Marchae + Mack Wedding Trailer 6-30-2013

Marchae & Mack Jackson Wedding Celebration Event By Luxurious Affairs Venue: The Signature Grand © AJ Shorter Photography 2013 |; https://t…

Iski Uski 2 States Big Fat Punjabi Wedding Suraj & Amrit Lip Dub

Check out our 2014 Finale Wedding Video. Suraj from JB, and Amrit from Ipoh, both of them met in Australia and their love story begun. We had a great time fi…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

27 comments to Marchae + Mack Wedding Trailer 6-30-2013

  • Felton Lighty  says:

    Well Done! Loved IT!

  • MHector367  says:

    Ohhhhhh I got chills! That was beautiful! 

  • Camilla Allen  says:

    I like the groom style….serene and laid back….!

  • kittykat  says:


  • Queen City LA  says:

    I love it .. turn up in that wedding dress gurll. And your husbands fine

  • MrsButtersworth82  says:

    I love this!!! Looks like you all had a great time!!! Beautiful!!! 

  • Thomasina Goodman  says:

    loved it

  • adrian bascombe  says:

    simply beautiful

  • dae dae  says:

    loved itttt lol

  • Sunshine4  says:

    lol! I love it!

  • skyhigh2035  says:


  • ReJeana Credell  says:

    This was super cute!! what a beautiful couple!

  • Bre Baker  says:

    Lol ghetto when they first came I’m but cute!

  • Shunnika Goings  says:
  • notjuliasmith  says:

    Beautiful dress, so classy

  • Ebony Austin  says:

    Very nice and classy :) 

  • sweetestcandy083109  says:

    BEAUTIFUL wedding! So elegant! I was jamming with ya’ll when you made your
    entrance. LoL, Love the dress! Congratulations!

  • damaris maldonado  says:

    It’s perfect

  • amiachae  says:

    I can’t stop looking at this!!! Thank you AJ and to everyone who commented!

  • Kecia Dixon  says:

    Very nice wedding. They look so HAPPY and they look like they had a GREAT
    TIME!! Blessings

  • DivaRue Nyasha  says:


  • tgbarbie5  says:
  • Chyna station  says:
  • sinivas kosuri  says:

    mind blowing yar

  • budrol shahruzzami  says:

    Fun wedding video..

  • Amritpal Singh  says:

    kaim o kAIM 

  • sinivas kosuri  says:

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