What is LGBT? Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Defined @TonyaTko

In this video I go letter by letter and explain the intricate differences between LGBT to clear up misunderstandings and confusion – before I do my next vide…
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  • RootsRunDeeep  says:

    i LOVE the fact that you took the time to educate yourself about this. I
    wish those who have an intense/hysterical dislike for lgbt sought to
    educate themselves too.

  • Kawaii Seth  says:

    Seems a lot of bisexuals are confused because they thought they were
    homosexual or heterosexual. There are many who are confused because they
    have sexual urges for one sex but suddenly get romantic urges for the
    other. It’s not uncommon on Reddit. Some have dreams, some ask how gay they
    are. A lot of people are unaware that bisexuality even exists.

  • KristenBiskin  says:

    There are also other letters in the LGBTQ (Queer)+ spectrum. The “plus”
    refers to the other identifies. I have attended a few trainings and
    workshops offered by the LGBTQ+ community at my University where I learned
    about the queer, pansexual, and asexual identities. Queer is a term for
    everything that does not fall under heterosexuality. Pansexuality suggest
    ‘gender-blindness’, where a person doesn’t care about gender identities and
    biological sexes. A person that identifies as pansexual might date a male,
    female, transgender, bisexual person etc. (pretty much everyone on the
    spectrum). And asexuality refers to unattraction to either sexes. An
    asexual person doesn’t desire a sexual relationship although some may want
    romantic relationship without sex in the picture. Some even choose to have
    sex just for the sake of intimacy however they do not desire or need sex.
    Some rely on masturbation while others don’t feel the need to even do that.
    There may be other terms on the spectrum that I am not familiar with
    though…but this just shows how complex sexuality is. Gender, on the other
    hand, is clearly a social construct…when I learned this information I was
    amazed. Thanks for spreading Knowledge Tonya! I hope I have done the same.

  • TheDreemchaser  says:

    1. That outfit is everything. 2. Your skin is FLAWLESS (and I’ve secretly
    been dying for you to say it). 3 A bisexual is a person who can put their
    hands down the front of anyone’s pants and be satisfied with whatever they
    find. 4. You should do a live chat with a few transsexuals. 

  • Tonya Tko Show  says:

    What is LGBT? Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Defined @TonyaTko

  • KristenBiskin  says:

    Transsexuality is hard to define. Usually, a transexuals desire to dress up
    as or accept pronouns of the opposite gender is purely sexual….Its not
    really a permanent thing for them, its just something for fun but they are
    comfortable being identified by their biological sex as well. On the other
    hand, transgender is more than something to do for fun. This term refers to
    a person who (like you said) feels like they were born in the wrong body
    and wishes to be the opposite gender. But this has nothing to do with
    sexuality…so a transgender person may be attracted to either sexes or
    both. Isn’t sexuality and gender identity so cool? I love learning this
    stuff! lol

  • soymiguelalejandro23  says:

    TonyaTKO You rocked that Ma. Thanks for bringing this discussion forward! 

  • RamzaBeoulve02  says:

    Lesbian is defined as being a biological woman that’s interested in another
    woman, whether regular relationship, sex, or what have you. Basically… If
    you were born a woman and you eat sloppy joe, that’s lesbian. If you’re
    attracted to only females… that’s lesbian. Same concept for males who are
    gay. It doesn’t have to be long-term, nor does it have to be a committed

  • TheYungBezzie  says:

    Oh, I would love for my girlfriend to tell me what it is I could do to help
    her orgasm. Equal pleasure makes it better.. ;D

  • Fallon Krampah  says:

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  • supabadbc  says:

    Great delivery. As a homosexual, I have to say that it’s really hard to
    define transgender people. I, myself, don’t know much about them. I never
    felt I was a woman, although I am flamboyant and feminine. I feel I am
    myself. Completely and totally. Now, I have to say, I find women to be
    extremely beautiful and gorgeous but I’m not attracted to them sexually and
    never would never date one. Men are my desire. Yes! Lol I feel the same
    strong energy for a man like a heterosexual woman. All in all, you are
    right, no one person’s sexual being is the same. I hope people can get to a
    place of love and acceptance. I’m talking a strong, unbiased love. Unlike
    sherri Sheppard and many more who say I love you but… love has no but.
    Love is either yes or no. Either you love me or you don’t. Thanks for the
    video and I can’t wait for the next.

  • Mona Symone  says:

    Hey Tonya, for some bisexuals, bisexuality is merely a process of coming
    out, for some a phase, and for many they will be forever comfortable enough
    to be attracted to either sex. I the bisexuality is the default sexuality,
    but most of us choose to fit in or grown to prefer gay or straight, as
    bisexuality has received such a negative reputation over the years.

