MGTOW Australia – Advice For Men in Relationships

MGTOW Australia - Advice For Men in Relationships

MGTOW Australia- Advice for Men in relationships This advice is for Men that are in relationships, whether they have children or not, this information can sa…
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  • AVIAN MACK  says:

    Whats mgtow??

  • Wardrumsfire  says:

    I notice how much we have in common Universal and i feel really terrible
    for you bro. Because you have kids involved. not me. i had the abuse trauma
    slander rape shit thrown at me. but you got it worse. I hope you know you
    can count on me for friendship

    I called them leeches. these leeches leech off you while complaining you
    don’t have enough blood. screaming crying whining.. When you pull the leech
    off you. they get mad you took away their blood supply. and will go to the
    police crying abuse rape slander emotional distress and much more. they
    need more help then Charles Manson ♂ The Female Narcissist Emotional

    I backed everything up too in Zip files and 1 was all the way in Australia
    for safe keeping under password protection. . I tell people to back
    everything up record everything. and document . and your right i had
    Stockholm syndrome as well as ptsd.

    I went to my doctor to get my ptsd on record. make sure you take every
    step men to protect yourself. do everything. if she fights a lot videotape
    her do everything to protect yourself against these monsters

    Great video bro! Well done proud of you for this one =)

    You know if you find yourself doing the lion share of housework and income
    providing. you need to look your parasite in the bug eyes. and tell them to
    pull their own weight. if they refuse get rid of them,. a parasite will not
    go easy. mine stalked me for 13 months.

    It’s been 25 months now. of my case being processed by the courts i’m still
    awaiting their verdict against her. but every time i farted man. the cops
    are at my door ready to seek issues with me. I had in total over 50 cop
    visits thanks to that whore.

    Seriously cops at my house 4 in the morning. 2 in the morning. I even had
    15 agents in my home. doing Dna sampling to prove her case. SHE WAS LYING
    AND PROVEN A LIAR. then she goes out and comes to my house. uses my wifi.
    then accuses me of hacking her cellphone account. GIVE ME A BREAK these
    monsters are so sick in the head and heres why!!

    ABILITY TO ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY. watch Steve wilkos show. the women lie on
    the test. lie to the man lie to Steve lie to their family’s lie lie lie lie
    lie . then when they come forth yes i murdered 1,000 men in their sleep.
    the fucking audience cheers for her being so brave to confess. fucking
    loony tune world !!!

    It’s time to hold women accountable im sick of this legal bullshit women do
    no wrong. women do thousands of wrongs knowing everyone acts asif women do
    no wrong.

    I wanted to kill my ex at one point. thinking it’s better shes dead then
    tormenting me. Thats when i got the lawyer thats when i started
    persecuting her. and the legal system and the police did all they could to
    stop my case going to court. i had to sue the police here in the next
    town. i had to fight with my lawyer tooth and nail just to be heard !!!.
    They threw my evidence file into a corner. they removed pictures from my
    evidence dvd saying it wasnt on the dvd yet my lawyer had the identical dvd
    . the idiots didnt think i was that smart. COPS WANT YOUR ASS IN JAIL SO

  • lb1000110  says:

    Thank you for the video, some men are clueless about the risks that men
    have to face in our society today.

  • Raging Golden Eagle  says:

    Excellent job! I should sent this to some manginas I know…

  • Maaaaaaate  says:

    The psychologist must be asked prior to employing them what experience they
    have to the situation. I had no idea what was going on and did not ask. So
    I got an academic who was female orientated. May be book smart but
    didn’t know shit about the real world of the abuse I had, it turned out,
    endured all my life. The psychologist told me none of it. 

  • Logicteacher  says:

    MGTOW Australia – Advice For Men in Relationships:

  • Tao of the white pill path  says:


  • The Straight Shooter  says:

    This right here is some of the best advice for men I’ve ever heard! I’m
    gonna try to forward this to all my male subscribers when I get home.

  • Vention1MGTOW  says:

    Dam good advice! I’m just grateful that I don’t need it myself. 17 years
    ago, when I was talking to a friend of mine, through the Plexiglas, while
    he was in jail due to a false accusation by his ex wife, that was my red
    pill right there.
    It took 4 more months of gagging on it until I finally was able to swallow
    it. But once I did, I was able to invent what amounts to MGTOW for myself,
    and I’ve lived by it ever since.

  • The Straight Shooter  says:

    This right here is some of the best advice for men I’ve ever heard! I’m
    gonna try to forward this to all my male subscribers when I get home.

  • The Straight Shooter  says:

    This right here is some of the best advice for men I’ve ever heard! I’m
    gonna try to forward this to all my male subscribers when I get home.

  • felix femhater  says:

    yup, i having backups too

  • baronvonaqua  says:

    Sent you a private message

  • l jess  says:

    things need to change – relationships are toxic far too often nowadays.

  • universalstudios13  says:
  • John Doe  says:

    I met this real cute girl she was rude at first but i end up getting her
    number somehow we talked for about a month night and day the communication
    level was great we laughed alot and the chemistry was awesome i would make
    her breakfast we would catch movies she wanted to see and i wouldn’t want
    her to spend a dime cause i thought she was truly worth it.. it was a time
    when i helped her cause she asked me for a large amount of money (300$) i
    gave it to her and a little extra i had money i was saving up and broke my
    piggy bank then one day i was at a nightclub and i went up to this guy we
    were not friends but we spoke when we saw eachother i showed him a pic of
    the girl i was dealing with at the time and he told me.. he saw her about a
    week ago (she cheated on me) i was furious i wanted to fight the guy but i
    didn’t i confronted her bout it and she lied for a bit then end up telling
    me the truth I took her back cause i would want her to do the same if it
    was me and then sometime after that she blamed her faults on me and we
    would just argue so much and one day i stopped hearing from her she changed
    her number without telling me I was hurt i gave her so much emotionally and
    financially cause i thought it was real i was spiritually empty i felt so
    bad for myself everything caught me off guard.. And then i thought about
    suicide that was the revenge i had for her but i knew she wouldn’t care
    because of what she put me through and i wanted to act on it but i thought
    to myself that it wasn’t worth it and i should just man up and move on I
    want to be MGTOW i just don’t think im ready yet I love your videos by the
    way and keep it up

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