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Noah Michelson, Dr. Jeffrey Parsons and Mark Brennan Rosenberg join HuffPost Live to discuss open relationships in the gay community. Watch Full Segment Here…

26 comments to The Friendzone – Pillow Talk

  • Lu  says:

    Man, I’m so friendzoned – by someone probably straight. I should just girl
    the hell up….

  • franka91  says:

    somebody’s using a vibrator

  • Débora Baptista  says:

    You’ll hate me, but I wasn’t just in a friendzone, I was friendzoned by a
    STRAIGHT girl, my BEST FRIEND straight girl .. Got out of it :p

  • Lilly Flower  says:

    I’m a girl and a guy that I’ve really had feelings for for almost a year
    now and he completely friend zoned me. maybe I’m ugly or something.

    it makes me so sad because we have literally everything in common and he
    isn’t even seeing anyone but he completely friend zoned me and I don’t know

    I constantly get friend zoned by guys and I don’t understand why ;-;

  • Aaa  says:

    How to get out of the friendzone: stop acting like a desperate little puppy
    dog to the person you are in the friendzone with. Stop making it so obvious
    that you want them, stop devoting so much time to this person. Pretty much
    just stop acting like you are in love with them. Once you start to stray
    away, the person who friendzoned you in the first place might realize how
    much you actually meant to them! Then you will live happily ever after. The

  • xXThatGirlWhoGamesXx  says:

    Lol I am so damn friendzoned

  • Aislinn G  says:

    It’s so bad that she has actually told me about her male crush

  • wickedlette772  says:

    I find my way out of the friendzone quite often. I would give you tips if I
    knew how I did it, Adrianna. Sarah you look amazing as always. Love from

  • Lucy Dalziel  says:

    The friendzone is a situation you place yourself in by continuing to pine
    after someone that isn’t available.
    If you ever fall in love with someone that is dating someone else or has no
    interest in you (or once it becomes clear that this is the case), determine
    whether you can be their friend, without there being a chance of the two of
    you ever ending up together, or not.
    If the answer is yes, fantastic! You’ve found yourself a great new friend!
    If the answer is no, well, too bad. Try and create some distance between
    yourself and this person, and if they don’t understand, grow some balls and
    explain it to them.
    That’s also something: make it very clear where your interests lie. If
    someone doesn’t know you’re in love with them, then they can’t be expected
    to do anything about it now can they?

  • Mandy Bonner  says:

    The only thing I want to know from this video is seriously, what was that

  • Emily Leon  says:

    OMG she’s so deep in the friendzone idk Why I’d date her

  • Catia Silva  says:

    What happened to me was really fucked up… this happened last month. So I
    really liked my friend for 4 to 5 months and I came out with my feelings to
    her in December. She is also a lesbian and she said “I’m totally fine with
    it we are still friends, nothing is going to change”
    I was in a feeling of relief but also disappointment.
    In March 19th we went to the LGBT youth group meeting and her Ex Girlfriend
    introduced her boyfriend (she is bi) to everyone.
    As they talked, my friend came in and said “Catia can you walk with me?” so
    I replied “Sure, let me just get my jacket”
    We were walking outside and I asked her if she was jelous but she totally
    denied it. She told me to sit down in this bench (no one was around) She
    was asking me questions related to the fact that I liked her e.g “Why do
    you even like me” “Do you just like me cause I’m the only lesbian in
    school” I explained and said No to the last question. I am a sweet talker
    and I know what to say and not be a bitch. I am “the nicest person she met”
    It came to this point where she said “I really feel like kissing you right
    now” And she kissed me. I was like in my head “DOES THIS MEAN I’M NOT IN
    Now I found out she did it to make her EX jelous, and uses my feelings
    towards her as an advantage…. I fucking hate the friendzone…

  • Shawny Williams  says:

    I was best friends with a straight girl for 6years, and was quote-on-quote
    ‘friendzoned’ until I admitted my true feelings for her, blah blah
    blah…she soon broke up with her boyfriend at the time and then we dated
    for almost 2years. Pays to be open and honest in the long run. So, it’s
    completely possible to unlock the friendzone into the friendlyzone ;) 

  • Fareesya Minhad  says:

    It’s kinda funny cuz I didn’t get friendzone. I was FAMILYZONED. It’s that
    part when she said “I love you. But as a sister” which is by far the worst
    thing you would ever wanna hear. So that literally happened earlier this
    year. I guess getting familyzone is worser than getting friendzone cuz
    there’s NO WAY out of that right? I mean it would be damn AWKWARD to date
    your ‘sister’ right?
    Well guess what… I SUCCESSFULLY got out of that last October. I just used
    a bit of ignorance that’s all and she came crawling back to me. She was
    definitely bisexual so it’s complicated for her but then she realised being
    in love with a girl is OBVIOUSLY better than sucking dicks. But hey, you
    can’t just familyzone someone and take back those words like nothing
    happened. So I friendzone her :) Haha Therefore, be careful with your
    words, girls.
    And by the way, HUGE FAN here and I love you gay women till death ! Muaahh
    Kisses from FreeSyo in Malaysia ;) 

  • Max Rome  says:

    But… Isn’t the friendzone an arbitrary shitwad of an idea? 

  • Kyran McQuay  says:

    I actually have successfully transitioned from the friend zone into the
    relationship zone. I am currently in that relationship right now with
    Gentry, my girlfriend. We actually just had our one month anniversary on
    Thursday… But I have gotten out of the friend zone twice – aka my only
    real true relationships with a girl…

  • HeroIsALiar  says:

    I’ve got so used to the idea of never dating the people I like that even
    being told that I’m their best friend makes me happy.

  • Oanh Le  says:

    Forget lesbian friendzoning, I CAN’T even find any lesbians within my

  • michyeo31  says:

    I was never put in the friendzone, but I put some people in the friendzone.
    May sound heartless but they were boys so… looool

  • Diana Soto13  says:

    I thought they were daiting… I´m so confussed right now o.0

  • HUGATRONIKz  says:

    I was in the friendzone from day one, then i got out like a few weeks after
    and bam 

  • MacBunny Muffin  says:

    Took me almost a year to get out of the friend zone. Showed her I was
    always there for her, made jokes and asked her out three times #notworthit

  • LoveMusicVideoArt  says:

    friendzoned: 8 months. it was like jail…. until that one movie night!!!

  • Henry Do  says:

    10 times? Adrianna is fearless

  • Sam Girardin  says:

    I had a crush on him a bit, but wasn’t like, in love with him. We were just
    friends and hung out and stuff. Then all of a sudden he told me he liked me.
    Sadly he did it when I was already completely commuted to someone else :( 

  • Terry j.  says:

    I make my own rules

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