Re:I Love The Black Man But I Wouldn’t Want To Be Him In This World. Here’s Why!!

Re:I Love The Black Man But I Wouldn't Want To Be Him In This World. Here's Why!!

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Just us being us figured to take a video and what not.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

26 comments to Re:I Love The Black Man But I Wouldn’t Want To Be Him In This World. Here’s Why!!

  • Rasheed Huggins  says:

    Also the white man can fuck most our women when he wants. I hate this world
    there is No God that likes Black people.

  • Rasheed Huggins  says:

    Man this is so true even my own mother thought I was gay because I don’t
    have a girlfriend but they have realized I am not and think that is
    unnatural. Everyone always attacks a black man’s character even when he is
    totally good or doing everything right. This shit happened to me already.
    He is talking the truth. If you’re not selling drugs or being loud & noisy
    then your a square or lame. Societal issues in the black community as
    effects of slavery from white people.

  • ivessup lacarma  says:

    looks like everyone should fear me then i’ve got a big imagination ever
    sense i was little…looks like ima be the next black kid to make a tv
    show! and when i get everything i deserve im not going to share it with any
    of the people who treated me badly only my family so they can have it easy
    for once and i can just keep bringing in money FOR THEM. i can just get my
    dream and get what i want on my own. my family and future wife and kids can
    make sure that flow keeps going after i die. and to be honest i agree with
    you on that fact that black people like ashens…i might end up marring one
    because i love anime! XD

  • gene fury  says:

    Great points couldn’t have said it better my self

  • sam matthews  says:

    The judgement on a black man mainly comes from their peers and own

  • Incredible Zorro  says:

    This is on point. Thanks for highlighting that a lot of discrimination
    comes from inside and outside our community. But let’s not make the
    persecution complex an excuse for not making successes of ourselves.

  • WESTCOAST253  says:

    So true my brother

  • holyghost7587  says:


  • Iroc314072  says:

    It works both ways, for both males and females. But is the guy really being
    rejected by good black women? or is he chasing after the hoes just like
    everyone else is? it’s just like your show you did about why the hoes keep
    winning? well, the thugs aren’t necesarily winning either. why would you
    want the man that’s attracted to a ho? just like as a man, why would you
    want the woman that chose the thug over you? those are dime a dozen types
    and you aint missing nothing.

  • humanparadox  says:

    The most ballyhooed (look it up) and played out terms in the black
    community are “swag” and “lame”. Black women would rather have Allen
    Iverson than Will Smith. Smh

  • vampin6  says:

    I love this video excellent! Word for word thats exactly what it’s like
    being a black man in america is like having a handicap!I’ve gone through
    all that.

  • shameDJ5  says:

    Tariq Nasheed talks about the same stuff. i agree with u 100%

  • nubianking1976t  says:

    This is nothing but the Gospel,real talk!

  • afrikahchick  says:

    Great video. I’m a black woman. I would rather date an educated, artsy,
    lover of all music, kind, honest guy over a thug any day. I would never
    date a thug. Never!!! It’s 2013, I believe relationships should be equal.
    If I get married in the future I want to have say in our decisions because
    it effects my life too.

  • humanparadox  says:

    I think black women have it harder: Black women are number one in HIV new
    cases Black women have the lowest net worth of any race/gender combination
    (only five dollars) Black women have the highest birth out-of-wedlock rate
    Black women have the hihhest female

  • Leos Tomicek  says:

    Saggin’ pants is totally gay and ridiculous.

  • luddacriss  says:

    Tell me about it. Everything said here is true.

  • David Deandre  says:

    This video is right on the money, becouse alot take thier time & effort is
    taken for granted. I once was almost aressted when I was 18 years old
    becouse I was in a white part of my town in Tn, coming from a outside party
    & their happened to be a robbery near by where i was pulled over & it
    wasn’t becouse I was Speeding, becouse I looked “suspect” I was wearing a
    polo,nice kaki shorts & I was in school lol.

  • Bruno Finn  says:

    so true brother..

  • Kennesha N  says:

    My womanhood gets attack because I decide to be single and I am often
    question. What I do with my heart and my body is my business. It not
    someone place to keep tab on.

  • Murdock Sutton  says:

    Ive noticed alot of young females sagging their pants and showing their
    boxers or thongs. WTF is going on out here man?

  • SavMacCauley  says:

    I watched the video as well, and as a Black man I definitely agree with the
    premise of the video. My problem is that, with everything that has been
    brought to light about Black AMERICAN women, I find it VERY hard to trust
    ANYTHING that comes out of their mouths. Notice that she said she’d dated
    WM/non-Black men before. This is NOT your “Becky” type sister. She sounds
    like she comes from inner city Chicago. That being the case I get the sense
    that this woman might be a part of (con’td)

  • GIBal54  says:

    A lot of black women dog brothers that are in college and working, but fall
    in love with loser that lays on your couch eating your fruit loops talkin
    about you cookin today.

  • toastert123  says:


  • sly ray  says:

    Excellent video! I have my own objections but I’ll keep mum this time.

  • Viviana Roschield  says:

    ok… beautiful

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