The Black Male/Female Relationship Show (Atlanta Special)

The Black Male and Female Relationship Show in Atlanta Georgia.
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21 comments to The Black Male/Female Relationship Show (Atlanta Special)

  • lemmieatit  says:

    The transgender man in the yellow dress just won an award for his role in
    Netflix series, Orange Is the New Black.

  • reggie d rock reg  says:

    57:47 good looking women are already taken 

  • lemmieatit  says:

    Black women sleep around too much. It doesn’t matter if their
    husband/boyfriend treats them well ir not. I am surprises that it is rarely
    discussed. If you’re to have an open discussion, honesty is necesssary

  • BlackCaptainProd  says:

    Perfect. Yall know how to make a man feel like somebody =).

  • YellowRoseOvTx  says:

    This is great. I wish every existing Black male youtuber could see this
    video. Positive, encouraging stuff. Very well spoken. Well done ladies!

  • Suzanne Daniels  says:

    Thanks everyone for your kind words! We recently did another panel
    discussion that should be up soon. God bless! 

  • Jab Bad  says:

    Good stuff ladies! Beautiful ladies, great insight informative point of
    views to digest, would love to see more! Good job bbsl!

  • reggie d rock reg  says:

    38:18 is she african?

  • reggie d rock reg  says:

    30:50 susanne is fine !!i wish i had such a beautiful woman at home man i
    wouldnt cheat on her 

  • reggie d rock reg  says:

    33:12 damn the sister is fine 

  • Dexter Whimsley  says:

    Thank you for getting together to offer this information. I suggest looking
    or listening to Dr. Francis Cress Welsing and Neely Fuller Jr., then have a
    discussion based on their insight. Thank you for taking the time. Peace –

  • spawn3133  says:

    this sistahs are full of shit

  • gcode lauderdale  says:

    bad title it should be parenthood

  • JoNateLive  says:

    Wonderful conversation…. I think a lot of young men and women struggle
    with critical messages because they can’t see themselves in the bigger
    picture… or how they are captured in it… You ladies used great
    illustrations… Hopefully those younger adults can connect the dots to
    create a productive view in which to align their actions :-)

  • BrillyanceUndfyned  says:


  • lewis22tk  says:

    I just love seeing grown women talk!!

  • BrillyanceUndfyned  says:

    I am ecstatic the energy that these siatahs produce its so rare we are
    truly a dying breed but if we have women like this we can surely turn this
    around in a few generations.

  • T Schneill  says:

    Great Job!! Loved it

  • JoNateLive  says:

    …and I love how that sista broke down the HIV data reporting!…. That
    was heat!

  • BrillyanceUndfyned  says:

    WoW!! Hats off to this lovely group of’s not everyday that you
    can get a group of BW together and hear so much cooperation, growth &
    discipline of the mind, and most importantly (bcuz no change is possible
    without it) personal acknowledgement of one’s own flaws and admitting that
    we have to understand we are in this thing together. Good job ladies when u
    humble yourselves ur true beauty and nature reflects as it should. Peace!

  • 5822huron  says:

    This broad I yellow looks like a clown! Are u serious? Atlanta sistas will
    her you every time with their interpretation of Gods Word. Don’t be

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