The difference between lesbian relationships and straight r

Talking to the best.

A lesbian teacher was barred from making any contact with underage children. Emily Fox, 26, got fired after she had intercourse with a young girl while teach…

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  • ThisIsKayWhyBeatz  says:
  • Caligula  says:

    At least their not the ugly fat dyke kinda Lesbians.

  • David Trevino  says:

    Atleast she wasn’t fat.

  • BeautyBE  says:

    Why does age even matter these days.
    Im 18 and my boyfriend turned 27 last week….i just like older men, why
    is it such a shame?!
    And teachers are just people…There are way more worse things going on in
    this world.


    did they record it or…

  • K Jupp  says:

    They should make her a pornstar

  • BigManJay69  says:

    I feel sorry for the teacher… There was never harm of a pregnancy that
    would ruin the young girls life, instead she got an experience out of it
    that she will probably cherish for the rest of her life… so she was a
    few months under the legal age.. big deal. I would not consider this
    teacher a threat, but i guess she did know the law and could have waited a
    few more months. Although as a teacher, that is still considered illegal,
    the student has to then be over 18 even in the uk

  • Banned_for_2_Weeks_LOOOOLZ  says:

    Who the fuck doesn’t like lesbians ? They are amazing 

  • Lovatic4life  says:

    I agree with everyone saying that these days age shouldn’t be as big of a
    deal as long as it’s not an adult with a child, new born – 15. But it’s
    honestly still wrong to take advantage of a young kid who still isn’t
    mature enough to think rationally about something as serious as sex. Point
    is people if you cant see yourself married to that person and having a
    family with them then dont have sex with them! Yes, Yes, yes, I know this
    was technically lesbian sex so a baby can’t be made but the girl was still
    15. Just 15! Which is still a kid to any court of law. Ages 13-17 are
    honestly the most impressionable years of a kids life where they are more
    prone to follow the crowd or be manipulated into doing things they’ll most
    likely regret later. I don’t like that this women took advantage of that.

  • Kevin Luna  says:

    I gots a good boner from the title. Oooooh yeeeeah!

  • Nader Sabet  says:

    My teacher is so hot!

  • Caroline Bergeron  says:

    I thin k that at age 14 you should be able to make your own choices
    regarding sex. I’ve heard many stories where the younger person used age as
    an “excuse” for the other person to not be able to get out of the
    relationship. I think if you’re old enough to play ball, live with the
    consequences for your actions! (this does not apply to rape, no means no.
    No matter what age or gender you consider yourself to be.)

  • TinNo4i  says:

    I had a huge lesbian crush on my teacher when I was 16. Of course, nothing
    happened between us but I can understand feelings of that school girl.

  • Cesar Solis  says:

    Fucking hipocrytes!!!

  • Tori Guillory  says:

    I hope that pussy was worth it you dumb ho, good luck finding a job and
    trying to survive! 

  • patrick smith  says:

    all girl school nice..time to get a makeup suitcase and a dress and iam off
    to that school 

  • Christopher Kennedy  says:

    A non-issue. What was the harm? The 15-year old had an orgasm or more with
    an older person, and now she’s ruined for life? Girls younger than 15
    masturbate and have orgasms. Are they damaged? Of course not. Does it
    matter that another person helped her have an orgasm? Of course not.

  • Temp Orary  says:


  • ScarrsActions  says:

    It alll depends if the student wanted it. 

  • Da Killacake  says:


  • SemenCollectorTv  says:

    OMG this is fucking AWEOSME! I know I’m going to get hate SO BRING IT ON

  • Sally May  says:


    There is always some crazy news story about a teacher having sex with a
    male student, a teacher masturbaring in the hallway, a teacher locking a
    girl in the closet and leaving her there, a teacher hitting a student, blah
    blah blah and now we have a female teacher having sex with a female
    student???!!!! What the fuccckkkkkkkk????!!!! They need to get these
    teachers fully evaluated from head to toe, to make sure they’re not a crazy
    pervert or child molester. They need they’re brains THOROUGHLY examined to
    make sure every part is working well and nothing is malfunctioning.
    Seriously!!! I swear it’s like they are just taking high school drop out,
    drugie people off the streets and saying “Hey wanna be a teacher? All you
    have to do is teach! Here’s a teaching guide career book that you have to
    read to the class and then pass them!” And then they become a teacher and
    end up having sex with the students!! Like WTF???!! You’re a teacher,
    you’re supposed to be professional and most of all, you’re supposed to know
    better!! You’re supposed to teach the students, not fuck them!! Smh… this
    makes me disgusted and angry at the same time!

  • Charizard Fire blast  says:

    I have a crush on a teacher ( just a crush) her name is ms. Lauren and she
    is soooo beautiful 

  • NavyCombatCorpsman  says:

    “Keep your love in legal parameters”. LMAO

    Forget gender or sexual orientation, I personally think engaging in sex
    with a minor no matter the age is wrong. This isn’t some teenage male
    masturbation fantasy we’re talking about here. It’s a felony. One thing
    I have noticed though, the hot female teachers who get caught like this get
    a slap on the wrist. The ones who aren’t hot get the book thrown at them.
    The hot ones are a middle-aged male masturbation fantasy — up on the

  • Toxxy  says:

    I used to have a crush on my Math teacher…..idk what it was about him.
    Everyone drooled over the music teacher who doubles as a punk rock lead
    singer when in a band he isnt teaching. But I liked my math teacher and i
    hated math. 

  • zexith  says:

    but thats statutory rape though -_- bitch should be arrested

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