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( Homosexuality documentary )

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  • 3LWTV  says:

    New 3LWTV! Meet DJ @RichieSkye 

  • S Tyler  says:

    HAHA! Great Interview, Lonnell. 

  • Erik Dillard  says:

    Wonderful interview! intelligent and enlightening and fun!

  • Justin B. Terry-Smith  says:

    Great interview guys !! 

  • mrssarkazz  says:


  • Blacqlove  says:

    Awesome. Loved the interview. Great job

  • sexyladyakb  says:

    Our hotness, out blackness… Lol luv it! 

  • feeniix6  says:

    I’m subscribed to your channel, but the videos weren’t popping up on my
    recent uploads. I see 3 videos I haven’t even seen yet. 

  • 3LWTV  says:

    New 3LWTV

  • sbmwa12  says:

    Nicely done! Continued Blessings!

  • LuvReci2Pieces TV  says:

    This was an EXCELLENT interview Lonnell. 

  • coolasschick  says:

    Always love Lonnell, great vid!

  • joe lysse  says:

    More videos for the new year!

  • Nicholan  says:

    I enjoyed that interview. Good job as usual :) 

  • itzadundeal  says:

    I LOVED this, and I still LOVE you Lonnell! I seriously enjoy how my #LGBT
    peeps keep me encouraged through humour. We have come a LONG way from mere
    tolerance to acceptance (in whatever form true acceptance exists). LOVED
    the interviewee’s responses 2 ;0)

  • jayizmee  says:

    Great interview!!!! 

  • worldviewtuber  says:

    No offence is meant by this statement or comment – yes it is a ‘clever
    name’ i.e. ‘morning wood’ – if you’re mind is that deep in the ‘rude/lewd
    gutter’! However – as much as ‘doing pieces on video or audio about
    ‘celebrity gossip, fashion and low brow TV’ is popular – I was just
    wondering Lonnell – seeing that you are yourself – a ‘man of mature years’
    - so tell bro’ – do the SGL/Bi communities – ‘mainstream’ and minorities,
    talk about other issues, such as politics ‘domestic and abroad’, current
    affairs, finance for the ordinary man and woman – especially financial
    issues concerning civil partnerships/gay marriage – social care issues for
    the older/disabled SGL/Bi/Trans communities, and so forth?

    You and the other LGBTQ YouTube presenters from the various communities of
    colour could also consider a feature on the YouTube ‘channel’, ‘Out Late
    But Great’ for ‘mature’ SGL/Bi/Trans people – to spice up the issues that
    are talked about currently – and also they could do with a bit more ‘colour
    of the rainbow’ contributions/contributors!! But hey, great interview as
    usual Lonnell – stay blessed and prosper in 2014!!

  • lasnev  says:

    Enjoyed the interview.

  • nolagemini  says:

    Excellent I agree on the saggin lol

  • Daethaqt3000  says:

    This was very lovely.

  • futurehotchickin2009  says:

    When I saw the thumbnail, I thought he was interviewing Joe Budden :/

  • dj2prince  says:

    Nassatal LOL

  • Teammm  says:

    The interview was awesome! He was really engaging and the topics were

  • Kenneth Tookes II  says:

    Incredible job with interviewing Richie Skye!!

  • Devitra Suga  says:

    if homosexuality is wrong by god why did he make some of attracted to the
    same sex? why do the straight people get to have it so easy and be
    attracted to the sex they’re supposed to? is god testing some of us by
    making us homosexual and seeing if we do the right or wrong thing? if i
    could be attracted to the “right” sex i would but i don’t think its fair to
    be with a person who is attracted to me and i can’t feel the same way
    towards them

  • Atlas78  says:

