We Broke Up | Lesbian Couple

Open Me!*** Don’t miss out on any of VLOGMAS 2014: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3upfto8qQDVwU1DvCcyVZb43uXyDAme3 We are two twenty something’s in love. We have been using …

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14 comments to We Broke Up | Lesbian Couple

  • ReadySetMoss  says:

    Yes! We broke up like two days at a time for like 10 times in college lol.
    Happens. Maturity has a lot to do with it! 

  • michele griffin  says:

    Well I haven’t date in almost 4 years, because I dated someone almost 15
    years ago and I realized I still love them and in my heart I feel they
    still have strong feeling for me. Not to mention they live 1, 000 miles
    away from me and we call each other once a week. I have an hectic schedule
    and it took a long time to get there so I’m really not sure if I’m ready to
    be in a relationship….. I enjoy watching the love that you ladies share!
    Peaceful journeys : )

  • alice bean  says:

    You scared the s@it outta me!
    You’re such a cute and made-for-eachother kinda couple, so I was scared.
    I am loving your vlogs very much <3

  • CherishforeverTV  says:

    Whew!!! Y’all scared me! I was like Noooooooo….. :) 

  • Joslyn Bailey  says:

    You two make my heart smiiiiiiiiiiillllllleeeee!!! 2 thumbs up for

  • Anita Gomez  says:


  • ButterflyAgape  says:

    Hahaha “Go talk to your girlfriend” “My girlfriend’s right here”
    alriiiiiiight now! lol love it. Awww Marriage…such a beautiful thing. :) 

  • Lesbians in the South  says:

    Yes long distance, especially longgg longgg distance. It gets rough but the
    make up is the most important though. Day 2 Whoop. 

  • BamaGRL  says:

    Just broke up with my gf… :( We are still friends and we could get back
    together but now we both have things we need to work on individually before
    we can be together. (I’m sure she doesn’t feel that way though..)

  • JessCurled  says:

    lmfaoooo! my gf sent me this saying “please don’t let us be that couple!”
    too funny but so happy you two stuck it out, you are meant for each other :) 

  • JoyAndToy TV  says:

    Aloha! Welcome to Vlogmas Day Two. Yup, you read it right, “We broke up.”
    Find out what happened :( Have a breakup story that you would like to
    share? Comment below and let us know XOXO Joy and Toy 

  • Bigbrwngull  says:

    We broke up, I had a baby…then we got back together, then we broke up,
    then WE had a baby, then we broke up…now we’ve been together for 8yrs and
    married for 6…and were off and on for 10 yrs before that!

  • cinammonspice3  says:

    Why is Joy wearing her ring on her right hand. Is that something unique you
    guys are doing? By the way I love you guy vlogs. Started to watch late but
    I rewind from the beginning and came forward to the present. 

  • Crystal S  says:

    Are you ladies married or civil union?

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