NUN?? !!!!! hahahahaahha

  • Spunk Mcgee  says:

    I just feel more lesbian after watching this. The woman with the pants
    looks like Rachel Maddow. Omg

  • Lucy Dalziel  says:

    I totally agree with the “we need to stop liking bad tv shows and movies
    just because there are lesbians in it” one.
    I skim through the Afterellen website a lot, and the amount of praise they
    pile onto terrible shows like “Lost Girl”, “Pretty Little Liars” and
    “Faking It” is just embarassing.

    This type of behaviour only allows terrible shows to continue, encourages
    the production of more bad shows, and drowns out the actually good gay
    content that’s out there. (If you give the highest amount of praise to bad
    or mediocre content, then the actually good content just doesn’t stand out

  • katariinas  says:

    I never thought I would say this, but the amount of lesbian couple youtube
    channels is too damn high. Dear lesbians, you can be individuals, and
    people will still watch your videos even though you would not be kissing
    your girlfriend every five seconds.

  • Antonia Yotova  says:

    Am I the only lesbian here that actually really likes Lost Girl? Why do you
    guys hate it???

  • Isabela Sangiorgi  says:

    Adrianna: “We are gonna talk about…” *gives the word to Sarah*
    Sarah: *processing…*

  • Hannah R  says:

    You know what you should do with all that space, bring back Elise and
    Natasha and let them take over pillow talk again, while you two sit on the
    ends, but this time, Adrianna wont have to be out of frame.

  • Shea Butters  says:

    With the YouTube couples channels, I totally agree. The only (lesbian)
    couples channels I like are Rose and Rosie, Kaylen and Lucy, and Jelly and

  • Tovah Gladstone  says:

    Kristen Stewart is clearly bisexual! END OF STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry for

  • OurFunnyLife  says:

    +UnsolicitedProject okey I think (just an idea) that with that beatiful
    decoration on pillow talk…. You can to invite again Elise and Natasha. Im
    just give you an idea for the best of our hearts.

  • Mosoh C  says:

    Lost Girl season 2-4 are shitty but I think season 5 is worth to watch.
    Season 5 is super gay and the story line is fine.

  • GirlfriendsTV  says:

    i missed youuuuuu

  • Lu  says:

    WE NEED MORE ORPHAN BLACK, OITNB AND CARMILLA! – *I’d throw my freaking pie
    for that!*

  • Savanah  says:

    WOW! YIKES! I stopped watching after two and a half minutes. Some pretty
    poor advise. As an angry lesbian married to another angry lesbian, we see
    what’s going on in the world- and guess what? We have normal emotions about
    it! You see trolls telling women that they want to smash their brains in
    and then skull fuck them? Uh fuck YEAH I’m angry. You hear about the
    deforestation in Indonesia and the effect that it has on one of the most
    biodiverse ecosystems on the planet? FUCK YEAH I’M ANGRY. As well, telling
    lesbians (or people in general) to stop seeing independent films made for
    marginalized groups is creating a dynamic where lesbian movies have no
    choice but to be low budget which might mean bad to you. I have seen SO
    many lesbian movies. A lot of them were great. You don’t know until you
    watch them. Putting your money into growing niches will only help lesbian
    representation and have positive effects on gay women. UGHHHH. such
    terrible advice. 

  • Taylor Hill  says:

    I fell for a straight girl in high school it didn’t work out I was like a
    love sick puppy and all clingy. But she liked to string me along and play
    with my emotions and she never talked to me after high school. It has been
    4 years since i haven’t talked to her. Urghh… straight women crushes. DX

  • Jackie  says:

    yeah, there are some pretty terrible lesbian shows & movies out there —
    just once, I’d like to see a lesbian movie where one of them doesn’t die in
    the end. JUST ONCE! 

