TAH: Strong Woman U Lesbian Bitch {4}

Why? Is it because I like sports?
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How Girls Get Ready...

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

26 comments to TAH: Strong Woman U Lesbian Bitch {4}

  • guddauh  says:

    Why dont muhfuccuhz pay attention and comment on issues of any importance
    in life? Dam shame folkz…

  • emily malik  says:

    What’s the name if the song when she’s twerking?

  • Alex Larkins  says:

    Does she have a tattoo on her wrist?

  • Vanshika Varshney  says:

    I don’t Do That All Stuff!!!

  • Shayma Sheikh  says:

    Girls, do u get ready like this?!

  • Jaylene Garcia  says:

    Is Lilly Spanish or Indian 

  • Nora Sparrow  says:

    Another reason why I’m a tomboy…

  • scarlet goldenheart  says:

    Why the hell did she straighten her hair?!? Like.. If my hair was straight
    like that, I wouldnt even own a hair straightener.. 

  • ThatRandomTurtle  says:

    I never weardresses, I never use make-up, and I wear a shirt (short-sleeved
    shirts year-round), a sweater, and some jeans. Anything too guady makes me
    wanna puke. My cousin who I live with is 5 (YES, FIVE) and she wants to do

  • Serria Yisasia  says:

    That’s why I start 3 hours ahead of time

  • J.H. J.G.  says:

    Whats the last song its catchy doe

  • magdalena kalinic  says:

    Song at 1:37?

  • Huds02  says:

    did anyone notice at 7 pm she had her nails painted and at 7 30 she was
    painting her nails the same color they were painted half an hour ago except
    they magically became not varnished so she varnished them 30 mins later

  • faaizah rajeev  says:

    I m soo similar

  • Sarah Meg  says:

    what’s the name of that indian song?

  • Maknae Sara  says:

    whats the song at 1:40 again? xD My mom listens to it all the time.

  • IAmDavante  says:

    I seriously love this girl! cx By the way, does anyone know what the song
    is at 2:09 ?

  • silentj624  says:

    what is the reggae song where she’s dancing in the bathroom?

  • Luria Raymond  says:

    Omg I watched that how to twerk video

  • maggie joy  says:

    what is the song at 2:18

  • Artur Dąbrowski  says:

    BUhahahahahahahaha skąd ja to znam :P
    How Girls Get Ready…

  • Prisha Rohan  says:


  • Denabella  says:

    I don’t even have any cute dresses or shoes…. my life sucks!

  • Kochiyo Kaarochi  says:

    how i get ready:
    6:00 get call “there better be fucking good music, fine, be there at 9 or
    6:30-8:00 *on computer*
    8:00 *takes 5-minute shower and puts on first tee shirt and pair of jeans
    in closet*
    8:30 *gets bike from garage*
    8:45 *sits outside on phone until 9 because I can*
    9:00 *goes in and everybody gives me odd looks for wearing jeans at my best
    friends sweet 16 while my twin is wearing a dress stuck in damn traffic*

  • Anamika Dutta  says:

    Whoa, she has a great body 

  • Hedro Juarez  says:

    Name of the song 1:39?

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