We’re Proud to be Femme. Are You? #FemmeVisibility

We’re Proud to be Femme. Are You? As a femme lesbian you may feel that you are invisibile, in that you are not recognised by either the straight or gay commu…

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50 comments to We’re Proud to be Femme. Are You? #FemmeVisibility

  • Kaelyn and Lucy  says:

    Love this so much. So happy to be a part of this!

  • RoseEllenDix  says:

    Great video Meg! So proud to be apart of it :) 

  • Arielle Scarcella  says:

    Great job!!! Love the way this came out :D 

  • Stacy S  says:

    This turned out so beautifully!! I’m #ProudtobeFemme AND proud to be a
    part of this video :) 

  • Paloma C  says:

    Ugh. Luckily enough for fems, you’re not going to be discriminated against
    on sight. 

  • Marlo Shaw  says:

    You’re basically saying you subscribe to socially constructed behavior or
    appearances for men and women, and you’re proud of it. We weren’t born
    wearing makeup and heels so there’s not a way that women should dress to be
    considered feminine. Every woman can define her own femininity, we’re all

  • SunkenLane  says:

    Small crisis over whether I’m a femme or not. Excellent video!

  • zoe brooks  says:

    I’m so proud of being femme because I LOVE girls and I also like make up,
    dresses, and just being girly and being me :) 

  • BriaAndChrissy  says:

    Thanks for having us <3 

  • LezBeOnTalk  says:

    I LOVED being a part of this! Great job, girls :) 

  • NaomiNoMiko  says:

    I really appreciate what you guys did. :) 

  • Kitty Core  says:

    Arielle :D love you so much!! Great job girls! #Femme

  • nowthisisliving  says:

    So bummed I didn’t send you a video soon enough, you did a great job Megan :) 

  • gira peguero  says:

    I’m proud to be femme :) 

  • Underrated Critic  says:

    This video should be flagged for being too goddamned sexy!!! Femme
    visibility is the sexiest thing of all time!

  • cataria  says:

    great vid

  • convocare  says:

    I love this video so much. Can’t wait to tweet a #femmevisibility photo
    once i’ve changed out of my pjs to go to work ;) 

  • Naomi Mowatt  says:

    I’m a femme girl who’s just started dating a femme girl, and i’m proud to
    wear make up, do up my hair, wear dresses and skirts and enjoy women at the
    same time. I hate that people just assume that i’m straight before they get
    to know me, and getting hit on by guys, while flattering, can be
    frustrating, especially when they don’t believe that you’re gay when you
    tell them. Visibility is important, and i would love to see more of it in
    media :) 

  • catsuip333  says:

    What if you are femme but kinda studd like at the same time?….idk…But
    I’m proud of my feeme side as much as of my stud side :3

  • Lauren Stover  says:

    LOVE LOVE this video!! I’m going to upload a video in response to show that
    I’m #proudtobefemme as well! ^_^ and a #femmevisibility tweet :) 

  • Marina Vieira Souza  says:

    Yeah, I love my body, love dressing up and doing make-up and all, but I’m
    also conflicted. As a feminist and a media/communications student, I’m
    constantly questioning these patterns or characteristcs labeled as feminine
    and masculine, and the constant need of women to look “pretty”. I guess is
    just important to keep in mind that women that present themselves in
    masculine ways are no less women than the femmes, you know? Idk if I
    expressed myself well, is hard to write in english about these serious

  • Maria Francesca  says:

    Amazing video, guys :) Definitely something that’s not talked about
    enough!! Thanks for making this

  • Haruno Kanami  says:

    Rose Ellen Dix and Rosie! I love you!!!

  • Angela Minchello  says:

    Proud to be femme! <3

  • nour ad  says:

    This video was genius. I’m proud to be Femme and I think that this video
    should be seen by millions because I think that it’s high time to change
    some stupid conventional thoughts… Thank you Wegan for posting this video
    and great quote in the end, Rose.

  • silentsoul  says:

    Working in a shipyard surrounded by men forced to do this backbreaking
    labor by there wives with nothing to show for it did wake me up I would sit
    there and listen to these men talk about how there wives or girlfriends
    would sit at home and watch tv getting fat and nag them when they got home
    and how there kids were ungrateful little brats suck the life out of them
    and my brother was one of them he would tell me to get married and join the
    club well I was engaged at the time and after seeing these broken men I
    began to question if I really wanted to join this club of sorrow well I
    quit my high paying back breaking job for a lower paying one were I hardly
    did any labor and my fiancé turned into a banshee even though bills were
    paid the idea that I wasn’t slaving away and bringing home extra money
    angered her I asked her so you wanted me to work a soul sucking job where I
    would actually pray for death everyday then work a job that I enjoy and I’m
    still paying the bills?! She said yes with a cold straight face that’s when
    I said give me that ring and get the fuck out I no longer look at women as
    a important part of my success 

  • Canem Cave  says:

    absolutely agree!

