Wedding band Part I

Wedding band Part I

Negotiating Hiring a Wedding Band.
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25 comments to Wedding band Part I

  • MattAffekted  says:

    Ahhhh this one is too true. I used to work full time as an audio engineer
    doing weddings with bands, working ridiculously long hours and getting paid
    peanuts because people just don’t see the value in paying for the services.
    People are willing to fork out thousands for flowers, photographers etc,
    but paying the band and techs a couple hundred for a nights work is just
    too far fetched. Funny vid though :) 

  • Tosh Eshe  says:

    This vid has me in stitches. I can’t stop laughing. I’ve experienced this
    scenario numerous times. Hilarious & TRUE! 

  • Tosh Eshe  says:

    This vid has me in stitches. I can’t stop laughing. I’ve experienced this
    scenario numerous times. Hilarious & TRUE! 

  • gnumusic  says:

    @Maxinelong You’re so right about the first song thing. One of my favorite
    memories was being asked to play an instrumental version of November Rain
    for the bride’s entrance. We were a tenor sax/gypsy swing guitar duo. And
    yes, we did it. I don’t need to mention that the bride was wearing hot pink
    high heels. Ah, what a business…

  • Hokumratrun  says:

    @Dookiestix awesome post!

  • Joe Cooper  says:

    i worked for a wedding band in new york doing the sound and it can be for 7
    people it was 10k

  • tedplaysguitar  says:

    @Porthbot yep… that is the truth unfortunately as graphic/web design has
    been de professionalised… contracts all the way for me, they don’t want
    to sign I feel vindicated walking away.

  • Dave Wiggins  says:

    I wish I could play this vid to every wedding enquiry we receive that are
    shocked by our quote…….!

  • saucyviolet  says:

    RueDeLaHarpe, thank you, thank you!

  • kfkrobok  says:

    The best parts are: BRIDE: “Because it’s my money & I’ll do what I want
    even if it means wrecking my own wedding”. MUSICIAN: “You are stubborn and
    stupid. But we’ll do it”. And… “That’s fine. Maybe you could ask her to
    stab me with the cake knife, because that will be less painful than sitting
    through your wedding on the bandstand”. And… BRIDE: “Because of your bad
    attitude, I am going to hire a wedding coordinator to come over and tell
    you to turn it down before you even start playing”.

  • jackssax14  says:

    Every time I turn down a wedding gig because the bride is too cheap, I
    watch this video and giggle.

  • Thatevilmidget  says:

    That was pretty damn hilarious. Y’all need to make more videos!!

  • Kahrlon  says:

    so true! So very true

  • fish2fly  says:

    wow I think I know her

  • uhmhone  says:

    This is hilarious/ so sorry for you all Sounds normal??? oh Man!!!

  • tuxguys  says:

    Hilarious, and largely (allowing for the removal of the veneer of civility)
    right on. Welcome to MY world.

  • blitzwurfel  says:

    What’s the matter with you complainers! Whenever we did weddings we were
    grateful for carrying our guitars from the loading dock; past the dumpsters
    filled with schmegma; through the kitchen; up a service elevator into a
    room where the maitre’d from hell would read us the riot act before we
    could even set up. THEN we had to eat tomato sandwiches and flat soda; put
    up with insane relatives and watch crazy drunk Uncle Tom dive bomb the
    tables with a napkin on his head and sunglasses.

  • MrBazza1949  says:

    a fellow muso sent this link to me – its brilliant and sums up exactly what
    the general public think of us– i also love the guy who comments that its
    17 dollars an hour each has he never heard the word expenses or equipment
    upkeep or any of the myriad of things we havr to go thru for that 5 hours
    on stage (at $17 an hour)

  • Mary Ellen Hayden  says:

    Oh Dear God…

  • Maxinelong  says:

    This is eerie. The only stone unturned was choice of a song for the First
    Dance. I once had someone request “Me and Mrs. Jones.” -Touching. And
    someone once explained to me that Playing the music was just that: play.
    Work is what people get paid for, not play. Anyway, anybody can do it.

  • EqualityRevolt  says:

    HITS NAIL ON HEAD. Let the clueless hire DJs; the rest of us know that a
    good live band beats the hell outta any DJ.

  • Jimmy Maltese  says:

    @cretinalert – I feel so very sorry for you. It must be horrible to live in
    such misery that you need to attack others with lies and ridicule… : (

  • Russell Smith  says:

    We used to have to bring our own silverware, because all they’d give us is
    paper plates.

  • Jimmy Maltese  says:

    Been in the music biz for almost 30 years and it doesn’t get any more real
    than this!!! This is WHY we drink and do drugs… : )

  • Shane Cashin  says:

    This conversation should of ended at 0:34. There is nothing to be gained by
    trying to plead your case with someone who doesn’t respect your role in the
    importance of their day. As for some of the negative comments about wedding
    djs, they are well founded but I suggest that it might be more productive
    to deal with less professional bands who under cut your prices rather then
    crap on the djs.

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