Our Love Story – Lesbian Couple

April 2nd, 2013, 2 days after our One Year Anniversary, I proposed to the love of my life. Well actually, WE proposed to the love of our lives, which are eac…

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23 comments to Our Love Story – Lesbian Couple

  • Alina Wadhwani  says:

    Was this on South Padre Island? It looks like it! I’m from there.
    If it was, I’m happy you proposed to the love of your life there. What a
    wonderful place to fall in love.
    Blessings for a happy life from South Texas!

  • baskadraco333  says:

    aw, it really made me feel happier, just too cute :) you look like an
    awesome couple to me ^^ good luck! <3

  • JiMONiC19  says:

    Thank you!!! Will you be making more videos?

  • Christine Falcon  says:

    *xoxo xD

  • mizzskittles33  says:

    so cuteeee

  • Arnearia Thomas  says:

    what was the name of the first song

  • OurHeartstoYours  says:

    thank you so much! <3

  • Lez Be Trill  says:

    this was so beautiful!!

  • OurHeartstoYours  says:

    Yes, we surely will! Within the next couple of days, we will be making an
    Introduction video to start off our YouTube journey. :)

  • Jasmin Mariee  says:

    So freaken sweet! Support all the way my darlings!:)

  • OurHeartstoYours  says:

    Thank you :) It was in response to your “what’s the sweetest thing you’ve
    done for your partner” question! Love you two together, btw

  • shyishasochick  says:


  • OurHeartstoYours  says:

    thank you so much! :) -Yas and Chi

  • rotemish1  says:

    That was super cute! :)

  • OurHeartstoYours  says:

    thank you :)

  • OurHeartstoYours  says:

    aweeee, thank you so much! :) love you too!

  • Nightstep97  says:

    How is it perverse? How is it sickening? How is it unnatural? It may be
    unnatural for you, because you are hetero, but not for them. Just because
    someone is female doesn’t make them any less capable of loving a girl. How
    is a dick any less perverse than a vagina? You sicken me, and the rest of
    the world with your stupidity and inferior judgement.

  • JiMONiC19  says:

    Awesome and sweet proposal!!

  • reeneea  says:


  • dragostea1511  says:

    Ah wow, I wish I had the chance to do this one day! You guys are so awesome
    together!! Congrats, and always respect each other :) Love from Europe

  • 07BeautifullyBroken  says:

    awwww. so cute reminded me of wen my gf proposed. she laughin at me now
    cause im alll teared up

  • Christine Falcon  says:

    Chi! This made me tear sis! I’m so happy that you are happy! Love you guys!
    (Even if I don’t know your gf) lol Coxo

  • groundhog713  says:

    This is nothing short of perverse, sickening, and totally unnatural…….

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