  • PapiyoneVineland  says:

    Your description of bisexuality kind of perpetuate the stereotypes of the
    confuse/slutty bisexual who is willing to have sex with anyone and/or
    doesn’t know which gender he/she prefers yet. :/ I know it wasn’t your
    intention at all, but still: a bisexual is someone who is attracted by both
    men and women. Now, like you said, there is a scale, but same goes for
    homosexuals and heterosexuals. Bisexuality doesn’t make you more or less
    confuse than the other orientations, and you can know for sure that you are
    attracted by both genders. Also, you didn’t mention pansexuality: a
    pansexual is someone who is attracted by the personality of a person,
    whatever his or her gender is. There are also people who are attracted by
    those who dress like the opposite sex, by transgenders, etc. (Sorry if my
    english isn’t so good, this is a second language for me. ^^’)

  • darklion77  says:

    I dont think there is such a thing as bisexuality. I believe its just
    individuals who want their cake and eat it too. 

  • SuperGosh1234  says:

    Gays and trannies are disgusting… im srry dnt hate, im entitled to my own
    opinions just like they are. I really think trannies should be labeled
    right away before they make there next move. Ok you switched sides.. but
    your still that same sex no matter what. I think before talking to a
    regular sex i think it should be the first thing to be known. If you think
    im wrong for ssying it should be the first thing to be known then tell me
    why? Its not fair to others really.. 

  • anisha1369  says:

    hi tonya gf i had to write to you cause you captured my soul and mind . you
    are soo good in your wisdom and i have never met anyone who life out
    into the next century. wow you have me lost for words.i LOVE YOU FOR

  • Eric P  says:

    they have recently added Q to the LBGT Community, meaning Queer or
    Questioning. I guess that means confused ppl.

  • fitzerg  says:

    This is ridiculous. LGBT is simply a mental illness as a result of self
    hatred due to poor upbringing by parents. They are unfairly treated by the
    community which is wrong and a tragedy and when the civil rights movement
    came out, they were used as a tool due to their emotional instability to
    divide the movement alongside with feminism and now encouraged to our
    generation today to make us even more divided with the end goal as one of
    ways to the depopulation agenda. 

  • spikethornenebula  says:

    well as a bisexual woman i classify myself as bisexual. im not confused i
    just like both men and woman and find them both sexy. whats so confusing
    about that? yes i am married to a man but that does not mean i
    automatically become straight. i still am sexually interested in women and
    it just means i have more options… FYI monogamy isnt for everyone there
    is polyamorous relationships out there and open relationships too that goes
    for every kind of couple out there weather its a straight relationship or a
    LGBT relationship.

  • Dick Thicky  says:

    As far as im concerned, this “agenda” has been a complete success in
    blurring the lines of sexuality and causing confusion, curiosity,
    separation, negligence in dealing with underlying issues that give birth
    (sometimes) to these “sexual discoveries”, etc. In many cases, I feel its
    like now that you are constantly shown how there are all these different
    looks to humanity now (who okay’s them?), many who are unhappy or that dont
    want to deal with issues just pick up one of these new looks to hide behind
    if things arent working out in life for them. This sh*t is crazy! I wasnt
    born rich and I feel I should be so can something be done about that? lol I
    am human and I am suppose to fly, so I should be a bird. Somebody get me
    some feathers and a beak! This is nutz! God bless whatever whoever wants to
    do with their time on this world. I choose to learn to accept the skin,
    build, and attributes of the body I was given because I believe I was
    created to understand it and make the most out of it for the sake of
    myself, my family, and the world and thats why it was uniquely given to me.

  • v bee  says:

    First allow me to say I take my hat off to you for making this video. Now
    im transgender ftm also im AA. Yes I knew something was different about me
    when I was a child. The problem with my race is they are so quick to pass
    judgements on anything their not educated on. I am a Christian but find the
    more hate in the saved church than from the unsaved. Being transgender has
    nothing to do with sex. Its about your spirit and soul not connecting with
    your body.

  • Michele Renee  says:

    You address this so well, and with such clarity. Go girl!

  • v bee  says:

    oh and the black guys that are critically trying to bash transgender
    people. I’ve learned are the jealous ones because we can get women they can
    only dream about. ..

  • Preppy305  says:

    I love this video! You Did A Great Job Explaining! I’m going to even show
    my mother this video…I’m going to check out the other videos now & I hope
    you went fully into details of the types of labels within the LGBTQ (Q- is
    for those who question themselves). If You’re Ever In Atlanta I Have A
    Whole Group Of People That Would Love To Sit & Explain The “Lifestyle” With
    You. Feel Free To Reach My Inbox Here To Contact Me Furthermore.

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