What do I do if I fall for a straight girl?

What do I do if I fall for a straight girl?

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25 comments to What do I do if I fall for a straight girl?

  • disco groove  says:

    it hearts when they dont like you back

  • Captain Fangirl  says:

    Ill admit it now im falling for a straight girl and it is rough because i
    know she wont fall for me but i think i will and take a risk and try to at
    least get into the friendzone but the problem is she is a popular and im a
    nerd any help for me?

  • Erick Jenkins  says:

    I have fallen for a straight llama please help

  • andreatmontano  says:

    Shay Mitchell
    Maiara Walsh
    Rita Volk
    And you

  • holly wantsmustaches  says:

    rule #1 : never fall in love with a straight girl -Alex Vause

  • Cammie Gelangre  says:

    This girl is so pretty,

  • Lee Jaxon  says:

    I fell for a straight girl. I misunderstood her friendliness. I texted her
    telling if she had any specialfeelings for me ( it took everything of me to
    do that and it was unbearable feeling ever). She said “no”. I managed to
    make things become normal between us. But today in class, it was so
    awkward. Jenna’s right ! I lost my friendship with her. But i confess im
    kind of glad its iver

  • Matt Gilbert  says:

    Though I am a straight man, I actually agree with your theory of the
    loophole, and I think that applies for anyone “straight.” First video of
    yours I have seen, and I like to think I am a very opened minded
    individual. It was very insightful on how people react to things.

  • Steffi N  says:

    My celebrity crush is Megan Fox

  • Le Jidza  says:

    ( my crush story ) Alright, Ima tell u ma story. Since year 7 (btw I’m in
    year 9 atm) I have a massive crush on this girl called Alana yes your right
    she is straight.. -.- I didn’t really talk to her or make friends with her
    but I don’t know how but we finally became friends.. I think o-o at some
    point in year 8 I asked her out on BBM ( it was the worst thig I’ve done )
    and yes she rejected me and told the whole school about it ( it felt like
    she told the whole world to me -.- ) every school day before Xmas I give
    her a Xmas present and I always give her a birthday present when it’s her
    birthday every present I give her is more than enough but I could do
    anything for Alana to make her happy I know that money can’t buy love but I
    just want her to know that I can treat her better than boys.. She had 2
    boyfriends in the past 3 years but they all broke her heart ( Pft I was so
    happy when they broke up xD ) now it’s 2014 I’m in year 9 I’m starting to
    talk to her a lot more now I will not give up on Alana ever because I know
    that she is all I need and I want to make her happy. If your reading this
    Alana I love you no matter what im don’t care if you don’t love me back I
    just wanna love you until the end.. I love you. Thanks for reading guys ;’3

  • DanniRox999  says:

    Celebrity Crush: Michelle Rodriguez

  • _[Ky_  says:

    That moment when you realize you only like straight girls. 

  • country girl  says:

    I have been a 13yr relationship with a straight girl. we started out as
    friends and it grow from there. we are still together to this day.

  • Phil Holo  says:

    I like the p, but my best friend natalie sleeping with a dog. They were
    french kissing, so I killed her dog now she hates me. What should I do? I
    want to suck some tight smelly hairy pussie.

  • crazy cookie  says:

    I don’t think I’m gay but I think some girls I’ve seen are pretty cute at
    my school or any where someone plz help me and give advice 

  • dezicool  says:

    No what you do is you obsess I didn’t fall for her once I fell for her
    1,000s of times everyday I saw her she got more beautiful and I’ll miss her

  • Anna Bonde Hinke  says:

    Hey there. I thought I’d share my story about my first real crush (the
    crush where I KNEW I liked her in a romantic way) so here we go…
    I worked at the library for a short period last year, a job where I had to
    put the books people delivered back to the library onto the shelves, and
    that’s where I met her. I won’t mention her name for her privacy’s sake,
    but let’s just call her C. C and I had gone to the same school for about a
    year, before she started in High School(school systems in my country are a
    bit different than in the US) as she was two years older than me. We had
    never really talked in school though, as there was that age gap, but when I
    got the job at the library, we had to talk every now and then, as she
    worked there as well. I started going to the library even when I didn’t
    have to work, just to watch her place the books on the shelves. We started
    talking, and she sent me a very clear vibe of ‘straight-ness’. I was pretty
    sure she was straight; but then I got a haircut. I cut my hair very short,
    and she looked at me in a way no one else has ever looked at me, when she
    saw me. I felt like I had been born again. We started talking more and
    more, and one day she helped me pick out enough books to fill 3 bags. I
    went home that night, feeling elated, and was happier than I remember ever
    having been.
    Then I asked her if she would help me pick out books again another day, and
    when she said yes, I half jokingly, half serious, called it a date. One of
    the following days, she sent me a text saying something along the lines of,
    “wasn’t our date tonight? When’re we meeting?” and I freaked out. I
    showered after school, bought gum(better to be prepared and ready, if my
    dreams should come true, and I would finally get my first kiss from the
    girl I had fallen for)and drove my bike to the library. We picked out books
    and CD’s, and all the time I tried to get closer to me, but she always kept
    her distance, and sent off the straight vibe once again. I drove home
    almost in tears. She was so heterosexual as they come, and I knew it. if I
    had been a boy, she’d have stood closer, I knew it.
    Fast forward a few weeks or so, where I tried to avoid her, she arrived at
    the library at the end of my shift, wearing a gorgeous dress (she dressed
    VERY girly all the time, gothic style) and looking amazing. I felt my
    cheeks heat up, and scrambled with the books to avoid looking at her. But
    she wasn’t even looking at me.
    Later on, I asked her friend, whom I learned was bisexual, if C was
    straight. She told me she was.
    This was my first experience with recognized romantic love, and it happened
    to be on a straight girl. I watched this video so many times, trying to get
    it through my head that *she is straight* and it really helped me. I am now
    over her, and I want to thank Jenna and her channel for helping me through
    that crush, and I want to tell all of you, that there is hope. You’ll find
    someone someday, someone who isn’t straight; or maybe you’ll be her
    exception. Good luck.

  • Valerie Alobaidi  says:

    wtf I’m doing here

  • ariana almaguer  says:

    Omg I love u

  • emīlija buka  says:

    My celeb crush was, is and always will be for Lena Headey. Just adore!!!

  • Hunter Burkett  says:

    Lauren jauregui

  • Ted Levine  says:

    Celebrity crush?
    Dianna Agron (obviously)
    Lea Michele
    Emma Watson

  • S Weller  says:

    Thank-you for the welcome Kathryn

  • Michael Deering  says:

    what do you do if you’re a straignt guy and you fall for a lesbian
    Youtuber? sex change operation?

  • Marzia Loverbue  says:

    I was in love with this girl, but she was straight, and my friend (who is
    also a lesbian) suggested to tell her my feelings even though she wasn’t
    into women, I did, and my crush stopped talking to me XD Damn, hoped it
    would work out lol

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