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25 comments to MOVIE 2013 – HIGH SCHOOL MOVIE – Just One of the Girls [1993

  • Deo Singiza  says:

    It’s like justin bieber copied his style 

  • rana omar  says:

    a boy dresing as a girl just becuas bulis

  • Calvin Blue  says:

    Dressing as a girl to get away from a bully… just how low can one get…

  • yazeed naif  says:


  • Alisha Aslam  says:


  • FantasmicOrgasmic  says:

    Was this supposed to be a pseudo-spin-off of Just One of the Guys? 

  • KniteHQ  says:

    id tap that pe teacher

  • Flyy Robyn  says:

    Corey Haim was so charming. 

  • Summer Destynie  says:

    Wow, Corey Hiam…RIP! Time sure flies…

  • Ema Jakovlevaite  says:

    not 2013 movie

  • Shareallicu  says:

    wrong date. This movie is older than 2013

  • finchfa  says:

    2013? cassette player? ahaa….

  • Jean E Adrien  says:

    In the first paragraph he looks like justin bieber

  • Mwa Onan  says:

    Aww!` Cameron!`

  • Alyssa Pate  says:

    Has anyone noticed the description is like SUPER long!!

  • poppyrose01  says:

    Chris looks like Olly Murs in some scenes

  • Kathy Castillo  says:

    Worst ending ever -.- they didn’t show whether Chris won the girl over or
    not/whether he had to go to study to become a scientist or not. Basically
    they didn’t tell the most important part of the entire movie that is just

  • Macy Gladden  says:

    this is preety cool just edit the part were hje sees the naked girls could
    u like blur tht out

  • Aly C.  says:

    Wouldn’t you get bullied more if they found out you dressed like a girl

  • bri mac  says:

    Why is this on YouTube wtf

  • Shareallicu  says:

    This show isn’t very believable. A guy that likes a girl that looks like a
    guy? lol

  • lexie ketchum  says:

    1:7:56. “Are you gay?”

  • Rose O'sullivan  says:

    2 GOOD!

  • SweetJennyLovesYou Onww  says:

    i actually enjoyed watching this 

  • Mindiiz  says:

    Omg……….Kurt is so damn hotttttt

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