Studly women femme women and all lesbians in between

Studly women femme women and all lesbians in between

opinions on lesbian relations,and personal prefences .
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21 comments to Studly women femme women and all lesbians in between

  • To Be Or Not To Be  says:

    I agree 

  • dan anderson  says:

    R.i.p sellout. Blk womonster u won’t be missed

  • dan anderson  says:

    More sellout. Blk women. U all are covered in shame and disgrace. Selling
    out your own men and potential. Families. For a bucket. Of lesbian. Slime.
    How sick this is why u considered. Whores and the white women. A
    considered. Queens.

  • C Berry  says:

    Fems sometimes makes more money than the stud so studs wants to know u r
    faithful and willing to be patient with them and work as a team to grow
    together. Sometimes fems forget studs are women and want to treat them like
    men when women still have a sensitive side even though she wears men

  • jazee04  says:

    thanks for the comments lovely people :) i definitly digg it and will make
    more vids soon for sure….

  • Quiet Tee  says:

    Wowww I totally agree with you. I would say about 95% videos posted up here
    in our community is disappointing and saying that from stud point of view.
    Glad to here that Im am not the only one that took notice of this

  • Veronica Williams  says:

    Im confused fems say they want that hold it down but than yall get the
    woman that pay attention and want to treat you right but than yall be the
    ones who cheat and act like a man saying we weak and put our weakness out
    and have us locked up when yall beat our asses lol! Just not far! Hard
    being a Stud! Your moody an never happy! A we studs want is appreciation,
    sex and video game and to work simple

  • PoeticLove24  says:

    I can agree wit your video but there are some fems who are stuck on being
    independent and that’s is not always a bad thing but when they say they
    want a stud to take control and hold it down its like they forget that it
    means giving up some control but they wanna be in control but say they want
    someone to take control and its just hard for a stud to do that when you
    are not giving them that chance you know but i do agree with you

  • UniqueSpectrum  says:

    Dear heart be encouraged LGBT ppl are still in the midst of defining
    ourselves in society. We are still Fighting for things like gay marriage
    and equality. In comparison to heterosexuality are men who wore
    dresses/tunic before they decided to wear PANTS to identify themselves.
    Thusly LGBT have to define ourselves for ourselves starting with excepting
    our Androgyny and stop trying to mimic the PANTS.

  • booginas  says:

    I’m a feminine gay male & I was just wondering why are lesbians relatively
    unconcerned about who’s masculine or feminine within their community, but
    within the gay male community, femmes are hated on and not seen as sexual
    beings? We’re just seen as the drag queens and jokesters. I’m so tired of
    guys tellin’ me, if I wanted a woman, I’d get with a real bitch. I was just
    wondering what your theory on this was. Could U do a video addressing this

  • Brina KTv  says:

    well said!!

  • leota vernet  says:

    Seriously ma im trying get to kno u come though n lets first get to kno
    each other legally my name is leota hit me up on facebook or tritter leota
    vernet of course im ur hugest fan let give u a nite with a real pimp king

  • jjoyh45  says:

    I liked this video…. I people watch too.. :) Keep doing your thing…

  • T.J. T.J.  says:

    I find videos on here expecially in our community is a waste of time, and
    certainly does not have any substance at all. And then there are videos
    that I do find information, which is very rare. I guess I can compare this
    to other social gay websites (i.e. downelink)..

  • lezquestions  says:

    I agree 100 and btw you’re beautiful

  • Veronica Williams  says:

    When we want to be close you want space and when we want space yall go and
    replace. Some fem just an’t right. LOL

  • Colors577  says:

    U single :)

  • T.J. T.J.  says:

    Good video!! My opinion on this matter is that I believe there is several
    grown women out here that looks for the same thing that you mentioned. The
    problem is that I feel, and this is my own opinion I feel that women scream
    that and when they are being treated that way or giving what you mentioned,
    some women have a hard time accepting that and bail. I myself is certainly
    looking for that as well and I believe that one day I shall have that.. Its
    really hard out here to decipher who is real..

  • Nesi4003  says:

    Im looking for a strong women. I love females who act like a lady and
    thinks like a man. I need someone who can make up where I lack. We should
    compliment each other. Encourage me when I doubt myself or bring me back to
    earth if Im doing to much. Learning is my aphrodisiac so I have to be able
    to learn and grow with my parter. Its a friendship and bond and takes work.
    It should be fun and an adventure. WIth love trust and communication.
    Sexual compatibility is extremely important as well.

  • Hershey081  says:

    Woman you right…

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