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  • The_Melon  says:

    I think I’m femme? just not ultra-mega-super femme. Like i’m feminine, but
    i still have daays were saggy jeans and sports-bras is the best things, but
    still not butch you know… 

  • positive yet passionate  says:

    i like to wear makeup, heels, and dresses(and i do usually wear all that),
    but i also like to wear beanies, flannels, sweats, and converse. am i a
    femme or a lipstick?

  • Tegan Morley  says:

    I’m a lipstick bisexual who’s into femme and lipstick lesbians. People
    assume I’m straight and it’s so frustrating because girls never approach me
    and I have awful gay-dar…

  • Lavinia S  says:

    Being a lipstick lesbian is so hard! It’s so true, everyone just assumes
    that you’re straight unless you wear a rainbow T-shirt with “I like girls”
    written on it :/

  • Venus Smyre  says:

    I like to call myself demi-homosexual, which means I’m pretty much asexual
    until I really get to know a girl. Like if I saw a hot naked girl I didn’t
    know, I wouldn’t feel attraction towards them because I don’t know them
    personally. Or something like that, it’s complicated :P 

  • Atlas Mertens  says:

    im pan but then im also not a girl? idk what the hell i identify as since
    my gender is currently a dark swirly void of confused bird noises

  • isabella condon  says:

    I’m a lipstick pan girl so basically everyone thinks I’m straight 

  • GayLaura  says:

    I’m a femme lesbian! Yeah! I used to be a little lipstick when I was
    younger, but I grew out of it. People still assumed that I’m straight
    though… So I cut my hair and dyed it blue. Do you need any more
    evidence?? :D 

  • Elizabeth Doyle  says:
  • Emma Cossey  says:

    Femme. I came out to my parents and what’s the first thing my mom says NO
    she continues to say bring home a cute dyke k?

  • Kiya White  says:

    I’m a lipstick lesbian. I wear exclusively girly clothes, makeup and
    lipstick, and my hair looks like the 1950′s. My nails are always painted
    and I’m very careful to coordinate my bags/shoes/jackets. I also am mostly
    attracted to other women who fall into this category of being very
    traditionally feminine. Lesbians who aren’t in this mold are still
    attractive, I just don’t tend to go for them as much. And my femininity
    implies nothing about what I’ll do in bed. I believe in equal opportunity.
    In my relationships both parties take all roles because that way both
    people get to have fun, which I deem important. 

  • spoonofsyrup  says:

    i cannot friggin identify because i’m a pansexual girl who likes to dress
    like a homeless man half the time and like Jess from misfits the other
    half. Is there even a term for that?

  • Angie p  says:

    50% butch 50% femme :p

  • kikikay92  says:

    I love dressing super girly some days but I cant do that s*** everyday
    cause it takes HOURS!

  • FellVoice  says:

    who is Granya?

  • Pizza Girl  says:

    I can rotate on all of them, depending on the occasion tbh .-. I know it’s
    kinda stupid but I do know is that I’m attracted to women and that I’m
    dressed depending on my mood or the occasion lol.

    Though, I prefer the femme and lipstick lesbians more than the butch c:

  • Bethaney Berg  says:

    femme but borderline lipstick haha :) 

  • Ashton Robinson  says:

    i identify as a Panromantic Asexual i’ve only jus come out a few months ago
    so, i’m pretty new to the whole gay/LGBTQIA things. I’m mostly a butch but
    I’m a bit femme too. i like to wear baggy tshirts, skinny jeans and
    hoodies, but i also like wearing skirts and dresses. (all these labels are
    so confusing omfg) also i’m into femme, lipstick lesbians and butch
    lesbians. :-) (even though i identify as panromantic i’m not that into boys
    mostly girls)

  • TheCycloneRanger  says:

    i feel like people should just tattoo their preference on the side of their
    face or something like seriously >:/

  • Daniela Dementia  says:

    Def a lipstick lesbian.

  • Dineo More  says:

    im total femme… and sstill i dont get approached coz its assumed im
    lesbian so i always have to find someone online or a friend of a friend’s
    cousin;d friend or something

  • Carina Boisseau  says:

    Femme && I like Femmes

  • Xtina Angel  says:

    oh god Nikki AND Santana especially San , hearts everywhere hahaha a BIG
    BIG BIG Brittana shipper right here #Brittana4Ever 

  • TADEJA  says:

    Im a lipstick lesbian that why it’s so hard to find a gf because the most
    girls don’t beleve that im gay:s if you wanna add me im allway here to help
    if anyone needs it 

  • Mike breton  says:

    So basically if your an ugly girl people know your probably a lesbian.

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