Long distance relationships

Vlog day 24. Trip to the airport and reminiscing about our 2 year long distance relationship. How does the airport make you feel? Twitter: https://twitter.co…

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  • Elizabeth Terry  says:

    My girlfriend and I did exactly this for the four years that we’ve been
    long distance. We are getting married in July and I’m so excited to find
    your story on here! I’m watching everything so… woo

  • TwoGeekMoms  says:

    My wife and I only lived 5 hours from each other so she just drove to see
    me on some weekends in the beginning. The anticipation was the same though.
    I always jump-hugged her before she could even get out of the car.
    Sometimes I forget about the missing each other and spending so much time
    apart because it’s so easy and normal now to be living together. I think
    some of the best relationships start out as long-distance because you can
    truly appreciate something as simple as being in the same room as them. <3 

  • Sarah DragonFlower  says:

    Train station

  • Living Rosa  says:

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