Long Distance relationships

Lesbians talking about some factors as in pros and cons to long distance relationships. we do not own this song ( no copyright intended)

2 comments to Long Distance relationships

  • Shaniece110588  says:

    I can most def relate! Ive been in a LDR goin on 4 yrs now! It does tke
    maturity, strength, & trust to mke it work. Me & my gf hve actually lived
    in the same state for a yr while I was in college but I had to move bck to
    SC due to financial issues w/college. But im plannin to move bck to FL this
    yr so im prayin it all works out for the better cuz I need to be closer to
    her! Like u said, sometimes toys & fingers aren’t enough! But I hope
    everything works out for u guys too! :)

  • OhYeaJimBob  says:

    @ Shaniece sorry to hear about that, we hope everything works in your
    favor……good luck and thank you very much

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