Long Distance Relationships

Advice on dealing with long distance relationships comments and subscribe:) follow @natashaeshh.
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For Oprah, Harville Hendrix was the best teacher of validation. Harville developed the Imago Theory, which is that you end up imaging in your adult relations…
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11 comments to Long Distance Relationships

  • sara Andrews  says:

    hello Natasha I really need your help with my long distance relationship
    can u email me at prettygirl128@hotmail.com please

  • TheBC2683  says:

    i thought u were working,i ask because u can save up 4 a used car so u can
    se her every day.problems solved..I don’t trust the internet facebook or
    twitter,The Big Brother are watching everyone

  • Kevin Canuck  says:

    I’m from Canada and I like a girl from the UK. She knows I really her and I
    know she really likes me. I hope to see her some day.

  • Ed Lee  says:

    -gabsylv, changing such patterns of energy is not easy. Bringing them to
    the surface and recognizing their roots is key. But honest & regular
    practice is the only way to change the patterns. Working with a spiritual
    teacher, a psychologist, meditation, yoga, are all paths to changing our
    thoughts and actions.
    This is really the only reason we are alive and living for. Nothing else
    we do in life is as important as this, both for ourselves and those around
    us (especially our kids).

  • cherri aloma  says:

    Awww :( I hope my cyber stalkers are learning from this

  • Ed Lee  says:

    Watching this hurts… because we can all relate to the pain in some way.

  • gabsylv  says:

    So how do u change the energy? I’ve never been able to find out

  • ai01able  says:

    Thank God for psychologist like Dr. HArville Hendrix, Dr. Gary Chapman, Dr.
    James Hollis.. and writer like Mrs. Toni Morrison.. They instinctively knew
    how precious childhood moment is.. to instil value..feeling of worthiness
    and validation in the childrens’ life.. so children can grow into
    emotionally healthy adult and giving back to society + contribute in making
    this world a better place with their own God-given gifts.

  • TheFashiongirl05  says:

    i loved the energy quote. she is so powerful. if someone else told me the
    same words that she tells me i wouldn’t understand but with her, it makes
    since to me like i learned this in kindergarden.

  • therealdeevadee  says:

    Wow… im in tears…

  • watchtheduck1  says:

    I’ve noticed that there is a growing trend to want to find someone to blame
    for problems in adulthood, and the the mother is the most villainized.
    Fathers are sometimes criticized too, but usually only because the father
    was either physically or sexually abusive or absent; other than that,
    fathers are let off the hook. Raising children, especially boys, is
    especially difficult for mothers, especially in a culture where social peer
    pressure influences boys in ways that parents can’t control.

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