The L Word – Pillow Talk

The L Word - Pillow Talk

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25 comments to The L Word – Pillow Talk

  • Leah Glidewell  says:

    I really liked the L Word. I thought Alice was really random and funny, and
    pretty hot too. Shane was probably the one I was most attracted to, but her
    personality was soooo not cool. When Daina died I had tears streaming down
    my face and hair plastered to my face. It was a sad moment. Love it but
    hate it, I understand completely. xD

  • babyssb  says:

    I had a crush on Molly.

  • CombateArmsOndraya  says:

    Personally, I never liked Diana… and Jenny .” I hated her so much. Best
    character was Shane

  • cantcontrolthegay  says:

    I still think that Dana is alive and I will lie to myself for the rest of
    my life

  • Butch Talk  says:

    Ohhhhhh Dana. She was my favorite!

  • Meredith Everitt  says:

    I LOVE the idea of having the L Word come back as a Netflix exclusive!!!
    Omfg brilliant idea yes Ilene please do this!

    Plot twist, Jenny wasn’t really dead. That was her android copy that had
    basically needed a software update for the last two seasons!

  • katie collard  says:

    The Dana and Alice sex scene before she was supposed to marry Tanya….

  • Genevieve Ricciuto  says:

    Favorite scene from The L Word is the basketball scene where Alice’s team
    plays against Papi’s. So funny

  • SylvanaForrester  says:

    Do lesbians ever use the slang term “blouse”? It refers to a top who is
    also feminine in their outward affect. (Get it? A feminine top = a blouse
    LOL). I’ve only heard the term used by gay men. But inasmuch as it could be
    applied to lesbians as well, I think it helps explain why so many L Word
    fans liked Dana. She was the ultimate blouse.

    Me, I’m in that minority who lusted hard for Alice. Partly because she
    plays for the team in real life, but also because hands down I will take
    the funny girl over any other girl every time. Alice had so many great
    lines and snarky, witty comebacks throughout the entire series. I’ve had it
    bad for Lesha Hailey ever since I got a lez vibe from those yogurt
    commercials she used to do. Yum.

  • Sara Prescott  says:

    “This coffee tastes like poopy shit” hahaha I’ve said that in public and
    people looked at me weirdly…

  • Archaeopterach X  says:

    OMG Jennifer Beals is a biracial angel. 

  • PourQpyne  says:

    I was sooooooo sad when Dana died. I had a hardcore crush on her. :/

  • Niki Sims  says:

    I remember when Dana died! I cried soooo hard when they spread her ashes…

  • Lulu Cloud  says:

    You are… AMAZING! 

  • Breona Amy  says:

    Bette ;) <3

  • midnighttcircus  says:

    I watched a lot of The L Word and then at some point I had to stop because
    I was just so frustrated with all of the characters. The Bette-Tina-Helena
    thing was getting on my nerves, and so was the Shane-Jenny-Carmen thing,
    and then Dana and Alice just seemed so random and hdjshalgjh. For some
    reason in that particular season they were all just REALLY DUMb. I know it
    gets better but urg I didn’t know how to get through all the weird
    spontaneous changes in the characters OTL I’ll finish it eventually I
    promise. I swear I’m a real lesbian omg 

  • LittleChocolateChip  says:

    Ha ha ha “Hallo Jenny.” Totally amused me every time Marina said this in
    her exotic, husky whisper of a voice ;) 

  • Sara P.  says:

    I don’t know if I should feel bad, but I mean the L word is just so boring
    in my opinion. I’m 100% a Queer as Folk person.

  • briana acosta  says:

    i was singing you are my sunshine for like a month when dana died…and yes
    my all time fav scene ” fuck you jenny thats not even gramatically correct”
    least fav shane leaving carmen at the alter so sad…love you ladies keep
    it up 

  • misspoison23  says:

    Oh god… Oh god oh god. I watch the L word but I haven’t gotten to the
    part where SOMEONE FUCKING KILLS JENNY. Which is fine cuz I mean I hate
    Jenny, she’s a bitch, but STILL. Grr. 

  • Danny Jack Borecky  says:

    I have really slow internet so I like reading the comments before waiting
    for the video to load

  • MariLuz Diaz  says:

    I’ve only seen one episode… but I do want to watch the whole series

  • Laura Grantham  says:

    I will always have a hige crush on Alice. Sorry not sorry.
    Altered Images! 

  • psionicdreams  says:

    i still wish they did a spin off sitcom- “The Alice and Dana Show!”
    because every scene with them two was beautiful and often hilarious.
    or maybe it’s just me… :) 

  • Sergio Gonzalez  says:

    Queer as folk is much better 100% more :P 

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