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K. Michelle Opens Up On Idris Elba Relationship | Did Y'all See? | MadameNoire

The MadameNoire editors discuss K. Michelle’s alleged tryst with Idris Elba, Diddy punches Drake, and Chris Brown disses Karrueche again on Instagram. VISIT …

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  • KeepCalm ShadowMaster  says:
  • nitta auliya  says:
  • Knowledge Goddess  says:

    This is ridiculous. Idris’ baby mama is not white but he is known for
    dating white women. Period. We can see that but not him with K. Michelle?
    Smh. Black women are so petty. Idris has not said that it is not true, so
    that says it all. 

  • Nikaluvsya B.  says:

    Bunch of black women sitting around cackling about something they know
    nothing about. Tf she got to lie for. Yall don’t know her or Idris nor
    their situation. Idris is an actor he plays a character you don’t KNOW him
    in real life. 

  • Lisa C.  says:

    There has been conflicting stories about the K & Idris situation. I do
    believe something happened during their 8 mo stint together while he
    produced her [flop of a] musical. But like Necole Bitchie said at the end
    of her 3 pt interview with K, “they hung out for months, & she caught
    feelings”. Whatever the case, K has been on a promotional tour for her
    album, knowing Idris is in an entirely different league, throwing his name
    around & their “relationship”, ppl are going to be interested, & perhaps
    she’ll get more record sales, & new fans.

  • Quill L  says:

    I believe something went down with Idris and K Michelle, she has changed
    her persona and we may have Idris to thank. Floyd Mayweather is punch
    drunk, to think he would put out he was facetiming and the end result of
    that facetime is a murder suicide and he is at games smiling and whatnot
    someone may need to revoke his fight card because has issues. If Ka-Coochie
    is not too concerned about how baby boy Chris talks bout her then why do we
    care. Diddy is a thug with some money, I mean honestly punching somebody
    about some beats, hell do what respectful artist due, get a lawyer and sue.

  • Angel Robinson  says:

    Let that lady live her life. Who cares if she and idris was dating. Her
    album completely tell that. Do y’all get paid to do these videos. Why would
    she lie? How would y’all feel if y’all was judged like her?! Lying or not
    why does it matter to y’all. Her pockets still full and I’m pretty sure k.
    Michelle can care less.! #my opinion! 

  • Jo Dunk  says:

    i saw the chris brown and karruche break up coming a long time ago. this is
    the second time chris brown broke up with her. let’s see if she’s going to
    take him back a second time. chris brown wants to have his cake and eat it
    to and karruche allowed it. that’s why he was able to drop her and pick her
    back up whenever he got ready. shes on her ride or die bullshit but yet
    chris brown is always leaving her in the passenger seat.

  • yoyo950812  says:

    Owe someone doesn’t like K. Michelle lol I guess I wouldnt either if she
    called me out on wat she says is bs huh lol… The only ppl who know what
    went down with K. Michelle & Idris is K. Michelle & Idris. If they f**ked
    good 4 her if they didnt so who cares. Millions of stories about her as
    well as ever other celebrity will be stated everyday. For K you can say she
    a liar but a week or 2 from now shes going to be hoe, hater, etc. But
    MadameNoire staff Im sure she love the free publicity. Just talk about
    someone else we know K. Michelle crazy yet talented.

  • T Elease  says:

    Sounds like K, Michelle talks too much. She should just shut up and sing
    like her first record label told her to do. Everyone that comes in her life
    to help her, she takes the help, but then turn against them, so she can
    purposely start beef with them. THEN when they respond to her childish
    behavior, she turns it around, saying they got beef with her. I recognize
    her little game. I guess this is her own little way of getting publicity.

  • Boobalopbop  says:

    OMG… Is Floyd Mayweather a sociopath?!?!?

