Teen Arrested For Lesbian Relationship – Kaitlyn Hunt

Teen Arrested For Lesbian Relationship -  Kaitlyn Hunt

Radical hackers Anonymous have rallied behind a lesbian teenager expelled from school and charged by police for an alleged sexual relationship with a 15-year…

Melrose Place - Lesbian Kissing Scene with Katie Cassidy (Ella) & Random Girl!!

This was kind of random lol. Catch it fast cause it’s quick!
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  • Sal Amander  says:

    She was arrested because she was a pedophile, NOT because she was a

  • Ronnie Buchanan  says:

    I’m sorry I cannot need help her off I don’t understand enough. 

  • Sal Amander  says:

    She was arrested because she was a pedophile, NOT because she was a

  • AreJay Swan  says:

    NO…she was NOT 15, she was 14. Yes, the parents are not happy with an 18
    year old having sex with their 14 year old minor. Yes, the parents were
    not happy that the 18 year kept send 20,000 text/pictures (Nude and
    graphic) to their 14 year old when both sets of parents, police, law,
    judges…told her to stop and she WOULD NOT STOP.

    Yes, any good parent would not be happy.
    -NOTHING was going to get this girl to stop, the law did it’s job, it got
    her to stop.

    Parents do have a right to protect their daughters/sons from those who
    would do them harm.
    -Do you believe the parents should have NO rights in this case and an 18
    should be able to do ANYTHING they want to a 14 year old minor.

    ***Next time, look up all the facts of the case before show your stupidity
    in post this video.

    Start here:

  • HeyimAngel -  says:


  • HeyimAngel -  says:


  • AreJay Swan  says:

    Even if the parents of the 14 year old had said “Pretty Please Stop”, she
    would have not stopped.
    -The law did it’s job, it is a GREAT law.

  • Anaya Lawrence  says:

    That’s so messed up v.v

  • Season girl  says:

    I miss Sam

  • Myke S  says:

    The girl was 14.

  • Michael Stinson  says:


  • Jasmine Ramirez  says:


  • Cedric Lee  says:

    That messed up

  • Marlene Shadley  says:

    That is dum and stupit they need to not do it at all

  • juki0h  says:

    wheres the video? i want to see the pussy licking!

  • Man of Sin  says:

    Having sex with a minor ages 16-17 is legal in most states. Just saying.

  • Jazmyn Johnson  says:

    i think the girls parents are stupid immature assholes and need to get a
    mental check. the girls have a choice if they want to be with each other
    and its not affecting the education is it i dont think so…

  • Mac Muffin  says:

    whats wrong with the world

  • Charli Browes  says:

    The concept of an “age of consent” is ridiculous, regardless of gender. The
    day before you are 16 it is illegal but suddenly the day you turn 16 it is
    magically okay to start having sexual intercourse. Holland’s age of consent
    is 145 and they have less teen pregnancies than Britain, where our age is
    16. We don’t have any written age of consent for lesbians anyway because
    the Queen thought they didn’t exist (lol). Either way, your body, your
    choice. Tell a kid not to do something, they’ll do it.

  • ikeones  says:

    So if your child was molested you wood be ok with the molester going to
    school with your kid. Fuck no fucking, pussy pass thats it she has a cunt
    so she should be free it was only dike love

  • TheRealHachiKomatsu  says:

    This isn’t necessary, it’s just dumb that they would put charges on her.
    She didn’t do anything illegal, nothing sexual I bet. No one reply to this
    comment or I will be pissed off.

  • Thalia Gail  says:

    I hope that this other family has consequences also and feel the pain that
    these two girls are going thru… I support Kate she didnt really do
    anything wrong of what I heard and read about the whole case …FREE KATE

  • Reggie1971  says:

    Anyone who doesn’t have a problem with Kaitlyn should support all
    consensual sexual relationships between an 18 year old guy and a 14 year
    old girl. If you don’t, then you are a hypocrite.

  • Jenna Croftcheck  says:


  • Fresh2DEEath Deestar  says:

    I was actually into this TV show. I don’t know why they cancel it and it
    got good when she got her boss back right? or whatever or the person was
    hating on her.

  • BraunMachine05  says:

    @Puralist i know this is old but i think her name is jennifer missoni

  • jerichoholical  says:

    that was too quick

  • XPil3s  says:

    there was another 1 today! damn!

  • jizellewandaspor  says:

    damn! HOT!HOT!HOT!

  • clarki32  says:

    I though she was the neww Amanda

  • chakabaka  says:

    the first episode of melrose place.

  • William Smith  says:

    i liked this melrose place, so mad the cancelled it

  • booginas  says:

    What’s the name of this song and who sings it?

  • axelle32  says:

    i love how ella is bisexual, she’s the best character in the show with
    jonah i think

  • lilgangsta0454  says:

    the world we live in by the killers

  • clarki32  says:

    I had a question why does she do that?

  • Nevals Civonaja  says:

    I HATE Ashley Simpson, good to know she is won’t be in season 2.

  • susieamyfangirl  says:

    because thats hot

  • luv2t8krisk  says:

    which episode was Katie C making out with that chick?

  • Paige2hot  says:

    I adore Katie Cassidy! H-O-T!

  • booginas  says:

    Thanks. I looked up a live performance and love it.

  • chantelle desvignes  says:

    Katie did a good job making out with that chick.

  • melrosefan12  says:

    katie cassidy is damn hot and sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!jorsalfor i think you are
    damn correct!!

  • mjavor  says:

    Fast Forward 1:01

  • Freakyishh  says:

    haha so random..

  • popularsweetie88  says:

    katie cassidy is SO freaking hot. especially making out with other good
    looking people. tonight’s episode make-out was totally worth sitting
    through the last 10 episodes of melrose lol. you should post the new clip!

  • Nevals Civonaja  says:

    The kiss was short, but the way they exchanged looks was hotttt!

  • lilgangsta0454  says:

    yeah she did, and it was kinda hot…

  • platelook  says:

    how hot is that?

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