Morning Jew Ep. 46: Lesbian tips for straight girls & relationship advice from Josh Gondelman

Morning Jew Ep. 46: Lesbian tips for straight girls & relationship advice from Josh Gondelman

Comics Heather Gold (@heathr) and Katie Halper (@kthalps) look at the headlines and ask: Is it good for the Jews? Subscribe to get the shows in your inbox pl…
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The “Hodgetwins” aka “Askhodgetwins” are identical twins that answer problematic email questions from their subscriber’s relevant to “relationships” “marriag…

29 comments to Morning Jew Ep. 46: Lesbian tips for straight girls & relationship advice from Josh Gondelman

  • Morning Jew  says:

    This week we break the big news that Katie is single and dating. Heather
    decides to Yenta-cast and introduces Tips From a Lesbian as her gift. +Last
    Week Tonight’s +Josh Gondelman weighs in with some first date advice of his
    own. Do we get it right? Let us know

    Plus a little extra Not Safe For Work treat from Heather on How Men and
    Women Drive Each Other Crazy

    #dating #single #straight #lesbian 

  • Tall Chris  says:

    Katie, if you’re ever in Pittsburgh, you’ve got at least one viewer that’d
    love to take you out for drinks :-) 

  • Cryptonymicus  says:

    If you go into a first date like you have a screenplay to follow you might
    as well hire an actor to go in your place.

  • GM4ThePeople  says:

    Breakin’ Up is Hard to Jew:
    Breakin’ Up Is Hard To Do – Neil Sedaka

    Katie Halper-Perske Gondelman. Hmmn… (casts augury chicken bones
    haphazardly to the ground so as to retain plausible deniability re:
    Leviticus 19, Deuteronomy 18, etc.)

  • Sky onia  says:

    Why do people care so much about race?
    If you like a hot girl date her,
    If she’s crazy break up with her,
    Got a crush? Ask her out?
    What’s that got to do with race? I like any type of men because it honestly
    doesn’t matter.
    I dated a white guy before , didn’t work out. Dated a black and Mexican
    guy, didn’t work out either. Sometimes I even forgot about what they are.
    Who cares tbh.. 

  • Farshad Faqipour  says:

    am i the one that has to say it?
    Black girls look like men.
    Asians look the same.

  • Rossoneri King  says:

    Race doesn’t matter. Beauty is the only thing that counts:) 

  • Prince I-Self  says:

    Wait white Grandma? I thought you were black all the way back to the 1800s?

  • dino ortega  says:

    the guy on the left makes his voice gayer and softer as a sign of
    submission to the alpha male brother on the right.

  • A Seaof Honey  says:

    You hate guys who date only white girls???? Ind I hate black men with blue
    contact linses.

  • undefinido  says:

    i fuck everything that moves

  • 360atGOD  says:

    The black race will soon be absorbed into other races and will no longer
    exist. This is being done by design. Sad thing is nobody really wants the
    black women Anymore because she’s too masculine and acts like a man. 

  • jasmine gordon  says:

    This is funny though.. I’m mixed like u two

  • Troy York  says:

    If ya black women were all fine and like Beyonce and not gettho trash and
    we’re as enthusiasts at interracial dating as black dudes you two might
    think differently seeing white confederate boys with Carmel toned women
    like yourself

  • Tamir Jones  says:

    The one on the left his voice doesn’t really match his face.

  • Rockin Robin  says:
  • Mr White  says:

    We are not all the same race. We have differences and different traits we
    gained through evolution. Diffrent iqs ranges different strengths etc.
    These things have been studied and scientifically proven. And furher more
    the “out of africa” theory has also be disproven but mainstream science
    refuses to look at the facts. Bottom line we are no all the same and
    domestic violence is 10 times higher in interacial couples and further more
    those that you are common with will understand you better due to being of
    the same. Those who breed outside their race not only stop their own race
    they break down the traits they gained from their ancestors and not only
    that they must not want kids that look like them and prolly have been
    brainwashed by the media to either hate their own race or just like

  • MrToxicRaps  says:


  • Passage  says:

    Well this video was a waste of time.

  • Cross  says:

    Not speaking of the entire races here, but some of the African Americans I
    know date Caucasian women simply because they are more emotional and
    feminine. Whereas most the typical African American woman is aggressive,
    and sometimes behaves in male-like ways.

    Again, I am not speaking of the entire race, just some of each. Because
    personally I know some African American women that are fucking beautiful
    and emotional. Dunno why any girl would act so tough though..not very

  • andres romero  says:

    ´pff these black guys are so handsome i really love to date with a black
    gay i’m gay :) 

  • Troy York  says:

    The reason I like Arab and asian women is because you never see them with a
    black buck. 

  • JL Stout  says:

    Buahahahahhahahhaha! You guys crack me up when you say Fixin’ to bust!

  • X2K9  says:

    hahaha Lol you niggas are funny haha XD 

  • Anisha Holden  says:

    We are one race.. the Human race, just different colors and different
    cultures, creeds and ethnicities and nationalities

  • howard gordo  says:

    see this is some bullshit right here. this white guy is not disadvantaged
    due to his race, he is probably disadvantaged due to his looks. every one
    knows that straight women and gay men love a sexy white man, who doesn’t
    this guy is probably some ugly nerdy white guy that’s probably real short
    and probably either really skinny or really fat. there is no way that his
    race is a disadvantage.

  • lazfoulkes  says:

    I’m black and I only date white girls 

  • kyle ross  says:

    we dont like black girls attitude they moan and groan and get pissed off so
    easy plus the majority of black girls you see are fat as fuck so nah im
    staying with the white meat hey its healthier oh was that racist =)

  • TheHeadache84  says:

    Why cant guys have their own preference. Not only black girls not like
    black men dating white girls, now guys. I say date whoever you want.

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