The Truth About Lesbians

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25 comments to The Truth About Lesbians

  • evolution759  says:

    if there are any gay or lesbien christains please explain why god forbids
    homosexuality when it seems like he created it or explain if the holy bible
    says anything about homosexuality being genetic i need those anwsers

  • Erk Ergül  says:

    Wow vida i wached last 30m made me think i am gay…. LOL i dont love gus
    but 1-i go to gym 2-art gallery 3-i wear nice enoght to make ppl i am gay
    4- hate sports many straight ppl like wow

  • Carmen Campbell  says:

    Ong soo true!! haha good job!

  • Angela Minchello  says:

    I loved this video. Everything you guys said was so dead on! <3

  • Dayla Judson  says:

    I don’t care about labels at all.I do not accept being called gay,lesbian
    or homosexual.These words do not describe what I am or who I am,I dislike
    very much that that is what people think:-(

  • gheorghe cojocaru  says:

    who cares..

  • animegirlcute1  says:

    Omg the one with the glasses will you marry me your so hot

  • Anonymous  says:

    Stacey if god created all things He created homosexuality otherwise in
    religions they wouldn’t belive in it and you can say that the devil created
    it but who created the devil

  • Marissa Mctaggart  says:

    Why doesn’t she like Tegan and Sara?

  • AtomicPancake Maria  says:

    So true

  • Jessie Miller  says:

    hahaha I LOVVEEEE this!

  • Sophia Xiao  says:

    Wow Jenna is cute! I like Kristen Stewart, or at least hope that she’s gay

  • Willow Dynimight  says:

    How come its ok for us to like stright girls

    But stright guys can’t like us

  • Ash Oddyseus  says:

    My two favorite lesbians on YouTube in the same video. This can’t get any
    better xD 

  • Sam B  says:

    I wish I had radar, not just gaydar but bi-radar and trans-radar and….

  • BAZINGA153760  says:


  • Maria Garza  says:

    Love this! :) 

  • dance1219  says:

    Entertaining and interesting.

  • Candela Piñeiro  says:

    loved it!
    i hate the way people NEED to say oh so that’s the “man” and that’s the
    “girl” in a homosexual relationship because often they identify as
    masculine the person who leads and as femenine the one who is more shy and
    “obeys”. this is a way of machism; you’re saying that the man is in charge
    and the woman is the submissive one. NO.

  • vivothehippo  says:

    This is my first video I watched from you guys :3

  • Zoe Kirk  says:

    Your amazing!! And gorgeous <3 

  • Jena Johnson  says:

    I agree with all this!!! Although… I lovvvvvvve Tegan and Sara and their

  • Dayla Judson  says:

    hey Libby B why are you covering your cute face:-)?

  • Sarah Ogando  says:

    Did she just DFTBA’d me? NERDFIGHTERS

  • mary frenette  says:

    I truly hope you wont be offended by this question,but is it true that
    lesbians care more about the relationship then sex and that if a
    relationship goes sexless it doesn’t matter so long as the relationship is
    still a caring one?

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