Long Distance Relationships

Long Distance Relationships

our thoughts.
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25 comments to Long Distance Relationships

  • surenaan  says:

    yall cool

  • DirtyButterFinger  says:

    yall need a show i swear i would watch this your funny but wise gud shit.

  • MZICEEZ  says:

    i have one and it didnt work in the past but this one is workin and we been
    together 1 year and 5 months and we engaged to b married

  • souljastudjay  says:

    Risky or cali didn’t get picked Chance didn’t pick no one..shiit he missed
    out on two fine ass females… and yea baybaybay was all talk she never
    just shut her mouth lol

  • melinda6499  says:

    ok, real talk, they dont work unless one of the people involved intends to
    move to be with the other. whats the point if u aint never gon really

  • mommabear5  says:

    lmao u all are too funny. but i believe that if you dont have trust you
    have nothing and that goes for any relationship.

  • monnnelle  says:

    damn thats fucked up.

  • mskeeba305  says:

    can i kal yall sometime lol

  • ladybid  says:

    yall need to let me get that number lol!!!

  • churro9  says:

    lol.ya’ll maad crazy. but yhu had me rollin.but sum of that shyt yhu said
    was oh so true.

  • Damnyou1985  says:

    yall is wild. im mad u was dancing and ish lol u had me rolling in the

  • Mariah Mair  says:

    @CsBaby19 did one of you end up moving to live by each other?

  • Hunniebunch12  says:

    lol funny video and good points..but what song is playing the background?

  • CsBaby19  says:

    long distance relationships take a lot of patience and are not for
    everyone. i was just in one but it worked so well, we talked everyday and
    im happy 2 say we are happily together now, in a real relationship ;D

  • outstandiin  says:

    omg i love ya videos i like how ya both twins that is so cool i cant get
    over that lol

  • Samantha Randle  says:

    lmfao, i was weaaaaak lauqhin the wholeee time. was she rollin?? xDD

  • onedykeonefag  says:

    LMAO..i think you explained that well even though you were “under the
    influence”..and i agree with that whole it depends on the person
    thing….and i woulda pick risky 2 chance is just dumb!!! ~the dyke

  • ShyPOW  says:



    damn what the fuck is tasha on

  • niquenique14  says:

    damn damn damn had me laughin the whole 4ckin time…lmao

  • shesayshewannathug  says:


  • BiancaBabiie  says:

    LDR dnt work…ive tried & tried &&&&& tried with that & sum shyt always
    ends up poppin off

  • Niomi Golden  says:

    The same twin is always on the right of every video did any one notice that

  • megisdaish  says:

    im n one nw n its lyk crazy cuz she has a different tme then me n she dnt
    cl me a have 2 cl ha it lyk wow wtf is she doin y cnt she cl or wat nt bt
    it does have it ups n dwns bt lyk u said tha feelns do ply a big part n
    things so thanks 4 tha vid kiid

  • sarah s  says:

    thats y i love her she my gutta bitchhh

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