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6 comments to Relationships?

  • S Cole  says:

    I needed this. Gracias mayimba

  • Nica Bella  says:

    I love this and agree with you

  • Rosanna Perez  says:

    #realtalk awesome video. (Love the
    guitar track in the background lol)..
    But n e way …You pointed out some good stuff ma. Thanks for those words
    and more thanks for not sugar coating advice and saying it how it is….

  • SelenaGfan07  says:

    Love this video. Deff agree with the pride and ego out the window as well
    as the compromise. Deff learned the same lesson you did in that everyone
    loves differentIy. Keep the videos coming <3

  • TheRainbowskittlesbb  says:

    Dammit everything u said was damn right if made me see and realize a lot
    thank you so much for putting this video out I needed it and it made me see
    and realize things this was truly a good video it had me like I was in
    church preach it amen speak some truth lol omg hands down to this video wow
    is all I can say amazing u are truly my inspiration as a woman 

  • ROSA TRIANA  says:


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