Wedding Video Anjelah Johnson and Manwell Reyes Film When Anjelah Johnson (aka Bon Qui Qui) and Manwell Reyes (the incomparable talent from Group1Crew ) contacted us we were so excited a…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 comments to Wedding Video Anjelah Johnson and Manwell Reyes Film

  • kisakye92  says:

    I dont want to disrespect, but that pastor was a good looking dude

  • Frank Hernandez  says:

    come on the dude cant even tie his shoes

  • Laurynn W.  says:

    NAWWWWWW, dats sooooo cute !!

  • mrfalafl  says:

    Where’s the part where she poops in the dress?

  • C Dizzle  says:

    Her pops was pimp in that fidora..

  • London Mizuno  says:

    many feels…and some misting….

  • RaeJene N  says:

    This is beautiful! God Bless you Both!

  • kisakye92  says:

    I cant watch this without pausing ever so often. Pausing gives me a chance
    to stop holding my breath. Its breath takingly romantic, im sorry.

  • danman2424  says:

    Sorry to say it, but marriages never last when the man is that much better
    looking than the woman in the relationship

  • GASTURBO1  says:

    dude looks gay

  • Carinitha Fisher  says:

    Wow! I am already a huge Anjelah Johnson fan but to see this and how happy
    they are just melts my heart. This is the way it is suppose to be. So happy
    for you two. You certainly deserve each other.

  • Misstiq S.P  says:

    Congratulations Anjelah!

  • Carley&Bobo  says:

    That little high five was so adorable. 

  • Jazmina Campos  says:

    Omg this is beautiful it made me cry…. one of my favorite comics !!!!!!!

  • ModeFin  says:

    Maxwell is that you cuh? Lol 

  • Rey Leon DelaSelva  says:

    Manwell? is that Maxwell’s little brother?? LOL

  • Ace G  says:

    Because I Love Her & Her Comedy<3 I Thought This was truly amazing,
    beautifully made. I Think You’re Hubby ha is Adorably-Cute! & He Looks
    like a young Maxwell<3(: Lol CONGRADULATIONS!

  • Estela Nena C  says:

    congrats so beautiful lots of love and happiness for you guys.

  • Victoria W  says:

    Priceless ~ Congrats !

  • LittleRedd  says:

    Sad thing is on her wedding she got sick, thats why when she was walking
    down the isle she was making that face and kept breathing out, because she
    took so much medicine few days before or the day before, that had to suck.

  • Michael Montague  says:

    Congratulations! What God does is done well! Shalom!

  • Alma Sanchez  says:

    Cute couple. He’s not even black, she said he’s Puerto Rican. Last
    forever!!!! My #WCW

  • ZombieStitched  says:

    He kinda looks like Vince from entourage lenny kravits and Bruno mars lol
    good thing though 

  • Sarah Gomez  says:

    Poor girl what she went through on the actual moment of the wedding as she
    said on her suprise I am not a lesbian comic moment thing. Poor thing she
    had to takr it in!

  • Marcos Martinez  says:

    I love when she says she was too afraid to write how much she loved him and
    how he was the “one” in her journal. I can totally see being the same way
    when I finally fall for my man.

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