Love Bytes – the web series – Ep4 – The Sex Bet – Gay series, lesbian series

Michael sets up a sexy challenge for Stacey, but things go awry when her date is a dud and she runs into her ex-fiance and his beautiful new girlfriend. Luckily for Stacey, Jade is there to…

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17 comments to Love Bytes – the web series – Ep4 – The Sex Bet – Gay series, lesbian series

  • NotIntoLabelss  says:

    Haha, “Omg, make it stop” 

  • Loveimaginedragons  says:

    Where’s season 2??????????????

  • Jockeyor Nothing  says:

    Where’s Season 2?

  • Toi S  says:

    Still in closet

  • Neko Lenore  says:

    Awesome!! Please make season 2!!! :) or more episodes!!

  • viny aloisi  says:

    It s finish?!? When will
    be the new season?!? We are fantastic :-D :-D I love you♥♥♥♥

  • Olivia Benyon  says:

    I love it

  • Shyeyez Bullard  says:

    Lol dying . 

  • Myra Sathanaraksawet  says:
  • dajean knight  says:

    i love theese keep it going it shows the real world

  • Danyele Thomas  says:

    Too Funny………. :) 

  • country girl  says:
  • Gisselle Morales  says:


  • dajean knight  says:

    this is so funny and evilicous

  • Busking Life  says:

    Hey Tony and Vic! so far this has been my favorite Love bytes episode! it
    truly made me remember my lovely house mate Michelle! kisses to all of yaa
    keep up the good work and bringing laughter to the world!

  • Taya Rolle  says:

    hah! epic. i’m in love with this. can’t wait for more

  • Lps Viva Sica  says:

    Haha so funny

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