  • Haxxor Soniq  says:

    Lots of deeply uncomfortable truth(s) in this vid. Was kinda difficult to
    watch it, but I’m glad I did.

    Am gradually waking up to the reality of modern male oppression. I guess it
    was always there, but I’d never really noticed it before. Guess I should
    thank all those crazy feminist youtubers for showing me so clearly!

    I wonder what it would feel like to identify myself as a MGTOW….. I’m
    gonna try it next opportunity. Hopefully my voice will drop an octave and
    I’ll finally start to grow body hair ;) 

  • Anon Amos  says:

    I am a 50-year old childless bachelor currently in a long-term relationship
    of 4 years. I’ve had numerous long- and short-term relationships. It’s hard
    enough being in a relationship without being married and having kids. Most
    of my male friends are divorced and say, while they’re glad to have had
    children and be fathers, they regret getting married and will never do so

    I love my life and am happy being a childless bachelor. Marriage? No
    thanks, I’ll pass.

  • Michael Gomez  says:

    Initially, and only initially I don’t think that the biggest reason,
    generally speaking, most women marry for acquisition of resources, however
    I do think that a man’s resources is in the back of their minds the whole
    time, though they’ll convince themselves and the man that they’re doing it
    for “love”. Once “love” dwindles a couple years down the road, a woman will
    lose the incentive to stay in the relationship. Why stay in a relationship
    that has dwindled when you can file no fault divorce and come away with a
    man paying alimony and/or child support to fund you the rest of the way and
    living how you want to live with no societal repercussions? I see this
    happening all the time and the statistics prove it as well with over 70% of
    divorces being initiated by women and the majority of those are due to
    unsatisfaction on the part of the woman according to recent polls.
    Now are you saying that men shouldn’t take steps to protect themselves in
    light of this evidence? If that’s the case you are just another leech
    seeking to keep men financially enslaved as I see so many women doing under
    the farce of it being “love” and not reality. You see, generally women by
    nature are more illogical than men are and thus are susceptible to
    emotional and other forms of illogical appeals, and they will attempt to
    rationalize their decisions as it being some part of a moral highground
    when in fact they are simply after their own self interests.
    This big societal lie that’s been conditioned in men from the moment
    they’re born to make the world better for women and to make women happy as
    their function is the real oppression ocurring in Western society today. At
    28, never married and having had no children, being an 8.5 in looks and
    starting out in a stable job moving up the ladder, I am glad for men such
    as these guys waking me up and other men from this indoctrination so I
    could live a better life. I live life to improve myself and do better for
    me, not for some entitled leech who thinks the world owes her something for
    having been born with a vagina. Maybe 50 years ago men could look at
    traditional marriage in the West as a way of life to aspire to, but these
    days they’re ridiculed for their efforts. No thank you.

  • Michael McClure  says:

    The vows given before God were, “Til death do us part” and “For better or
    for worse.” That all began to change when Ann Landers told the ladies that
    the relevant question was “are you better off with him or without him?”
    That changes the whole concept of marriage. Make no mistake. God will hold
    you to the vows you have made before Him. Women complain about men and

  • Matt Obermiller  says:

    Your arguments are compelling, I agree with the bulk of what you say about
    the financial basis of women’s love but have disagree with your tag of a
    man insisting on being a woman’s leader. I worked to earn money to buy land
    and building materials. I built my house and shop. I own all of it and have
    charted the course of my life toward financial stability and ownership of
    the infrastructure that sustains me. If I invite another person in to enjoy
    the benefits of my labor, whether it’s a overnight house guest or a wife
    and kids, I’m the owner and head of household and I expect others to
    co-operate with the functioning principles, values and long term goals of
    my house. If they do things to endanger my ability to continue living
    according to my life goals and values, I fully reserve the right to limit
    their ability to impact these goals and values. What do you guys think?

