The Queer Coach: From Cellmate to Soulmate

This video talks about the 3 stages in romantic relationships and the challenges and difficulties this can create for LGBT couples. In Part 1 – I talk about …

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4 comments to The Queer Coach: From Cellmate to Soulmate

  • Yisraela Hayman  says:

    This is video #5 out of 11 part series that focuses on issues impacting
    queer, lesbian & bisexual women. A lot of what I talk about has relevance
    and is applicable to heterosexual relationships as well. Please feel free
    to share.

  • Yisraela Hayman  says:

    These videos are not meant to be a comprehensive study on these topics. If
    you are interested in a much more detailed analysis of these very complex
    topics I periodically co-facilitate lectures and trainings with my esteemed
    colleague Tamara Kline who is one of the most outstanding therapists I have
    ever met and who also works in the LGBTQ community.

    For more information about therapy: or coaching or if you would like me to connect you with other
    resources and information please feel free to contact me on 310-388-7779

  • Cory Honickman  says:

    LOVE it! Great info Yisraela!!

  • Yisraela Hayman  says:

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