When you got that mean Girlfriend… lol

When you got that mean Girlfriend... lol

This video is describing how I feel in truth that my girlfriend doesn’t know. I don’t plan to tell her. There are just things better left unsaid. And just wait until destiny takes its course….
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25 comments to When you got that mean Girlfriend… lol

  • TatiAnaMercedes  says:

    @ZBeezzy thanks!

  • TatiAnaMercedes  says:

    @Nataleeagain awww <3 thanks hun! appreciate the love!

  • TatiAnaMercedes  says:

    @divanurse2011 ever since you commented I’ve been like FUCK lemme get some
    wine to see. I bet it’d just make the smoke sweeter and in turn make you
    buzz more. hm. thank you!!

  • DannieHairMagic  says:

    Breaks are bullshit.

  • Mina La  says:

    well said love! :)

  • TatiAnaMercedes  says:

    @CurlyTrini87 damn girl, that’s not even my name yo. its Tati-Ana..I’m mad
    you think my moms named me that, I mean my name is already ridiculous but
    THAT shit you just typed lmao <3

  • VlogdelaLula  says:

    BOGO bitch, hahaha I love you

  • Amy LaLa  says:

    i luv ur hair its gorgeous!:)

  • TatiAnaMercedes  says:

    @lessthan3makeup1 yeah this video wasn’t about me, so I felt like I should
    only talk about the general stuff, I hate comparing things to my life
    because we’re all different. thank you!

  • trixohbaby  says:

    I think taking a break is just the easiest way to get the other person on
    the mind track of breaking up. Once you’re on a break, you’re not in a
    relationship and you can do your own thing.

  • faro0485  says:

    If they want a break, then insist that they have one month as a hermit.

  • TatiAnaMercedes  says:

    @karmona94 thats how I feel, one of us gotta be in some kinda shape so if
    anything pops off it’s not like we’re bumping into each other or starting a
    fire by rubbing so hard.

  • TatiAnaMercedes  says:

    @Ty623100 thanks.

  • TatiAnaMercedes  says:

    @makeuppassion thank you so much for watching bbydoll<3 I love to make
    people laugh!

  • TatiAnaMercedes  says:

    @DannieHairMagic see that’s what I’m saying.

  • ZBeezzy  says:

    I do agree with the points u made great video!

  • Anum Mahmood  says:

    love it! xx

  • divanurse2011  says:

    Love the video. I’ve also heard wine or beer in you hookah is really good.

  • Allinmyworld  says:

    Can i just say that im feeling a type of way about you! Like me and you are
    friends who talk through the computer lmao! Because just today i was like i
    feel like giving up men for right now take a break from the game for a
    little while but you are reminding not to give up. thanks for the truth

  • Kimberly Michelle  says:

    so true cause I just pulled the break card today and I know I won’t be
    returning back to his ass.

  • diamondsnPEARLS  says:

    Vid response!!!!

  • TatiAnaMercedes  says:

    @Allinmyworld well sometimes it works out that the message you need is
    right there. I’m happy I could give you a little something bby<3

  • TatiAnaMercedes  says:

    @MissAlejandra88 thanks dear and I plan on it <3

  • metalsaint  says:

    I like big boys and I cannot lie.

  • Elizabeth Hill  says:

    you are amazing haha i love youuuuu

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