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  • WifeandWife  says:

    My ex was a little off. He is Giselle’s father so I guess I will refrain
    from using the word crazy to describe him in case Giselle comes across this
    one day. “Crazy” is probably a very fitting word to describe some stuff he
    did though though. I’ll give one example. He had a difficult time with us
    breakng up in general, but once I got with Quin he started following me and
    showing up to places where we were. Thankfully he’s not like that anymore
    but, Lord knows those were some trying times! 

  • Elle Verasashi  says:

    Aloha! You ladies are awesome. I love how you two dialogue. Your dynamic is
    superb. Keep it up Joy & Toy. 

  • Twina Adams  says:

    my first love he is my ex now but i was 15 and dated him for about 7 month
    he was not the problem but his wife was the problem she was locked up and i
    did not no he had a wife he was 23 at the time and i did not no that either
    but any she would call my house and ask if he was here and he would b but
    told her if u cant keep up with ur man it is not my job to and stop calling
    my but i was using cruss words at the time but yeah that was crazy but i
    have grew a lot sence then

  • ReadySetMoss  says:

    Neither one of us had crazy ex’s! Guess we were lucky! Thanks for sharing

  • ButterflyAgape  says:

    I want to hear more details of your crazy ex stories lol… Sounds like a
    tv movie. Haha funny but not funny i know. I was a side chick at one time
    smh not by choice…but yea i had a couple myspace convos with the other
    girl as well lol a whole mess! but I made it!!! 

  • JAMMERZ 05  says:

    i have a crazy ex but not as crazy as my gf’s ex.. she cheated on my gf
    twice when they went out and my gf moved on when we started dating.. as
    soon as her ex found out, she called her a lot and whatnot.. her ex and i
    tried to be friends, but she got even more crazier! my gf won lots of
    awards for being smart and a good athlete, but her ex would call her and
    put her down like she was jealous… her ex even told her she had a dream
    with me in it once! CRAZY! anyways, we both agreed to not have her in our
    lives because for one thing, she can’t even be a friend to my gf.. least
    she could’ve done was congratulate her.. anywho moral of the story, DONT
    LET EXES BE A PART OF FUTURE RELATIONSHIPS :) thanks for sharing girls!

  • temperance hope  says:

    My ex was a confused person. My ex was on probation, taking anger
    management classes, was a recovering alcoholic, did drugs and she wanted to
    be a transgender (ftm). She proposed to me then two days later told me she
    slept with one of her ex boyfriends earlier that month. We were in a long
    distance relationship, I’m glad I said no. That was my first and only

  • D. AMOR  says:

    Ahhhh, crazy ex stories are my favorite! They’re always exciting to tell
    and to hear. I have an ex who had about three personalities. You never knew
    which one you were going to get. Long story short, she would be
    affectionate one day, stand-off-ish another day, and wouldn’t claim me the
    next. So she got the chop fairly quickly, but the emotional roller-coaster
    made for great comedy to look back on. Thanks for sharing your stories
    ladies ! Love your channel :) 

  • PoeticHarmony  says:

    lol well my ex is definetly a crazy one…she had a really bad temper and
    would jump down my throat about anything, everything& everyone… when we
    would get into arguments, she would call me every name in the book, curse
    me out soooooooooo bad…. then feel bad and tell me how much she loved me
    and that she wanted to marry me…talk about bipolar! …more like psycho!

  • michele griffin  says:

    Well, I have two jobs! And I work in the public, sometimes I feel like
    going to the store to purchase a ring, because I always have these old ass
    men trying to take me out on a date, and when I tell them I`m not
    interested they get an attitude. : )

  • temperance hope  says:

    That’s not even all of it, lol. Trust, it didn’t . Thank you. Cheese !!!

  • CelestrialRose  says:

    I have had a couple of crazy exes…. My first one I never met and was long
    distance and I let her go because I couldn’t do it. It’s been 5 years later
    and she is still trying to get me back! It’s so annoying and no matter how
    much I tell her it’s been over a long time she doesn’t care. My second ex
    after that mentally abused me saying horrible things to me, letting her
    Christian mom message me bad things, and kept saying she was straight yet
    she kept going after me after feeling bad. Then my most recent ex I was
    with would say I looked unattractive in cowgirl boots but sexy in heels,
    said I would never get anywhere in life, and put me down for everything and
    never let me see my family or friends. After she broke up with me two weeks
    after my birthday (which my family paid for a Disney trip for her and me)
    she got upset because I started moving on and moved out and was coming to
    my parents place crying and telling me I can’t date other girls and a bunch
    of crazy shit! Well let’s say all that is gone and over with and now I am
    with my wonderful fiancé :) )) life was crazy till then but hey it’s all
    gone now! Lol so there’s some of my crazy exes haha! 

  • TheRainbowskittlesbb  says:

    We’re do I beging man on man my ex was the definition of crazy she cheated
    on me lied to me lived a double life was married to a dude and mind u she
    was a stud smh she caught a std called hpv when I had moved by to Cali and
    she was in New York good thing I stopped sleeping with her and got cheated
    I’m good lol but she would threaten me n hit me when I tried leaving and
    putting me down n a lot more after almost 2 years I left and stoped cold
    turkey talking to her it was a huge relief and another thing is I love u
    guys and how u respond to everyone’s comments much respect:)

  • JoyAndToy TV  says:

    Aloha Ohana! WE dished, so you MUST dish. Tell us ALL about those crazy Ex
    stories lol XOXO Joy and Toy

  • prettycupcakes504  says:

    I don’t have any ex’s but you guys ex’s were crazy lol!

  • JusBuTTer  says:

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