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25 comments to Tumblr Questions – Pillow Talk

  • cantcontrolthegay  says:

    This made my day! Love you guys <3

  • Nathalie Young  says:

    you should do videos more often

  • uwannaiguana  says:

    I would date your minds! First, though, can I pet your Pussy…Cat? Always
    a great laugh, Gals!

  • OCswimKim3  says:

    Dear everyone else, back off of Julia!

  • cat ross  says:

    this may make me a terrible lesbian (and person) coz i don’t really like
    cats but that little muda fucka is da cutest!!! 

  • LandiThe  says:

    “Where are you guys?” “Right here!” ROFL

  • Sarah Deakin  says:

    You guys working out what heya is was literally the funniest thing

  • Marika Rose  says:

    I think that the question ” I hate to be “that person” but I have a problem
    with one of your videos. Why is Adrianna not one of the six lesbians I will
    date before I die?” was a play on words. Literally asking “Why is Adrianna
    not one of the six lesbians I will date before I die?” That was how I
    interpreted the question anyway. 

  • Christina Gina  says:

    Yes! Me too. Border around Missisuaga/TO. Why the hell have we never met?
    You guys are a riot…. 

  • Freddy Davies  says:

    you should do a video on lost girl lol 

  • Fanny Fromont  says:

    Yes ! Finally a video ! I was waiting for so long !!!!

  • Haylee Jaaskela  says:

    My favorite thing about this video is the ten seconds of silence after
    Adriana tells Sarah she’s wonderful. It reminds me of how I tell my crushes
    I like them and then there is nothing but stunned awkward silence after. So
    many feels!!! 

  • bungee jump  says:

    thats why it’s called “Lost Girl”..cuz u will get lost in it..ha3…

  • Meredith Everitt  says:

    I’ve got a question!

    How do you get a Tumblr girlfriend? :D 

  • Loreki  says:

    Other than these videos, what other performance/comedy stuff do you do? And
    where might I find these other things?

  • Nadia Mtz.  says:

    I pressed Like just for that look that Adrianna give to Sarah haha (not
    true, was because I love you)

  • Sajiko  says:

    Valkybus or doccubus? (hope I spelt that right) that is the question!! 

  • profi teriMM  says:

    Amber fucking heard <3

  • kaon21  says:

    Adrianna do you have a girlfriend? :) 

  • Irene Camacho  says:

    omg stop being so cute both of you ;_;

  • bilitiz  says:

    Love you!!! Please more videos, you take like forever just to post one 

  • Are Rodriguez  says:

    Adriana would you go out with me??????? ;) 

  • bigvampire21  says:

    I feel the same way Adrianna feels about Zoie Palmer

  • Hannah Krieg  says:

    I am so in love with you Sarah! Please marry me!

  • Squirral Davis  says:

    Sarah <3

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