Straight Crushes – Pillow Talk feat. Gráinne

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25 comments to Straight Crushes – Pillow Talk feat. Gráinne

  • Koala Bear  says:

    These are the funniest girls I have seen.

  • Ms. Sara Jean  says:

    Oh my God redheads, YES. Ariel or Rapunzel would have to be mine for Disney.
    OH WAIT!!
    Jessica. Rabbit. HOTT.

  • Isabella Solis  says:

    Anna kendrick is mine

  • Kat Rin  says:

    hottest Disney princess: definitely Elsa from Frozen!!!

  • Cameron Pierce  says:

    My straight girl crush and also celebrity: Yulia Lipnitskai
    My favorite Disney princess: Jasmine or Mulan

  • LisbethSalander777  says:


  • Sarah Payne  says:

    Katy Perry for sure. That video with 3OH3 ? Awww yeah

  • Laura Grantham  says:

    Giselle (Amy Adams) from the movie Enchanted and Hermione. Ughhhhhhh

  • Alex Moulaison  says:

    I’ve had a celebrity crush on Emma Watson ever since I was twelve.

  • This is a robbery. Give me all yo time and nobody gets hurt  says:

    Elle Fanning <3 (We’re the same age so it’s ok)

  • bombayer2002  says:

    I kinda fancy a girl from an anime

  • Rachael Boone  says:

    the hottest Disney princess is probably Aurora

  • LisbethSalander777  says:

    Kathryn Prescott and Lily Loveless… Fuck me oh my god I’m so attracted to
    them it’s even funny

  • nexttopmodel254  says:

    I’m a model get at me!! 

  • Jane Doe  says:

    I’d say Kristen Stewart,,but you asked for a straight crush. So I’ll say
    Emma Watson.

    Esmeralda from Hunchback. Chel from Road to el dorado (although that was
    Dreamworks). And Belle from Beauty and Beast.

  • Jackson Montani  says:

    Sailor Neptune is a lesbian with Sailor Uranus and they are cousins 

  • Odyron de Gard  says:

    Brave is the hottest princes!

  • lamuccafamuh  says:

    Ariel is definitely the hottest disney girl. Then there’s probably Mulan..

  • Loren Bayardo  says:

    I’m in love with a straight girl and it sucks haha :( 

  • koukoulaki  says:

    pocahontas my favorite

  • friffas  says:

    Might send a picture of me laying on my 2002 three door ford fiesta and
    send it to Grainne. Sexy.

  • Brandywine6969  says:

    Debbie Harry, Joan Jett, Ellen Page, and for some reason Canadian girls in
    general. Oh, I know. Canadian girls are hot, at least the ones I have been
    noticing lately. I should have put this part of the answer on that other
    video where you asked what’s your weird turn on. I can’t help it. I’m
    miffed about Ellen Page and her vehement insistence she is 1000% straight.
    Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

  • xodancerxo312  says:

    Celebrity crush- Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence
    Straight girl crush- this girl at school :(
    hottest disney princess- Elsa from Frozen or Ariel….Mulan would make a
    great lesbian though

  • mel m  says:

    Emma Watson, Kat Denning, Jennifer Lawrence, Dianna Agron and Naya Rivera (
    more so on the character Santana though) oh and anime crush is Ezra scarlet
    from fairy tail. 

  • balde rabiatou  says:

    Celebrity crush always shay Mitchell
    Disney crush Jazmin from Aladdin
    Straight girl crush my bestfreind 

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