    Religious people do have a valid concern about homosexuality. Just look at
    it from a secular and objective point of view of the last 25 years. Gays no
    that the key to change is to not to convince adults, but to convince
    CHILDREN. Eventually children will become adults holding the views that you
    indoctrinate them with. If you study the last 25 years carefully, you will
    see that gays have been pushing their agenda onto high school, then
    trickled down into middle school, then elementary at the very bottom. And
    as they trickled down, those that were high school eventually became adults
    growing the ranks. The middle schooler then becomes a high schooler. The
    elementary then becomes a middle schooler. And that’s how the idea of kids
    being homosexual grows. Gay advocates eventually turn it into a money
    making lobby. By now, the money can be used to buy what I call “political
    science.” Give a generous donation to an “credible” institute and they will
    sing your song. Hence, the notion of a “gay gene.” Now you have to work
    your way down to even before infancy. Now we have the notion of being “born
    gay.” Throw in some popular media faces to advocate it and you have an
    attractive movement that grabs young people’s attention and those that have
    been manipulate by the past. Many politicians will jump on the band wagon,
    because now, they are a potential voting block to pander to and to keep
    them in office. That’s why you really on hear about issues like these when
    elections come up. So now we have children who are largely empty vessels at
    birth being taught and manipulated that they are gay by TV and other
    outside influences thanks to the media and the subliminal messages in
    children shows that parents today largely don’t pay attention to. Enter the
    birth of the “Princess Boys.” Furthermore, now we have vernacular wordplay
    and redefining words to sound more politically except able and palatable.
    Transsexual is now transgender. Homophobic, which doesn’t even live up to
    the definition of a phobia is now a new word.We are now to the point of
    defining what sex a person is whenever they decide in life based on their
    own feelings regardless of all the biological evidence available visually
    down to their nano-scoptic genetic make up.

    We are in a psychological manipulation race.

  • Laura Mills  says:

    I wonder if these Christians eat shell fish????? Leviticus….laughable!! 

  • Kelvin Williams  says:

    Only a few minutes in, and I’m captivated…. And I’m gay!

  • crowley4hire  says:

    I can’t jump through that many liberal mental loopholes, logic tells me
    homo’s can’t breed therefore it is unnatural and I’m suppose to lie to
    myself and pretend. We all just pretend with each other. My skin crawls
    when I’m around the homosexual. I want to keep my distance as if I would
    contract something. You can call me a bigot or a hateful person or
    whatever. The bottom line, I can’t help the way I feel around the
    Homosexual it’s who I am and to me it feels natural.

  • Aaron Lowry  says:

    Transegers are not gay

  • robby head  says:

    Yes, the Nazis met in a “gay” bar. It was no coincidence that homosexuals
    were among those who founded the Nazi Party. In fact, the party grew out
    of a number of groups in Germany which were centers of homosexual activity
    and activism. Many of the characteristic rituals, symbols, activities and
    philosophies we associate with Nazism came from these organizations or from
    contemporary homosexuals.
    -The Pink Swastika

  • SuperEROQ  says:

    Homosexuality is wrong because God calls it wrong…..but everyone sins not
    just homosexuals……everyone needs salvation from sin not just
    homosexuals…..homosexuals need salvation too

  • Kelly Medley  says:

    “You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an
    abomination.” – God

  • Dane91786  says:

    Why do all these people think homosexuality is bad. It’s not affecting them
    in anyway. If someone is homosexual then why do you not like them. Are they
    poisening you!? Seriously, if someone wants to homosexual that’s their
    choice. Not yours.

    Summary of what I just said: MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. BEING HOMOSEXUAL IS

  • Alina S.  says:

    Can someone answer me questions?

    How can anyone believe in adam and eve and talking snakes, although we all
    know that animals don’t speak and how babies are made?
    If there is a god, why does he want us to do stuff for him in order for him
    to love us? Isn’t his love unconditionally?
    Why is it a sin to be gay, or why does the bible say so? Why is there a sin?
    Why are there rules or stuff you should obey? Why do these people actually
    care about what homosexual do in their home and why do they all think it is
    an illness?

    Because i find this whole shit intolerant.

  • trilloquetrilla  says:

    YHWH doesn´t MAKE anybody homosexual, He puts a woman in a woman´s body and
    a man in a man´s body. However, be it by the sins of the forefathers or by
    one person´s own sins, a door opens for ha satan to take advantage for a
    homosexual demon to inhabit that body. Many times it is the result of
    sexual harassment during infancy, this is extremely sad. Yeshua (Jesus)
    doesn´t condemn the homosexual or any other sinner, He came to SAVE, to SET
    US FREE, to PAY for our sins, to CLEANSE us not only from homosexuality but
    from all othe sins as well. Homosexuality is just one other sin. It is
    OURSELVES who decide to accept Yeshua´s sacrifice or not. WE decide. He
    gave us free will. And nobody should call a homosexual a faget, a fag, a
    gay or any other word used to disrespect them. They are people so valuable
    to YHWH that Yeshua even gave HIS LIFE and HIS blood for them. 