  • psusac  says:

    This has all the intellectual rigor of a conspiracy theory. I do not
    criticize your hypothosis, but rather your methodology. Remember to look
    for information that DISPROVES your hypothosis. If you want to test the
    idea that (all or most) women’s primary motivation in marriage is resource
    aquisition, what evidence would show that this is NOT true? Answer that
    question and then work to disprove your idea. Otherwise you are just a guy
    with an axe to grind against women. Why should I take you seriously?

  • Matt Obermiller  says:

    Around the turn of the century women only lived one year longer than men. I
    think that stat. came from a GWW vid. but have heard it in several places

  • UnrationedRationale  says:

    Thanks for pointing out the fact that women want a man that works hard and
    is a provider, but then she whines that he is never home and doesn’t spend
    enough time with her. Something that Chris Rock famously joked about, yet
    didn’t actually take it all the way. I get so tired of hearing that
    hypocritical bullshit.

    My uncle worked hard to support his stay-at-home wife in their traditional
    marriage, along with his 2 daughters, and what did he get? Left for another
    man – divorced and sued for child support, alimony, and half of his
    possessions, including his first car that he ever bought when he was just a
    teenager; before they even met.

    Then he remarries; to someone who already had 3 daughters, and adopted
    them too. That makes 5 daughters! Now he works 2 or 3 jobs at different
    times, has one daughter who’s anorexic/bulimic, one daughter who’s
    overweight/diabetic, and another 22 year old daughter with daddy issues who
    is dating a 48 year-old man. They all whine about how daddy never has time
    to give them any attention, while living it up on all of his resources.

    The only enjoyment left in his life is being left alone long enough to
    drink a few beers and watch some sports in his man cave.

  • eclectic tyrone  says:

    This will make most of the Cyphers (men) brains explode.

  • AMxPunk .  says:

    China in Asia? This shit is everywhere. Come here in the middle east, and
    see how women are like. Women are the same fucking everywhere.

  • Jamel Gibson  says:

    … I look at the divorced people I know while you said when they stop
    living the lie and aren’t able to provide, it’s over… that’s pretty much
    when it happened.

  • Channing Vanderbilt  says:

    Powerful stuff… you speak the truth bother.

  • Theyspy Theylie  says:

    The fastest growing segment of the U.S. population is single, unattached
    people living alone. I think most people are done w/ the old paradigm. Even
    most married people are sick of it. Many just stay married out of
    convienience. Whatever takes its place is whatever naturally occurs.

  • Random Ronn  says:

    What an eloquent dissection of the modern myth of the nuclear family and
    all the trappings that go along with said mythology.

    Just like a drug dealer / junkie relationship. The farce of a drug dealer
    being the junkie’s friend only lasts until the junkie runs out of
    money–and so too do women end the farce of romantic entanglement the
    minute their husband ceases to provide for them everything they want.

    Makes me sick, but at least knowing the truth will spare me from having to
    live a life of quiet desperation and passive-aggressive microaggressions
    until I slowly wither away from the inside…

  • Jamel Gibson  says:

    I can do bad by myself… That’s all it really is, if a woman is doing
    well, her man should do better, if she is lucky, he should be luckier… it
    sounds weird, but to make a female feel like a woman, you have to do
    better, you have to have to give, time and money. You don’t see any
    commercials about women giving gifts from zales, or more than some ky
    lube… a woman is given the entitlement of her presence being a gift

  • Amsterdamnster Kush  says:

    many as in most haven’t a clue how this “all by design” system works

  • Glenn McBride  says:

    I can not help but wonder when bar bar will begin to categorize married men
    as “useless eaters” too. Lets just cut to the chase and say anyone that is
    not bar bar is a useless eater. 

  • Tom Forge  says:

    People are only as loyal as their options.

  • avgrim77  says:

    Long ago I mentioned getting married to my ex (girlfriend of 7 years at
    that time) Her reply “Well you are going to have to get a really good job
    1st”. It’s all about money NOT love. Glad I didn’t marry her. LOL.

  • JB pedring  says:

    if one sex wins, both sexes loses. – dr. farrell

  • AceOfHeart2012  says:

    Don’t hold back now Bar. TESTIFY!!! Nailed it again bro….

  • wesley mccurtain  says:

    Shit. Butch lesbians are so screwed up to work with because they will act
    like a man when it benefits them, but like a woman when it THEN benefits

  • Devil's Jinn  says:

    Please someone….anyone, answer me this….Why is it that the split second
    a woman feels uncomfortable with something…it pretty much has to change
    but when a man feels uncomfortable with it….its pretty much the way it
    is, take it or leave it ??????

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