  • ClassicDame08  says:

    I can’t picture Diddy fighting anyone, he’s more of a piece maker & a
    business man. But there’s history of Drake direspecting Diddy, there’s a
    video clip that Wendy Williams played on her show of the two of them
    performing on stage, Drake’s microphone went out. He then snatches Diddy’s
    microphone out of his hand, leaving him hanging & looking stupid which is
    very rude. I think that Diddy’s blood have been boiling for months & he
    snapped. Drakes still on the rise & fails to realize he needs to humble
    himself & show respect for those that paved the way for him. I don’t think
    Diddy punched Drake b/c he knew he could get away w/ it. He punched him to
    remind his ass that he’s still a child & need to stay in his place. Just
    b/c someone is peaceful, that does not make them a clown or a sucker. You
    don’t mistake a person’s kindness for weakness, Diddy was raised well by
    he’s mother, but his father was a drug dealer & ruthless before his
    passing. I’m pretty sure Diddy can handle his own if he needs to & in this
    case he did.

  • KazeSuenos  says:

    The girl w/the top bun was annoying as she was trying to undermine everyone
    & dominate the conversation. Trying to change the young ladies comment to
    “like skinned” was just ignorant & on purpose. She’s obnoxious but I chalk
    it up to being young b/c she didn’t even understand business & someone
    stealing your work and making money off that product. The young lady who
    spoke the least may have not had the appearance of “fake deep opinionated”
    but gave the most educated & rational opinion on such trivial matters.

  • djcobb87  says:

    I find it funny how the commentator states K. Michelle starts beef with
    everyone when clearly she doesn’t. And especially not with the individuals
    that were name. With the exception of Elle V, those other ladies started
    with K. first and she simply ended it. Please don’t lie. If you don’t like
    the fact that she’s always involved in a beef, say that. But please do not
    state that she started beef with the others when one took a comment the
    wrong way and the other chimed in to give her 2 cents on a situation that
    wasn’t her place too regardless of who she shares a friendship with. And as
    far as Idris, I believe it. As a man, our taste varies and a woman that you
    or the average person might feel is beneath our league, could very well be
    the one we vibe with. It’s called opposites attract and it’s not always
    about sex either as you all so quickly alluded too. Just accept it. 

  • rennexoxo  says:

    K Michelle isn’t lying about her relationship with idris.

  • Lisa Green  says:

    It’s amazing how so many people are judging K Michelle as if she’s done
    something wrong to them..

    I’m not understanding how people can say she is lying when you don’t know
    her, but only know of her.

    You guys keep saying that all she do is tells lies, yet no one have yet to
    catch her up in one..

    She makes mistakes like you and I..
    I really don’t see what she have to gain from telling a lie about whom she

    Her saying that she dated someone is not the reason she produced a
    wonderful album for us to hear…

    I’m so sick of women bashing other women like your shit don’t stank..

    How about you women sit back and talk about her growth, how we as women can
    relate to at least on or more of her songs…

    What happened to sisterhood, supporting one another…

    You mad for what???

  • Nokie's house  says:


  • CallmeDea xo  says:

    Bright means a smart ass

  • Tiffany Gregory  says:

    Why do yall think she lies about every thing? Just because she’s loud and
    inappropriate at times, that makes her a liar? I don’t see how saying they
    dated for 8 months and he got another girl pregnant so they couldn’t be
    together makes her look good, nor do I think it’ll help her sales. Her true
    fans are going to buy the album regardless.

  • Dominique D  says:

    Loved it! This was so good! Somehow I missed the story about 50 Cent making
    those jokes smh that’s disgusting! All of this domestic violence is just
    too much!

  • Kam Yoncé  says:

    I want to believe K but after that lil kim stuff i was just like bruh,she
    lyin…i feel like they only slept together

  • Chvaun Glinton  says:

    I loveeeee this mini talk show! Like where have yall been all my life !

  • misspotential  says:

    lmao no hip hopera tho! now I gotta watch carmen! 

  • Vanessa Lovell  says:

    You’re being “bright” refers to you being a smart alec. 

  • Lois Perkins  says:

    Haters,, leave k Michelle alone

  • Coco Rashaan  says:

    This bitch lies!!!! She betta get off of his dick!!!!

  • ja'keem Ward  says:

    Y’all some hating ass people this girl don’t care what y’all nun factors
    got to Say and by the way check out anybody want to buy a heart cause it’s

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