  • DaOrigTruthSeeker  says:

    She took a stand for what is right and true and for that i will always
    respect her. Too bad the nation did not back her up more. If we had,our
    society wouldn’t be so sick and perverted today. Why did we let her stand
    alone? We knew back then she was telling the truth. Now look at the young
    people….they are so lost in this sickness. Satan is having a field day
    because we did not heed the warning. America is falling from an internal
    rot and decay or morals. 

  • fiendfury  says:

    If you ever want to know how stupid religious people are just look at the
    comment section below… wow!!!

  • René XIV.  says:

    I never understood why those fundamentalists focus on that particular
    “sin”. There are between 7 and 11 verses one could relate to homosexuality,
    but there are over 200 concerning divorce and even more concerning money
    and being rich. Why don’t they focus on that first? Some even seem to be
    really obsessed with homosexuality. According to their “logic” they’re all
    sinners, so why do they care about other people’s sins? They should use
    their “morals” to fight against the real problems of this world.

  • Common Foxtrot  says:

    Sometimes I close my eyes and wish all these homophobes and religious
    people just go away before I open them again. 

  • nikkijaneallison  says:

    It’s real funny when you imagine the universe, its size and entirety, we
    human beings are nothing but a floating dirt on earth and here we are, we
    spend the rest of our lives fighting about our genitals and what we should
    do with them. Our existence is a fucking joke. 

  • Mr. Lopez 2681  says:

    It amazes me how much people have a need to go to ancient books to get some
    authority on what is right or wrong, or to get divine reinforcement to
    justify their own convictions & prejudices. Lesson learned here? All of
    these people would have been better off & would live happy lives if they
    had never been taught any notion that there is some god in the sky who sits
    in judgement on the human race.

  • MrBobbyhead  says:

    First it starts with the pie in the face to please the homosexuals filled
    with hate.

  • ForMeTo PoopOn  says:

    Do not be misled……men who submit to homosexual acts, men who practice
    homosexuality, thieves, greedy people, revilers, and extortioners will not
    inherit God’s Kingdom 1 Corinthians 6:9, 10

  • Gaby Schön  says:

    What says science on Homosexuality? Does exists in the animal kingdom? YES.
    everywhere you find it. When the size of a bird colony get big, the pack of
    wulves get big homosexuality the nature’s way to reduce the growth of the
    community. If you look at primates you find it and see that children in a
    goup with a homesexuals grow better then in those without them – because it
    often the homosexuals work to nurse the young. So even nature has yes.

  • anty B  says:

    God HATES??? Seriously? God is pure love! How can He hate somebody???

  • Hyper knight  says:

    Does Homosexual Behavior in Animals Mean it’s Natural for Humans?
    With the claim about animal homosexuality, this tactic works equally well.
    The rationale for the argument is that if animals engage in a behavior, it
    must be natural and moral for humans do it too. Let’s apply that logic to
    some other animal behavior: cannibalism. Animals eating their own kind has
    been observed in over a thousand animal species. Following the logic of the
    view would mean that cannibalism is natural and moral for humans. But
    that’s absurd! And so is the rationale that led to that absurd conclusion.
    Imagine a father asks his daughter, “Why did you start smoking?” She
    answers, “Because all my friends were doing it.” The father’s response
    would be obvious: “If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you do
    that too?” Notice the father’s reasoning. He accepts his daughter’s
    rational, for the sake of argument, and then asks himself a question: If I
    apply my daughter’s rationale to jumping off a cliff, that would mean she’d
    jump of a cliff too. But that’s absurd! That means her rationale is also
    absurd. And then he asks a question that exposes the absurdity of her

  • robby head  says:

    God ordered the death of homosexuals in the Old Testament. Leviticus 20:13
    ‘If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both
    of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death.
    Their blood shall be upon them.

  • wellthissucks96  says:

    I’m a Catholic and a lesbian

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