me speaking on what i think of relationships.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • Lilianalakalinda  says:

    Lmfao dead funny!

  • Danielle Nelson  says:

    luv ur videos think ur smexy as f***

  • ladiinotoriousz  says:

    jaja u funny

  • anarchobiafra  says:

    lol wtf?

  • BeautifulGirl4510  says:

    Lmao this is so true.I sometimes get all jealous over little things like a
    girl smiling at my babe ;x but its called true love3

  • Necci Boo  says:

    aaaayyyeee im not like that homie lol bu ts funny

  • LoveeToImaginee  says:

    Lmao Gimme your ass baby let me show that nigga I got the power in this
    relationship………..Yea nigga take yo ass to Forever 21 get some new

  • lilly31201  says:

    hahahaha (:

  • Minka  says:

    lets fuckk….

  • Kary Mantilla  says:

    Your hawt as fuck!

  • Necci Boo  says:

    i mean buts it funny

  • 7hannah724  says:

    Your so funny and sexy as hell ;)

  • lturbervillelt  says:

    Wierd but yakno

  • Vinya Ellie  says:

    Sayn nigga isnt even an insult anymore.Its like the new slang for sayin
    dude or bro

  • TheeUrbanGentleman  says:

    I hope you don’t actually talk like that too a guy looking. GAY.

  • Ashley Nicole  says:

    How can we make out ? can u please help me ?

  • Jen  says:

    did you just say she wrote me in spirit?? lmao oh wow if you did thats a
    good one!

  • MrChristophersbaby  says:

    Your so cute

  • Junior Romero  says:

    lmafo nigga that shit funny buts ture to

  • Hiphaus  says:

    You don’t do it cause you love them you do it cause you’re insecure as fuck
    !!! Real Talk but this is funny thou Lolz

  • Zaleplonodim Tartonite  says:

    I get physically sick when im in love

  • KonstantinaBitch  says:

    sooo funny! <3

  • Ambra Laurel  says:

    I honestly see nothing wrong with him saying the n word,

  • Jenifer Reynoso  says:

    dam papi can i get a piece of u ???

  • Kassiy Johnson  says:

    hahahah this shit made me laugh sooo fuckinn hard

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