Shopping Adventures + Subbie Meet Up | Lesbian Couple

Open Me!*** Aloha and thanks for tuning in :) We are newlyweds living in Hawaii and would love for you to join our You Tube Ohana (family in Hawaiian). Please subscribe so you are up to…
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15 comments to Shopping Adventures + Subbie Meet Up | Lesbian Couple

  • JoyAndToy TV  says:

    Aloha YouTube family! So today we have compiled a bunch of footage of
    random adventures throughout our week. Our highlight is that we met a
    Wonderful Subbie named Brittney (hope I spelled that correctly)! I wish we
    could have captured some moments but we wanted to shout you out and let you
    know it was definitely a pleasure meeting you and we were just as excited!
    Lol hope you guys enjoy! XOXO Joy and Toy

  • Dezirae B  says:

    Lmao you guys are hilarious!

  • jamila Anderson  says:

    You should go on Thursdays.…scandal night…Walmart is empty. ..

  • Nikki Brittany  says:

    Cuzzzz every lil tingggg is gone be alrightttttt. Heyyyy yallll. We missed
    y’all and glad to see you guys doing well. We’re backkkkk

  • TMIwithJazz  says:

    That intro though…

  • ChynaTee Room  says:

    Great vlog!! The lost bday footage was hilarious! 

  • TruLesbians  says:

    Yes I love the vlog and that’s so true Walmart prices add up much love from

  • Marseeyuh  says:

    You guys are hilarious and I love how you two hangout together all the

  • MsCaliGyrl  says:

    Hi, Can I ask? What is it like living on a island? I am considering moving
    to Oahu with my job but I’m a little nervous. Would you do a video for
    people considering moving to the Hawaii Islands…. Thanks. :) 

  • TBallaZ  says:

    LOL Joy at the end “what!?” lolol. Dont mess up the song Toy! haha…

  • Lesbians in the South  says:

    Hahaaa the beginning. Love the shirts :D I saw those jellies in there and I
    was like whoa throwback. Much Love
    Rice & Roe

  • fempoful  says:

    Just had to press the like button after that intro.

  • JAMMERZ 05  says:

    Ala Moana! omg we shall smoke hookah together one day! did u guys go to the
    keaaumoku walmart across ala moana? that one is hella busy and u went on
    saturday! give u girls props.. love ya :) 

  • Briana Drummer  says:

    I am really liking these so far ..

  • Crystal S  says:

    Love the outro. Cute.

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