Same Sex Marriage: Making Your Community Stronger

Meeting with Candice & Megan and hearing their love story was the highlight of my week. Married on December 20, 2013 with many other gay couples in the state…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

What’s your opinion on this subject matter? Please share video responses. Keep the condo clean and respectful, or your post will be deleted. My opinion is th…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

27 comments to Same Sex Marriage: Making Your Community Stronger

  • Son Goku  says:

    I love it how all the haters look up beautiful videos like this one just to
    comment their hate. Like guys you have anything better to do? Like go fuck
    your cousin, oh wait she or he maybe gay and to hot for you anyways. ^_^ 

  • M1GarandMan3005  says:

    It seems my options are getting lesser and lesser with this sodomistic
    bullshit being rammed down the throats of the public, and I won’t get a
    girlfriend because all of them by this time will be fucking dykes anyway.
    Well, I guess that’s what Russian women are for, to compensate for the
    number of American women who have a rejection for penis and the natural

  • Karol Palazej  says:

    Great video thank you so much for sharing. Ignore all the bigots.

  • dragostea1511  says:

    I can only hope for a family and love like this.

  • WhiteKnight  says:

    There is NO such thing as same sex marriage.

    The whole issue has NOTHING to do with marriage equality, but instead it
    happening so suck it up and like it or you’ll burn in HELL.

    God made Adam & Eve not Adam & Steve!!

  • Angie McHipstah  says:

    Beautiful! I hope that in the future I can have a baby with my wife just
    like you! <3

  • sail1948  says:

    What really concerns me is the amount of money spent fighting wars and yet
    not a single penny is spent on finding a cure for lesbianism.

  • Nicole Hill  says:

    +e2sguy “God hates gays.” – No. He doesn’t. God loves everyone. We are not
    so wrapped into thinking that everything the Bible says is life, so were
    smart enough to stand back and realize that God never wrote the Bible. Do
    we believe in God? Absolutely. Anyone could’ve put what’s in there. The
    Bible says not to be gay? That’s awesome. The Bible also says not to judge,
    since you’re so into following the Bible. I don’t understand why you waste
    your time trying to change our lifes when you should be making yours
    perfect. We are proud of who we are if you don’t like it then hate on

  • Jette  says:

    Why is being gay a big deal? I mean, there is nothing wrong for being gay.
    You fall in love to whoever you want whether is it she or he as long as it
    makes you happy.

  • carz g  says:

    It always amazes me that religious people seem to spend so much time
    searching for and watching videos about Gay people, specifically so they
    leave nasty comments. There is something seriously wrong with people like
    this, who pretend to be religious but their actions say they are simply
    full of hate. So which side of the fence do you choose, the hateful bigot
    side or the loving gay side? I know who’s side I would be on, all day

  • 20ilunga  says:


  • Ariel V  says:

    Same Sex Marriage: Making Your Community Stronger – I not sure about the
    making the community stronger part, considering most gays are a bunch of
    LoL pussies…. hahahhahhahahh, I’ve seeing it all, Adam & Steve….. Eva &

  • Danika Dobinson  says:

    Such a beautiful and inspiring video. These two are so unbelievably lucky
    to have found each other.

  • aina boombastic  says:

    poor the baby,funny they get a baby

  • Leigh SixFive  says:

    Congratulations! You have a beautiful family…all the best to you. 

  • RightHandPossession  says:

    Twenty percent of lesbians died of murder, suicide, or accident–a rate 487
    times higher than that of white females aged 25-44. Domestic violence is
    through the roof.
    The video and the fluffy music is a sugar-coating. These two, like
    virtually all lesbians, will break up soon, and probably die young and

  • sassie9999  says:

    Beautiful video guys, and inspiring. Also you have a beautiful daughter!

  • Mhar Solode  says:

    there is no HELL only GODS PARADISE !!!

  • MrThehammer171  says:

    Wow this is bad o god help this world that baby you two cant make a baby
    together meaning its not right that you two are together you guys arent
    married cant

  • seric wang  says:

    How do lesbians have a child did they bang

  • Loic Remi  says:

    This is so freaking adorable. .

  • Beatriz N.  says:

    What a gorgeous family!

  • Keri Rivera  says:

    What a beautiful story, and a beautiful family! 

  • Shyam Sawhney  says:

    By far the most adorable baby on the internet, with the most adorable,
    loving parents!

  • Sow Forage  says:

    Ok, so same-sex marriage is WRONG, but same-race marriage is THE ONLY RIGHT
    MARRIAGE. Hahahahahahahahanope. How about we stop worrying about what
    people in love are physically made of and instead look at what their
    relationship is made of. Trust, respect, selflessness. Love. <3 I’m going
    to hashtag now to annoy people who hate on amazing couples like these.

  • Shae Lyons  says:

    Ok what happened here did Dikes run out of femmes?

  • honey love  says:

    nothing wrong with that at the end of the day both still females and love
    each other

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