Voltaire + Janice | Wedding Highlights | Black Label Films

If ever there was a groom deserving of a sweet, beautiful bride .. it was Voltaire. A firefighter and a standup guy, his love for Janice is matched only by h…
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10 comments to Voltaire + Janice | Wedding Highlights | Black Label Films

  • MsVaughnTV  says:

    This was VERY nice. Well done!

  • 25mitts  says:

    Why black men always choose light skin women?

  • Chuck Purnell  says:

    Very impressive! Nicely shot and edited!

  • raquel mccarver  says:

    I love this song…what’s the name of it and who is it by…??? Could
    someone tell me..

  • Mr. Rich  says:

    Pro cinematic film. NIce work.

  • kim tutonda  says:

    ok i finally find the song!!!! “it’s life in a lens” from Carbon choir :-) 

  • kim tutonda  says:

    can you tell me the name of this song please

  • ashley gainer  says:

    whats the song in the beginning :) 

  • Newman Elijah  says:


  • Pego Vumba  says:


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