Queen Latifah Set To Headline Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride Festival

rammy Award-winning rapper and Academy Award-nominee Queen Latifah is set to headline this year’s annual Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride Festival on May 19. A…

25 comments to Queen Latifah Set To Headline Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride Festival

  • Rayondo Mcbean  says:

    There are many gods that people worship but there is one true God, the
    creator of heaven and earth. The bible is His thought being written by
    those to whom He reveals it. Nowhere in His word does He approve
    homosexuality. But the god of THIS world (the devil) has twisted the true
    in telling folks that they are born that way, inventing phrase like lesbian
    Christian, lesbian and gay pastors etc. Can there be a bright darkness or a
    good evil. Homosexuality is wrong! Behold I show you are more excellent
    way: man to woman and woman to man. There is no better way!

  • Michaela Estes  says:

    i dont see why people trip on it so much.. its really none of our damn
    business.. if she’s happy then good. leave her alone.. none of us have any
    room to judge straight up

  • Yawo Elevn  says:

    This obsetion americans have abt their celebrities lives is amazing…
    Im start to believing to what People say in England abt Americans..
    They say Americans worship their celebrities, and they believe everything
    the goverment is telling them..Gosh

  • Kenneth Washington  says:

    Let’s put it this way 2 women can’t produce and 2 men can’t produce it
    obvious how it should b but it’s your life

  • Robert Batashvili  says:

    Fuckin fat bich

  • jesus7es7dios7  says:

    I don’t think a gay person should lead in society… that is, if she’s a
    talk show host, I don’t think this LEADER of many people should have a
    deviant sexual life style…. it is no one’s personal business, but if you
    are a public figure you are everyone’s business… that’s the price you pay
    for glamour, fame and of course MONEY.

  • ALECIA OTTLEY  says:

    I mean…does she really have to come out??? Is she really in the closet?
    We already know but people just want to hear her say it.

  • Niome Swann  says:

    You now wot who cares if she’s gay because everyone is bisexual because one
    day your gonna have feelings for the same gender if your a boy/girl
    everything will change when u get older and for u haters its probably
    because u don’t have a heart

  • Lyssa Rae  says:

    This was silly….. the same few pictures of her and her beautiful partner
    then a random old picture of Latifa, then those same pictures again… over
    and over… and who cares…. this is none of anyone’s business but hers.
    This is where things get sketchy…. all these nosy ass people worried
    about someone else’s private life. Get over yourself…. not everyone
    feels the way you do and does the things you do…. we’re alllllll
    different. What is important is that we RESPECT that and realize just
    because we don’t share the same views and feelings doesn’t mean we have to
    put each other down and make a huge deal about it, she lives in the home of
    the FREE… where she can be and do what she wants… so do you…. be
    happy about that and live your own life!

  • Dexter Glamber  says:

    This proves nothing but the paparazzi can catch a picture faster than an
    outfielder catching a slow baseball

  • Ebony Lo.  says:

    who else thought this was her and halle berry?

  • Stephan Rosa  says:

    Why is this shocking I already new she was a lesbian.

  • Carolyn Bolivar  says:

    I Love Queen !

  • Kimberly Quiroz  says:

    I’m a straight female who fully supports the LGBT community, and I see a
    lot of people in the comments talking about how she is either definitely
    lesbian, or definitely straight. But you see, she can be Bisexual.
    Bisexuality is just as real as being Straight, Lesbian, Gay, Asexual..etc.
    Either way, nobody will know until she says it herself, so why jump to

  • Antonio Compere  says:

    I love Queen Latifah

  • Donna Syms  says:

    Get over yourselves, bigots. God made you bigots and it made Queen Latifah
    a strong black christian lesbian woman. 

  • kimm717  says:

    Ok I just read recent posts and people are mean:(((

  • derrick braithwaite  says:

    As a headroseuel man gay or staright still love her.

  • Ezay Hayhay  says:

    Gay is the new cool

  • etoo23  says:

    set it offf

  • Robert Smith  says:

    At least she’s not a dyke, she is still lady like and respectable 

  • Melissa Rosario  says:

    Hey you don’t have to answer to nobody live your life love

  • Risah-Samantha Dumfries  says:

    how are you people suddenly hating on her, when you loved her before you
    knew this?
    she’s still the same person

  • ahmad mushaffa  says:


  • TiaMoniqueful  says:

    She sho’ll played that lesbian role to a “T” in Set It Off. Now I see why.

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