  • MissMarchGirl  says:

    That tv and movie one will be hard, I don’t think I can do it

  • Ruth Ortega  says:

    List Of Things To Do For 2015 According To Sarah & Adrianna:

    1. Stop Being Angry Lesbians- Does it count if there are actual things that
    piss me off from people who annoy me? Or is this only for Tumblr lesbians?
    I don’t have one

    2. Stop Asking For Money On Tumblr- I don’t have a Tumblr

    3. Stop Falling For Straight Girls- Way ahead of you, I keep myself
    distanced from any potential conversations or feelings I might get for a
    straight girl. I’ve learned my lesson.

    4. Kristen Stewart- ……..GAY! I knew it since I saw her for the first

    5. Stop Watching Shitty Shows and Movies-
    I don’t watch TV, I watch YT. I like watching varieties of content so I’m
    not sure if I can stop watching what is considered as “shitty”.

    6. Stop Creating Lesbian Couple YouTube Channels: See…this applies to
    everyone in general, gay or straight, I have seen many relationships on YT
    that I have unwillingly become attached to and then it all ends. I honestly
    have had my heart broken more times by YT couples than by my own
    relationships. So sad :(

    7. Love Cats, Put Them On Pedestals- NO! Haven’t you learned anything from
    the 40 Year Old Virgin? STOP PUTTING THE PUSSY ON A PEDESTAL! That’s why
    you have so many problems. Lol XD

    If anyone read this whole thing I give a round of applause and a virtual
    hug (^_^)/

  • hugeharrypotterfanxx  says:

    Okay so I lost track, are these two dating or..?

  • Lune Vermeil  says:

    I liked lost girl just for being lost girl. It was a fun show.

  • Jordan G.  says:

    i have a crush on this girl from my high school and she’s been in a few of
    my classes and she goes to my university so i feel like i can’t really be a
    different person when she’s around. i was really shy. still am… lol and
    the only time i see her is during the college’s main christian place’s
    events… people change i guess so i suppose i could. and i haven’t really
    said hi to her when the few times we have talked in HS we got along. i
    didn’t even know she went here until a retreat back in october. i really
    want to know what she thinks about me

  • Kats987124  says:

    I actually realised what a U-Haul was yesterday.
    I thought it was something like mistletoe and festive like ‘Deck the HALLS
    with boughs of Holly’
    I guess it’s because we don’t have them in the UK or at least call them that

    Also, I pledge you all of you that if I ever become a film director, I will
    make a decent lesbian/queer film/series, not that there aren’t any out

  • Marina Vieira Souza  says:

    I won’t stop watching shows with lesbian relationships. Sorry. Can’t. I
    have hope that the industry will notice how many fans those shows have
    BECAUSE of the gay content and they’ll try to do it with best stories and
    productions. I don’t think quit supporting the ones we have is gonna make
    any good.

  • strawberryseason  says:

    I like Lost Girl. There are problems with some of the story lines, and
    the way the writers have treated Bo’s and Lauren’s relationship hasn’t left
    room for good communication between them. But the show IS ground-breaking.
    What other show has a bi/lesbian protagonist? And I LOVE Anna Silk.

  • MissTotos  says:

    We do deserve better shows but but but… I’m addicted! Argh.

  • Lintzi C  says:

    I wouldn’t call myself lesbian but somehow I got sucked into all this shows
    w hot lesbian relationships.. Or funny YouTube channel:) I love Anna Silk
    on Lost Girl; can’t stop watching cuz there isn’t anything better..

  • Hannah Weinstein  says:

    I will agree with the movies/TV/etc needing to be better. I’m watching Lost
    Girl right now, pretty much to have something to watch while I workout. I
    know it’s just “oh hot somewhat bisexual girl doing sex things” but over
    all its not that good of a show. It’s not bad, and I have no problem
    watching it. Does it push the envelope and make a bunch of sense like other
    fantasy shows. The answer is no. I know it’s more on the gay side than
    lesbian side, but Torchwood is where it is at for weird/nerdy/sexy shows.
    And even though Supernatural is predominantly straight, they do feature
    queer characters in a pretty non stereotypical way. But yea, most
    mainstream lesbian shows are just pandering to the typically straight
    viewers that just want to watch a hot lesbian sex scene. 

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