Melissa and Priscilla – A Love Story

Melissa and Priscilla - A Love Story

This is a Still Photo music video of the ceremony between Melissa and Priscilla on Siesta Key Beach, June 25th, 2011. You can watch the trailer on my YouTube…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

New Jersey conducts first gay weddings

New Jersey conducts first gay weddings Subscribe to the Guardian HERE: Cory Booker, the mayor of Newark, marries seven same-sex coupl…

45 comments to Melissa and Priscilla – A Love Story

  • Salvatore Salle  says:

    going straight to hell

  • ray sun  says:

    beautiful girl !

  • Shelli Meyers  says:

    Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary! You both look so beautiful,
    so relaxed and so incredibly joyous; I am thinking this
    just-us-on-the-beach idea is a great one for me and my honey, too! :-)
    Thank you for sharing with all of us random strangers ;-)

  • shortysk8er266  says:

    My name is Priscilla! – So so awesome to find another lesbian called
    Priscilla – we should start a club hahaha =P

  • Journey Junee  says:

    Congrats! IGNORE the ignorance:)

  • snmpvamu  says:

    it BLOWS my mind why anti gay heterosexuals even LOOK FOR homosexual
    youtube videos, just to “comment”…get a life

  • pinizuky1  says:

    beautifull….. felicidades desde España

  • Pla P  says:

    Beautiful Sweet Nice!!

  • Journey Junee  says:

    For the bible tells me so!!! everyone should RENT THAT MOVIE! especially
    the “gay haters”

  • y lopez  says:


  • enie hugie  says:

    Congratulations, Beautiful Ceremony!

  • Chekie Boops  says:


  • Scampergirl  says:

    Lovely….lovely…lovely….have a beautiful life!

  • Rbk428  says:

    Ladies…you had the most amazing wedding celebration. LOVE is in your eyes
    at every frame of the video. Congratulations, I wish you eternal happiness!

  • 123sibob  says:

    Beautiful, pure love!!!! Congrats!!!

  • Lhyllis  says:

    Hey, I can quote stuff written by other people too! “The Bible contains six
    admonishments to homosexuals and 362 admonishments to heterosexuals. That
    doesn’t mean that God doesn’t love heterosexuals. It’s just that they need
    more supervision. ~Lynn Lavner” Beautiful wedding, girls! You look happy
    and I hope you have a wonderful life together. Ignore the blithering idiots
    who can’t understand that scaring people with the bible doesn’t work these

  • elena sofia belova  says:

    marvellous ! congratulations .

  • Kendra Clark  says:

    Casey Carling your right its sad though.

  • Merlay Kim  says:

    Congratulations. A wonderful video. The best wishes for your common future.

  • elena sofia belova  says:

    May the Goddess bless this beautiful marriage. What a wonderful wedding. I
    wish you happiness forever dear Melissa&Priscilla. I hope a wedding like
    this with my love :) Greetings from Turkey.

  • Maka Hasabubaba  says:

    We dont have thats life hire in africa….but thats life..things alwyz can

  • DarkaDawuh  says:

    All type of sick degenerate shit

  • vFUZZYv  says:

    That guy in the middle… He is like wtf is happening. Why am I here…

  • Joseph Sputnik  says:

    That was a great comeback man. Good job!

  • Joseph Sputnik  says:

    That isn’t just the way I think. This is why almost all people become
    homosexual or bisexual. As children they were molested and therefore became
    perverted themselves. These victims become sexually disoriented and develop
    same-sex attractions. It’s truly awful but statistics validate these

  • marcus johnson  says:

    Sickening !!

  • Joseph Sputnik  says:

    Yeah, progressively getting closer to hell.

  • ISlamMyWifeIntoAWall  says:

    Zimbabwe and Nigeria should also be high on that list.

  • TryHardSoviet  says:

    You should quit them. Filthy habit.

  • Callum Quinn  says:

    What do Lions, Penguins, Zebras, Dolphins, Bears, Emus, Cats, Dogs and
    Humans have in common? They all have homosexuals. That’s pretty natural.

  • look4faris  says:

    ewww this is unnatural :P

  • TryHardSoviet  says:

    Yes! Statistics, of course. Could you show me any actual proof to back up
    your claim?

  • Callum Quinn  says:

    Says the person who clicked on a thumbnail of two guys kissing.

  • ISlamMyWifeIntoAWall  says:

    Ignorance now available in colour!

  • TryHardSoviet  says:

    You’re an idiot.

  • Sire Gerent  says:

    die faggot die !!

  • Callum Quinn  says:

    fuck… you

  • ISlamMyWifeIntoAWall  says:

    Go swallow some cyanide its all natural!

  • Davesothoth  says:


  • TryHardSoviet  says:

    You’re already there, congrats.

  • Mr Greeno  says:

    Good job New Jersey!

  • Jessica Nyquist  says:

    Woohoo!! Congrats, New Jersey :)

  • JabberCT  says:

    Recently, the American Family Association was officially labeled as a hate
    group by the US military. And the Christians cried and wondered why.
    Looking at the comments below, and the fact that some Christian nut
    interrupted this ceremony spewing his hatred, there is no need to wonder.
    If Christians hate the laws of this land, like marriage and Health Care, i
    suggest dragging your fucking asses to a place that has the same mentality.
    Like Iran or Saudi Arabia. You’re not wanted here anymore.

  • TryHardSoviet  says:

    How about this: IF somehow Hell does exist (which it very very obviously
    doesn’t), I would say that you would in fact go there, not these innocent
    lovers. Surely God would want the humans that HE created to love one
    another, and not to judge and hate them based on such a small factor of
    their lives. Just my opinion, peace.

  • TryHardSoviet  says:

    Forget it. If that’s how you think, then enjoy the rest of life in that
    tiny glass box of yours.

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