Tearful Republican reverses his stance against gay marriage

9/19/07. San Diego’s Republican Mayor Jerry Sanders revealed his plan to support a city measure guaranteeing equality to gays. San Diego’s Republican Mayor J…
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25 comments to Tearful Republican reverses his stance against gay marriage

  • Moonlight5551000  says:

    why is there so much hate and prejudice toward the LGBTQ community? its not
    like showing hatred or meanness towards them will just make them just not
    be gay anymore. being LGBTQ is NOT a choice, its something that makes you
    who you are, and something no matter how hard you try you cant change. like
    the colour of your skin. in fact, according to the kinsey scale only 10% of
    the population is completely straight and the same goes with being
    completely gay. but that leaves 80% of the population to be somewhere in
    the middle, meaning more than half the population has SOME gay tendencies.
    as far as the whole “god hates gay people” thing goes, doesn’t the bible
    say that god made all of us in his image, and that above all, that god
    doesn’t make mistakes? its been scientifically proven that LGBTQ people are
    born like that, its not learned. the bible says that god loves all his
    children. ALL of them. 

  • Karol Palazej  says:

    I think republicans will soon support gay marriage unless they want to keep
    lose elections.

  • MyNameis Jonas  says:

    why does anybody give 2 s h i t s if 2 people get married? It’s none of
    your business anyways. It’s so weird.. These crazy republicans that are
    against gays are creepy. These are the guys you find out like wearing
    womans underwear and stuff like that

  • Kilana Kahaleuahi-Manners  says:

    Everyone’s family must have some secret in the picture.. To have a gay son
    or daughter.. Must be the hardest thing to overcome… Only choice is to
    let them live there lives like regular human beings.. Be supportive to
    them.. Never neglect a child or human being. Cause in the end.. The
    neglectors will be left with gilt

  • HelenHish  says:

    I can’t believe there is still a debate. It’s clearly a civil right issue,
    you should be able to marry who you want to marry. When are we going to
    evolve? Pathetic

  • tickycup  says:

    It took guts to do what he did. Applause.

  • csmyth3025  says:

    My hat is off to this politician. He was faced with a choice between
    political correctness (in 2007) and his natural desire to see his child
    live a happy and productive life. His family won. That’s as it should
    always be.

  • Hi There  says:

    Marriage is between a man & a women….anything else is a fraud.

  • Mace Collins  says:

    ☼ *The **ULTIMATE** truth about life and death has been unveiled at* ☼


  • EP122333  says:


  • Beau Siegelaub  says:

    Looks like you’ll be getting tossed into the ocean too, because you’re
    clearly gay.

  • Beau Siegelaub  says:

    You probably are secretly a sociopath who has the desire to murder and rape.

  • Beau Siegelaub  says:

    That was the Republican part of 150 years ago. Today’s Republican party is
    full of Strom Thurmonds.

  • RevolutionCalling2  says:

    ROFLMFAO, youre in a fantasy world! Let it shine! It amuses me.

  • dave874556  says:

    I wanna hug this man

  • Beau Siegelaub  says:

    Imagine if the people had voted on whether black people had civil rights in
    the 1960s. Sorry, Black people, the majority White population wants to keep
    you oppressed. Oh, well! Majority rules.

  • dloverise  says:

    @mase5701 – yeah I’m sure there is some truth to that but I can’t help
    wondering if he would still have done the right thing if his daughter was
    not gay .

  • T.G Martinez  says:

    This man deserves a lot of respect for the sincerity of his speech and the
    honesty over his his initial stance being wrong. Fair play to you Mr
    Sanders, that took guts.

  • Beau Siegelaub  says:

    Your children probably look, smell, and have the intelligence of turds.

  • Tickle My Asshole  says:

    So much rage. Me and my gay brethren are dancing like wild indians,
    laughing, and it’s all on your expense.

  • Beau Siegelaub  says:

    Did you choose not to be gay?

  • RevolutionCalling2  says:

    ROFL, this is just to funny! Your insults are that of a child. You get more
    ignorant by the comment. You failed to see what i set up for you! You’re so
    pissed you missed it. Looks like your GPA droped a little.

  • Beau Siegelaub  says:

    so no black people in your master race?? What a surprise.

  • Beau Siegelaub  says:

    You’re an idiot.

  • Beau Siegelaub  says:

    Why don’t we make it illegal for ANYONE to have sex until they get married?
    Why don’t we make it illegal to have any kind of sex other than the
    missionary position?

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