Shit Lesbians Do That Straight Girls Can’t

Sexism is frequent…but lesbians get away with a lot. Check Out Meghan’s Video : Subscribe to Meghan! :…
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25 comments to Shit Lesbians Do That Straight Girls Can’t

  • Arielle Scarcella  says:
  • ConceptSoup  says:

    I’m obsessed with her purple sweater O.O

  • omar malik  says:

    idk but for me being homosexual is disgusting and ofcourse i dont mean any
    offense and the reason why i dont like being homosexual is i or anyone else
    cant find real love….its supposedly has to be with women…..i just post
    this to share it with everyone

  • ericadigii  says:

    Get real, you do it for the views. ;) 

  • Lorenzo Veracruz  says:

    Wow screw the fag, I like the straight girl. Plus it’s only natural I’m a

  • Nekko  says:

    Ha. I can turn that straight girl in a second.

  • MissPurpur  says:

    For some reason it turned me on that you were with a straight girl in this
    video, Arielle. I just want you to woo her. Make her bi-curious. Make her
    blush all confused and flustered with your gentle touch. >/ / /< Too much?

  • BAZINGA153760  says:

    Straight girl goes to heaven, lesbian goes to hell. 

  • SunnyAegyoify3  says:

    Thanks Arielle, damn that straight girl crush just happened again. Meghan
    is so beautiful… :P 

  • Coffee Sloth  says:

    I don’t care what you wear in your videos. I watch them for your mind, not
    your chest. And they tend to be very funny to me, too, that’s a plus.

    For the record, I am not a gay male or straight female.

  • segaandveggiies  says:

    huh… so I feel pretty unobservant, as it was only through this video that I
    consciously realized you’ve been just wearing a bra ø,ø heh whoops! 

  • Kelsie Evans  says:

    Straight girls also get away with PDA more easily than lesbians. Girl and
    guy kissing? Nobody cares. Girl and girl kissing? Grounds for staring and
    whooping and / or just people being generally all up in your business. I
    know I’m using binaries here, forgive me.

  • Chrysos89  says:

    I’m always amazed by the way you can turn negative comments into a
    constructive dialog. U Rock! Meghan u look like a really friendly gal, nice
    smile also! ^^

  • Arianne Anderson  says:

    I’m straight … BUT I can’t stop watching your videos! lol Funny, yet very
    enlightening stuff 

  • Roland Schlösser  says:

    Dear Arielle, you are so cute and very funny!!! :3 too bad you’re out of
    the market for straight guys D; <3

  • Wesley Pennock  says:

    These videos are done in comedy but they are some of the most thought
    provoking I have ever seen.

  • xosasukexosa5m  says:

    lolz gotta admit this vid rocks Arielle a lot of those things r tru lesbian
    girls can do stuff straight girls can’t wit out being judged XD also I came
    from Meghan’s channel FYI

  • Allie Hadley  says:

    Orange is the new black :D 

  • Oscar Martinez  says:

    whats with the “gold star” saying …heard it in GayGod now here so?
    can someone explain please ^__^

  • Katie Dubbs  says:

    Wait, so if I’m bisexual, then am I still looked down upon for being kinda
    tomboy sometimes or is everyone just too distracted by looking down upon me
    for being a “slutty bisexual” in the first place? Oh, well I guess since
    lesbians get away with promiscuity and bisexuals get slut-shamed, whether
    they actually are promiscuous or not, maybe I just answered my own question

  • Rina  says:

    Wait, you do videos with only a bra on? .. I am really oblivious arent I

  • BriaAndChrissy  says:

    YEAH!!!! GO team GirlsWearingBras! :) 

  • Kayla Bryant  says:

    I like her lsp shirt # Adventure Time 

  • ಠ_ృ  says:

    I’m not sure if it’s very uncommon for guys, but I actually like more
    tomboy girls.
    Or… or maybe I’m just gay, still in the denial stage *D:*

  • Jennifer Espinola  says:


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